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Family trip to the farms of the Leningrad Region

Road Trip Route. Make friends with ostriches on an Australian farm., Learn how to milk goats and cows on a farm., Learn how to make cheese., Feed bison and bison in the Toxa bisonhouse, Have an active time at an amusement rope park, Visit the Vyborg Middle Ages.

Do your children know where eggs and milk come from in the fridge? Ask them how the rooster screams or how the lambs feel? If there's a memory gap, no problem! You can always refresh your knowledge about farm life. Today the delights of rural life are available not only to the owners of houses in the village, but also to the residents of the metropolis. This trip offers you to break away from the worries of the big city and connect with nature, feel like a resident of a farm and even help with household chores. You'll visit a cheese farm, an Australian farm with real ostriches, Joy Farm, where you can help its residents on the farm, and even see the bison in the Toxa Barn! Don't forget to buy some homemade dairy products to remember the delights of farm life for a long time to come. The trip also includes a visit to the Norwegian Park, where you have to check your sports training and skill. Are you ready to compete with each other?

Families with Kids, Animals and Farms. From: Saint Petersburg

Darina Frantz. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Meet the ostriches and their feathered friends.

Did you know that such an unusual animal for us as an ostrich perfectly lives in the northern latitudes of our country? You'll have to see for yourself today. The first stop point is a real ostrich farm! Here you can even have a tea party. You will spend the afternoon in Vyborg, where you will stay overnight. Walk along the European streets, find monuments of the Middle Ages and have dinner in a real tavern.

Страусиная ферма «Австралийский хутор»

An ostrich is an unpretentious bird that lives beautifully in northern latitudes. On an ostrich farm you can get to know this wild bird. The farm works even in winter at temperatures down to -25°C. Besides ostriches you can see other representatives of birds: hens, turkeys, peacocks and pheasants. Here you can order a tour with tea drinking or just wander around the farm, feeding birds by hand.

Ресторан "МореШаль"

You must be pretty hungry by now. You will spend this lunch in an equally attractive natural location surrounded by forest beauties. The restaurant of European cuisine with amazing view, friendly staff and cozy atmosphere. Try dishes cooked on open fire.

Vyborg Castle (Выборгский замок)

This most ancient castle was founded in the 13th century during the third Swedish Crusade. It is the main attraction of the city and its donjon, St. Olaf's Tower, is a universally recognized symbol. The main building of the castle houses the Vyborg Local History Museum, where many interesting exhibits are presented. The castle has long been the main venue for events, so you can get to a concert or festival, or even a knight tournament. Monday's a day off.

Часовая башня

Make a stop and take a walk around the Clock Tower. Narrow European streets, ancient arches and quaint courtyards will surround you from all sides.


When you enter this restaurant, you get into the atmosphere of a medieval tavern. Inside there is dusk, candles burning. The service staff is dressed in antique and simple clothes. The menu is fully medieval. Be sure to try the branded soup, which is served in freshly baked bread.

Day 2: Life and life on the Farm of Joy

Today's program includes a lot of interesting things: getting acquainted with the life of the Farm of Joy, active outdoor activities in the area of the Losevsky rapids and dinner at sunset by the lake.

Рынок | Markkinat | Market (Рынок)

Buy all the necessary food for the picnic, which will be on the river bank.


On this wonderful farm you will get a full set of entertainments for the exhausted city dweller - to milk a cow or a goat, to participate in haymaking, to feed animals. Here you won't be discouraged from helping. Those who simply want to have a rest are invited to excursions, festive celebrations and master classes in folk crafts: making products from hay, wood or dough.

Озеро Бородинское

You have to spend time in silence and unity with nature. Take your time anywhere, find your ideal place and just be in the moment. If you are lucky with the weather, be sure to swim in the waters of Lake Borodino. Have a picnic in nature, dream about the beautiful and go further towards adventure.

Мост через реку Вуоксу

Be sure to stop by this bridge and watch the extreme athletes trying to cope with the bubbling streams of water. It's spectacular!


If you are still searching for activities, be sure to take a look here. Bicycle rentals and equipment for water sports and outdoor games are available on site. In winter, there is also a rental of toy and ice skates.

Ресторан загородного клуба «Дача»

What can decorate your dinner? Of course, a dazzling sunset and a view of Lake Sukhodolskoye. The polite staff of this institution will do anything to make you want to come back here again. The menu offers familiar to us dishes of European and Russian cuisine.

Day 3: Tasting of homemade cheese

This day will be no less intense than the previous ones. It will begin with the activities of the Norwegian Park, where you can test your sportsmanship. Are you ready to compete with each other? Then you are waited by visit of cheese-making factory where excursion on manufacture, tasting and even a master class on preparation waits for you. Be sure to buy different types of cheese, there is a shop. There's more to it than that! At the end of the day you will iron the bison and feed them with carrots.

Норвежский парк

The perfect place for both family and friends. Fresh air, adrenaline release and a sea of wonderful emotions. Here you will find tracks of any complexity - both for beginners and professionals. Instructors are always polite and friendly. It is better to arrive early, so as not to stand in line.

Ферма-сыроварня "Деревня"

If you want to join the rural joys, pay attention to the cheese farm "Village". Here you can buy natural products from goat, sheep and cow's milk: cheese, ryazhenka, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese. For those who are interested in the peculiarities of life in nature, conduct excursions with tasting of products. Also here it is possible to pass master classes on cheese dairy.


Nice and cozy restaurant with its terrace and very tasty food. Visitors highly recommend shashlik and Caesar salad.


It's time to visit the legendary Zubrovnik. You can feed the bison with carrots, ride horses, visit a mini zoo and walk along forest paths. There is also a rope park for children and play areas. Entrance is free. Call in advance and book a tour.

Gazpromneft filling station #39

There's a gas station coming up. If you are tired, make a comfortable stop - come for a coffee!


It's time to eat up before the rest of the journey, remember the highlights of the trip and revise your photos. Simple and very tasty European and Russian dishes are served here.