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Family Trip to Kansas and Nebraska

Road Trip Route. We'll drive through the most beautiful parks and nature reserves in Kansas, We'll go to museums, parks and water parks, Visit the unique and famous nationwide zoo in Omaha.

This journey will take place mainly in the two states of the midwest of the country, Nebraska and Kansas. We plan to start in Kansas City by exploring the city, moving westwards, and then visiting the various museums, parks and nature reserves that the area is famous for. We'll head north to Nebraska, we'll go through the biggest cities in the state. There are also many interesting things to see here, for example, we will visit one of the largest and most popular zoos in the country, as well as several excursions and walks through the galleries and parks of Omaha and Lincoln, and then return to Kansas City.

Families with Kids. From: Kansas City

Edward Harrington. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Quiet Evening at the Restaurant

Today's the day of arrival, we started our journey from Kansas City. Most of the sights of this city we have planned for tomorrow, and today we will just have a rest from the flight, visiting an Italian restaurant.

Garozzo's Ristorante

Arriving in the evening in Kansas City and renting a car, we decided to go to dinner with the family in the Italian restaurant Garozzo's Ristorante. The impression of the institution was positive: the interior of the room is designed in an original way, the walls are decorated with photos, which show important moments of the history of the institution. The choice of dishes also did not make us disappointed: a great assortment of salads, pastas and seafood. Potato gnocchi are above all praise.

Day 2: Exploring Kansas City

Today we are going to drive through several incredibly popular and interesting places in Kansas City, namely to go on several excursions to the museums of the city, visit its parks and other attractions, of course, without forgetting about its restaurants.

Spokes Cafe & Cyclery

From the very morning, charged with positivity and energy, they went to the Spokes Cafe & Cyclery breakfast café on Washington Street. The atmosphere here is incredibly friendly, the staff is friendly and competent. The menu offers a wide range of sweets, including croissants, pancakes, pastries and a good choice of coffee.

National World War I Museum and Memorial

Our first stop today was the National World War I Museum and Memorial. The first thing that made us happy here was free parking. The main expositions of the museum are devoted to military subjects. Here you can get acquainted with the life and life of the people who were in the trenches, see the different types of equipment and weapons of the past, as well as understand the nature of the causes of the wars and the motivation of different countries to participate in them.

Kansas City Zoo

After a long tour we decided to go to the Kansas City Zoo. One of the peculiarities of this place is to recreate the natural habitat for animals as much as possible. A variety of animals are represented here. You can see giraffes, tigers, penguins, bears, seals, lions, various monkeys and many other exotic species.

Waldo Pizza

We're in the middle of a day to get some rest and go to a pizza place nearby. Facility's interior is quite thoughtful, so it's quite cozy to be here. It's also nice to know that you can choose not only pizza, but also various appetizers, salads, sandwiches, pasta and a wide range of desserts.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Another significant attraction in Kansas City is the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. The territory of the museum is simply magnificently arranged - neat lawns are decorated with rather bizarre sculptures. Inside we were waiting for quite a few collections of Egyptian, Greek, European and Asian art.

Loose Park

Before going out to dinner, let's go to Loose Park, a rather famous city park. Its popularity can probably be explained by the high quality work of really professional landscape designers: along the tidy paths there are beautiful flowers and trees, there are benches for rest and lawns for walks on the lawn, and the picturesque fountain in the center of the park complements and decorates it all.


In order to diversify our diet, we decided to go to the Q39 grill for dinner. The atmosphere of the restaurant is generally simple, without any excesses and cozy. The menu is very diverse, with many different types of meat dishes, baked and fried in different ways. We liked pork steak with onions, salads, sandwiches and burgers.

Case Park

After a tight dinner, we went for a walk in Case Park, which, as it turned out, is a very well-groomed and pleasant place for an evening stroll. Small trees and shrubs are planted everywhere, creating the necessary green wall to fence off the park from the city. There are also several picnic and barbecue places and a children's playground.

Day 3: Moving West

Today we plan to travel a little west and visit several interesting places, among which there will be incredible parks and picturesque nature reserves, and, of course, will not do without interesting excursions.


Before we left Kansas City, we went to the Succotash breakfast cafe. Everything inside was cozy and comfortable at home, the service was polite and competent. Among the many familiar dishes for breakfast we chose omelette with bacon and vegetables, as well as tasted burritos and homemade salad.

Kansas Museum of History

The first stop for us today was a very interesting museum Kansas Museum of History. Its expositions are mainly focused on important points in the history of Kansas, and a lot of attention is paid to the role of the state in the development of the country as a whole. Among all the expositions, the exhibition dedicated to trains and cities, as well as the exposition telling about the beginning of the 20th century, was particularly interesting.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Having come a long way, we decided to make a small stop at the Mexican restaurant Chipotle Mexican Grill. The restaurant is quite simple and comfortable. The choice of dishes, in general, is traditional and well known to fans of Mexican cuisine. In addition to taco and burritos, salads are also worth seeing.

