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Family trip to Kolomna

Road Trip Route. Take a walk in the Kremlin, Eat a roll, Ride a horse, Taste the most delicious marshmallow.

A short gastronomic journey, which will not leave indifferent sweet tooth and baking lovers. You will stroll through the ancient streets of Kolomna, take part in a poetic tea party or Shrovetide festivities, taste a delicious stolache with stuffing, get acquainted with the collection of teapots and samovars, and even manage to ride a horse!

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Margarita Glumova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Rus Park and Kolomna attractions

During the day of your trip you'll visit a lot of interesting places. First stop at "Rus'", the national horse park, where you can walk and ride horses. And then you will have an interesting walk around Kolomna, visits to the most delicious museums of the city and acquaintance with culinary traditions.


Good morning! Today we are going on a fascinating journey to Kolomna, one of the oldest cities in the Moscow region. We take with us a good mood and go on a journey!

Национальный конный парк «Русь»

A unique Rus theme park is an hour's drive from Moscow. On its territory there are: a riding ground, a stable, a contact zoo, an amusement park, the Valley of Fairy Tales, the Valley of Dinosaurs, sculpture and technology museums. This place will not make you get bored! A schedule of workshops and activities is available at [website]( Be sure to sign up for activities in advance.

Коломенский кремль

We will visit the main attraction of the city - the Kolomna Kremlin. Let's walk around the territory, get acquainted with the history and architecture of this place.

Мёд и пряность

Before we continue our journey around Kolomna, we must have lunch. "Honey and Spice" is a great place to taste delicious Russian dishes.

Muzey "Kolomenskaya Pastila"

At the Kolomna Pastila Museum you'll have a great opportunity to take part in the theatrical program and have a cup of tea at one table with Pushkin, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, or get acquainted with the ancient Shrovetide traditions. And afterwards, buy some local delicacies in the souvenir shop. Look for programs at the official [website]( and for booking contacts. Hurry to book in advance before all the tickets are sold out! Tours run every hour until 20:00, you can choose any time you like.

Дом самовара

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of folk life in the museum, which has a unique collection of ancient samovars and other items. After the tour visit the souvenir shop to buy something as a souvenir. To book a tour, please call by phone at [website]( The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday.

Музей «Калачная»

A culinary shop where you will learn how kalach differs from pretzel and papushnik, how the "first Russian fast food" appeared, and where the expression "to get to the pen" came from. And most importantly, you can buy delicious pastries and homemade egg noodles here.


You can have dinner in a beautiful cafe in a retro style. Everything in the cafe, including the furniture, lamps, dishes and even the waitresses' clothes are made "like the old times". Russian cuisine is served here, and for dessert you will be offered Kolomna marshmallow.