We'll drive through the most beautiful parks and nature reserves in Kansas . We'll go to museums, parks and water parks . Visit the unique and famous nationwide zoo in Omaha.

Family Trip to Kansas and Nebraska

This journey will take place mainly in the two states of the midwest of the country, Nebraska and Kansas. We plan to start in Kansas City by exploring the city, moving westwards, and then visiting the various museums, parks and nature reserves that the area is famous for. We'll head north to Nebraska, we'll go through the biggest cities in the state. There are also many interesting things to see here, for example, we will visit one of the largest and most popular zoos in the country, as well as several excursions and walks through the galleries and parks of Omaha and Lincoln, and then return to Kansas City.

Family Trip to Kansas and Nebraska

7 days itinerary by Edward Harrington - Families with Kids - Car, 5 Hotels

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Day 1: Quiet evening at the restaurant

Today's the day of arrival, we started our journey from Kansas City. Most of the sights of this city we have planned for tomorrow, and today we will just have a rest from the flight, visiting an Italian restaurant.
Visiting: Kansas City, Kansas City

Day 2: Exploring Kansas City

Today we are going to drive through several incredibly popular and interesting places in Kansas City, namely to go on several excursions to the museums of the city, visit its parks and other attractions, of course, without forgetting about its restaurants.
Visiting: Kansas City, Kansas City

Day 3: Moving west.

Today we plan to travel a little west and visit several interesting places, among which there will be incredible parks and picturesque nature reserves, and, of course, will not do without interesting excursions.
Visiting: Kansas City, Manhattan, Kansas City, Topeka, Junction City

Day 4: Leaving Kansas

Tonight we're going to Nebraska to Grand Island as planned. The way will be a long one, but interesting - we will stop at several remarkable places, among which will be museums, parks and even a water park.
Visiting: Junction City, Concordia, Hastings, Minneapolis, Grand Island, Hebron

Day 5: Driving through Nebraska

Tonight, we'll have to get the plan from Grand Island to Omaha. On the way, we'll visit parks, museums, original and memorable places in the state. The day will not be without interesting impressions and memorable emotions.
Visiting: Grand Island, Lincoln, York, Omaha, Papillion

Day 6: Final race

We're going back to Kansas City today. Plans to spend the morning in Omaha and then leave. We'll stop by the winery and spend the evening in the park. Today will be the last full day of our trip.
Visiting: Papillion, Brownville, Omaha, Saint Joseph, Overland Park, Kansas City, Kansas City

Day 7: Morning tours

Today is the last day of our trip, so we decided to go to the City Museum of Modern Art after breakfast to avoid wasting time waiting for our flight home.
Visiting: Kansas City, Kansas City