Pillsbury Crossing Wildlife Area

One of the most popular natural attractions in Kansas is the Deep Creek waterfall. In the summer season there is a large number of tourists, lovers of fishing and active recreation, and Pillsbury Crossing is a small shallow water where you can safely cross the river itself. The park zone itself also has many paths, where it is pleasant to walk in a hot day.

Scenic Overlook

Another place we originally wanted to go was the Scenic Overlook. The ascent here was not difficult, and the views that were waiting for us at the top really inspire us. The endless green hills and plains of the state, stretching all the way to the horizon, can be seen from here quite freely.

Konza Prairie Natural Reserve

On their way to Junction City, they couldn't help but stop at Konza Prairie Natural Reserve. This reserve is an important part of the state's nature, and in summer and spring it is particularly pleasant to be here, as the green diversity of the reserve begins to come to life and blossom. Many tourists love to go hiking here, but we only need one walk here to understand their choice.

Qdoba Mexican Eats

The day is coming to an end, and before going to the hotel to rest, we decided to stop by a small but cozy Mexican restaurant on the way. Well, the usual Spanish-Mexican cuisine didn't disappoint us at all. Burritos, tacos and tortilla have already made this evening even more enjoyable.

Day 4: Leaving Kansas

Tonight we're going to Nebraska to Grand Island as planned. The way will be a long one, but interesting - we will stop at several remarkable places, among which will be museums, parks and even a water park.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

On a cool morning we decided to go for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. The menu of the restaurant was quite diverse, we tasted an omelette with bacon, vegetables and cutlets, as well as pancakes with berry jam. You can also note here a good choice of desserts, including ice cream, and various cakes and other sweets.

Rock City

Rock City Park is an amazing and picturesque place where anyone can see a real geological miracle - huge boulders, which due to weathering and erosion have acquired an interesting shape and relief. In addition to exploring the terrain, the park also offers the opportunity to take a stroll and relax in specially equipped areas.

Whole Wall Mural

Any city has its own original and interesting tourist attractions that distinguish it from the rest, and in the city of Concordia such an object is the bas-relief of Whole Wall Mural near the Cloud Country Historical Museum. After spending 15 minutes here, you can take a lot of memorable photos, and if you want and have time, you can also visit the museum itself.

3 Compadres

We have already crossed the border of Nebraska, it's time for a little rest and lunch, for this we will be suitable for a small cozy cafe 3 Compadres. Mexican cuisine has already become an integral part of our journey, here, compared to previous cafes, chicken fajita is being prepared here, as well as tacos with beans.

Hastings Museum

Nebraska is a state with a rich and interesting culture and history, and you can immerse yourself in it and learn a lot of curious things in the Hastings Museum. The exhibitions of the museum are so diverse in their subject matter that everyone can find something for themselves. There are expositions about nature, transport, geology and even weapons.

Island Oasis

Already tired of the long way, decided to spend the rest of the day in the local water park Island Oasis. The place is generally very suitable for family holidays - the prices are reasonable, there are many different activities for children, adults can also try some of them or just relax swimming in the pool.

Texas Roadhouse

After a tedious move, we had to have dinner, so we went to the steakhouse at Texas Roadhouse. The atmosphere of the restaurant, in general, pleased us with the coziness, although it was quite crowded. After opening the menu, we were confused by the huge selection of steaks, and we also offered a variety of appetizers and salads. There's also a separate menu for kids.

Day 5: Driving through Nebraska

Tonight, we'll have to get the plan from Grand Island to Omaha. On the way, we'll visit parks, museums, original and memorable places in the state. The day will not be without interesting impressions and memorable emotions.

Lee's Family Restaurant

We decided to stop by the Lee's Family Restuarant early in the morning before we set off. For breakfast you can order both usual dishes such as omelette or pancakes, and salads, steaks, fried potatoes and other snacks, as well as various types of sandwiches and burgers.

Stuhr Museum

The Stuhr Museum is one of the most interesting museums in Grand Island. Its main expositions are devoted to the history of development of the country and the state. In particular, agricultural tools and instruments of different epochs, household items, various types of weapons, furniture and art objects are exhibited here. Also, there are often fascinating temporary expositions, for example, we got to the exhibition of medical equipment and drugs of the 20th century.

York Water Tower

We moved towards Lincoln and Omaha, couldn't hold back and stopped at a pretty quirky place - the York Water Tower. It is a water tower, painted in such a way that from afar it really begins to seem like a balloon. By stopping for a ten-minute walk, we took a lot of beautiful photos.

