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Family weekend: walks to the enchanting waterfalls of the Krasnodar Region

Road Trip Route. Visit the early medieval city., Go back to the Mesozoic era and face the tyrannosaurus Rex., Walk the Dante Gorge and explore the ruins of the medieval fortress of Psyfabe., .

The route will be suitable for families with children, but we must keep in mind that it will take a lot to walk, but it will not be boring. You will visit a gorge reminiscent of the entrance to the hell from the famous work of Dante Alighieri. You'll go to one of the highest waterfalls in the Kuban. You'll visit a private museum of a craftsman who could make art out of ordinary snags. Transfer to the Mesozoic era and walk with dinosaurs. Admire the work of a famous traveling artist and see the ruins of an early medieval city. Route developed with the support of [Volkswagen Multivan](

Families with Kids. From: Krasnodar

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Drive to Gabius Falls and walk in Jurassic Park

The journey begins in Hot Key, where the gorge reminiscent of the entrance to the hell from the "Divine Comedy" by A. Dante, there is also a medieval fortress. After the walk you will go to one of the highest waterfalls in Kuban. In the evening you will have unrestrained fun in the Jurassic park.


Дантово Ущелье

The first stop on the way to the Black Sea coast will be in Hot Key Healing Park, from here the tourist route will take you directly to Dantovo Gorge. The name is creepy, but it makes sense. The entrance to the gorge reminds us of the entrance to hell, described in Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy". It was named after the officers who were in treatment in the area. There is another beautiful story associated with this place - early in the morning you can meet a girl who washes herself in the spring. But this girl is not a simple one, but the owner of Dantova Gorge. Next to the gorge is the Iveron Chapel, small and very cozy. Once upon a time there was a spring flowing near it, but due to some natural changes it has dried up. Now there is a monument in its place.

Psyfabe Fortress

After walking through the gorge you will reach the medieval fortress of Psyfabe. From here you can enjoy a wonderful view of the mountains and natural attractions of Hot Key.

Gebiusskiye Vodopady

After seeing the most picturesque sights of Hot Key, head for one of the highest waterfalls in Kuban. They are located on Mount Gabius and can be reached by a specially equipped tourist trail. On the way you will meet several souvenir shops, an ostrich farm and a cafe. There are 7 waterfalls in total, the most popular of which are the Lace, the Mole, the Devil's Jaws. The tallest of them is the Devil's Jaws, its height is 20 meters, but it is quite difficult to get to it. Therefore, we think that it will be enough to enjoy the beauty of the most famous waterfall here, the Laces Falls, its height is 17 meters. There is an unusual tree next to it, and when you come, you will understand everything.

l' cafe

If you haven't started eating at a cafe near waterfalls, then we offer you lunch first thing in Jugba. On the menu you will find a wide variety of dishes from crumbs to pizza. No one goes hungry!

Museum "Oddities of woods"

In Jugba, there is a small but very cool museum called "Forest Vagaries". It will be interesting for adults and children. Here are the works of an amazing man who created real masterpieces from wood - figures of animals, plants, fictional characters, even celebrities. The museum is private and is located in the house where the craftsman Anton Mikhailovich Gzhelyak lived.

Jurassic Park

Have fun in Jugba in Jurassic Park and go to the glorious city of Tuapse for dinner. A walk in the park is a fascinating journey into the Mesozoic era. There are many attractions and realistic figures of dinosaurs that move and make sounds. There is also a cave and a waterfall, and at the foot of the park there is a Tyrannosaurus Rex waiting for you.


For dinner, have a look at a cozy family cafe, where they always cook homemade deliciously. The menu includes a large selection of dumplings, dumplings and pancakes with different fillings. And for fans of Italian cuisine will make amazing pizza.

Day 2: Kiselev Rock and the ancient city of Nicosia

Start the day by visiting the house of the artist A.A. Kiselev and reach the incredibly beautiful rock named after him and shrouded in a beautiful legend of love. After the walk, go to the ruins of the Duzu-Kale fortress in the early medieval town.

Stolovaya Lozhka

For breakfast we offer a glance at the European level dining room, where stylish interior, polite staff and homemade delicious food.

House-Museum of A.A. Kiselev

In the morning we suggest going to the house-museum of Academician A. Painting. A. Kiselev. The life of the artist-movementist for 11 years was closely connected with Tuapse. In many of his paintings one can guess Tuapse motifs. Here Alexander Alexandrovich painted such famous works as "Kadosh Rocks" (1900), "Silent Water" (1900), "Mountain Road" (1910), "Black Sea Coast of Caucasus" (1900). The house of A.A. Kiselev recreated the atmosphere of the house of the beginning of XIX century, in which the artist lived and worked. Walking through the halls of the museum you can see 14 famous works of the landscape painter. On the territory of the museum hold several thematic excursions and a review "Life and work of the artist AA Kiselev. [On the official website](https://дом-киселева.рф/#/) you can find contact information and get to know the museum.

пляж @ скала Киселёва

The rock got its name not by chance, the artist A.A. Kiselev had a summer cottage nearby and loved to be in this place. From here you can enjoy a magical view of the bay. There is a beautiful legend about the tragic love of a girl to a young man, because of which this place got its second name "The Rock of Tears". If you've seen Diamond Hand, you've obviously already seen this place in the scene where the boy walks on water.

Nikopsia fortress

It's time to go towards Krasnodar, but make some more stops at the most interesting places of the Black Sea coast. So, the early medieval town of 5-7 centuries, Nicosia. The ruins of the fortress of Duzu-Kale have been preserved here to this day.

Cafe Pizzeria "Mario"

For lunch, visit the pizzeria, where a cozy atmosphere is created for the comfort of guests. The coolest thing is that here you can try black khinkali with shrimp!

Пляж в Лермонтово

It's already two days on the Black Sea coast, and walk on the beach or just sit and listen to the sound of the waves, it was not possible. Let's fix it, make a stop at the beach of Lermontovo resort settlement.

Polkovnich'i Vodopady

Then you will reach the Colonel's Falls, which are named so because of Colonel P.D. Babich, who led his detachment from the valley to the seashore. He liked the place very much and after a while they founded a recreational zone here. There are 9 waterfalls in total.


Dine at Harchevnya Restaurant, where you will be served traditional Russian and classic European dishes. Pleasant atmosphere of the facility disposes to rest after a long trip.