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7 Attractions to Visit

Day 1

69 km515 m

Cultural and natural attractions of the Moscow region

Today we are going to visit the palace and museum complex "Arkhangelskoye" and get acquainted with the rich history of this place, have lunch in a cafe in the style of an old manor house, see the lake, which is more than 12000 years old, and much more.

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26.9 km40 min
Museum-Estate Arkhangelskoye
10:302 h 30 min

Museum-Estate Arkhangelskoye

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Arkhangelskoye is an 18th-century palace and park ensemble located in the Moscow region, not far from Krasnogorsk. There is an old manor house on the territory, which once belonged to both the Golitsyn family and Prince N.B. Yusupov. A.S. Pushkin, N.M. Karamzin, V.A. Serov, I.F. Stravinsky and even the tsar's family often visited it.
The estate has been reconstructed several times, but even now it continues to amaze visitors with its beauty and history. There are the Yusupovs' vault, the Temple of Archangel Michael, the small palace "Caprice", the tea house, the temple-monument to Catherine II, the rose fountain and much more! Here you can stroll along the shady alleys, enjoy the nature and the beauty of the architecture of the past centuries.
Please note that visiting the exhibitions and events from November 8, 2021 you must have a valid vaccination or sickness certificate or a medical certificate with a negative result of PCR-testing done one day before visiting the Museum. More details can be found on the official website of the Museum-Reserve.

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