Sunken Gardens

Got to Lincoln, stopped at Sunken Gardens City Park. After a rather long and tiresome move we seem to have found ourselves in an oasis of greenery in the middle of the desert - along the neat paths there are flowerbeds with various flowers, fountains, gazebos and benches for recreation. The palette of flowers created by plants is also very impressive.

Ramo's Pizza Buster's BBQ

It's time to get some rest and lunch, so we went to Ramo's Pizza Buster's BBQ pizza place. In general, the institution makes a good impression - everything inside is clean, neat, the service is debugged. In addition to pizza, the menu also includes a selection of pasta and other light snacks, salads and sodas.

Holmes Lake

One of the best parks in Lincoln is Holmes Lake. Here, among the shady paths and calm waters, there are plenty of places for rest and leisure. Fans of active entertainment can play golf or tennis here, or have a picnic in specially designated places, fishing is allowed.

Chalco Hills Recreation Area

Here we are almost at the outskirts of Omaha, which is a picturesque park Chalco Hills Recreation Area. In this unique natural area you can find various harmless animals, such as turkeys or deer. Locals loved Lake Werspann for fishing and the park for cycling and nature walks.

Brick Oven Pizzeria

By the evening when we got to Omaha, we didn't have much time left for entertainment, so we decided just to go to dinner at the pizza place. In general, we were pleased with the restaurant's menu - a lot of different salads, sandwiches and snacks, a large number of toppings for pizza, there is also a children's menu. There aren't many desserts, though, but you can still find something to your liking too.

Day 6: Final Race

We're going back to Kansas City today. Plans to spend the morning in Omaha and then leave. We'll stop by the winery and spend the evening in the park. Today will be the last full day of our trip.

First Watch

We're planning on spending our morning in Omaha and we're going to the cafe for breakfast first. The atmosphere of the facility pleased us - cozy interior, pleasant lighting, competent service. In addition to the usual breakfast dishes such as omelette, sandwiches, toasts and pancakes, there are also a variety of desserts to try, including fruit pudding, cakes and smoothies.

Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is one of the main attractions of the city and one of the best zoos in the Midwest. Only San Diego Zoo can compare in scale to it, perhaps. The number of species exhibited is hard to count. The staff always tries to tell interesting facts about the inhabitants of the land and underwater depths.

Whiskey Run Creek Vineyard & Winery

We went back to Kansas City as the road was going to be long enough, so we decided to make a short stop at the winery. Since I was driving, all I had to do was listen to the guide's stories, but I was satisfied. According to my companion, this is an excellent choice of wines from our own production. We chose a few bottles for ourselves and our loved ones as a gift - a worthy souvenir for pleasant memories of the trip. It's worth noting that Monday and Tuesday this place is closed.

Olive Garden

After a significant part of the journey, we decided to stop for lunch at the Italian restaurant Olive Garden. Here we had a warm welcome and a cozy atmosphere. The choice of dishes is quite traditional for Italian cuisine, namely pasta, salads and soups. It is worth noting that the client can choose the ingredients for the pasta himself.

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Many of us were baseball players in our childhood and adolescence, and as an adult, we have maintained our love for the game. Entering the NLBM building, we can immediately view a documentary short film showing the main orientation of the expositions. Then there is the opportunity to get acquainted with the chronology of the main events, the accompanying social context and the main actors of baseball leagues.

Shawnee Mission Park

After a long excursion and trips went to nature in the large city park Shawnee Mission Park, which is about 1200 acres of picturesque terrain. The lake of about 120 acres is a place of rest, fishing and sports, so you can see people who rowing. The park has a lot of picnic spots, dog walking areas, bicycle lanes, and numerous playgrounds.


It was decided to spend the evening in JJ's restaurant, which specializes in American cuisine. Facility's interior is very quiet and cozy. The menu is quite diverse, there is something to choose from. We liked the beet salad, onion soup, and fried pork chops.

Day 7: Morning Tours

Today is the last day of our trip, so we decided to go to the City Museum of Modern Art after breakfast to avoid wasting time waiting for our flight home.


The last morning of our trip we decided to meet in a cozy cafe for breakfast Eggtc. The interior of the facility is made in very nice colors, but the menu pleased us with a good choice of coffee and sandwiches, there are also various desserts, among which you can pay attention to fruit slices and muffins.

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

In order to spend the rest of the time with maximum benefit, we decided to go to the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum keeps a lot of works not only by already recognized artists, but also by little-known talents. Some installations of contemporary art are particularly striking. In general, both adults and children will be interested here. Please note that the museum is closed on Monday.