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Family trip on Ryazan land

Road Trip Route. The S.A. Yesenin State Museum-Reserve, In Some Kingdom" entertainment complex, Museum of Ryazan lollipop history, White stone Oleg's Palace in Ryazan.

Looking for a place to go as a family for the weekend, so it's not boring, but informative? We have an offer for you. Go to the ancient city of Ryazan and find out what's interesting about it. The journey will begin with an unusual French-style farmhouse located in a safari park. After that you will go to the village where Sergey Esenin, the main romanticist of the country, grew up. At the end of the first day you will be transported to a fairy tale and walk along unknown paths in the complex "In some kingdom". Wonders do not end there, during this short weekend you will learn the story of the appearance of the Ryazan lollipop and will be able to try the very "rooster" from childhood. The final city of the trip will be Kolomna with its incredibly beautiful architecture. Route developed with support from [Volkswagen Multivan.](

Families with Kids. From: Moscow

Volkswagen Multivan.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: A piece of Provence in the Moscow region

It's a very busy day. From Moscow you will go 130 kilometers to a farm located in a safari park. After that you will drive to Konstantinovo village, where Sergey Esenin spent his childhood and youth. At the end of the day you will go to the fairy tale in the entertainment complex "In some kingdom".


La Ferme de Reve

A great place to come with the kids with full confidence that they will have fun. [La Ferme de Reve farm]( is located in the village of Donošovo in the safari park. Here you can take leisurely walks on foot, by bike or by golf cart and meet cute mouflons, wild deer, horses and other beautiful animals. Children will love visiting the contact zoo with its rare breeds of little sheep, ponies and pheasants. It's better to arrange a visit in advance, you can do it by phone: +7 (926) 810-07-77.

Ресторан «Русская быль»

Despite the fact that the farm has a pretty good restaurant, have lunch in Konstantinovo, a restaurant located on the picturesque river bank. This picturesque place will be the beginning of a dive into the history of this place and the biography of S. Esenin.

Усадьба Есениных

In the afternoon, go for a walk in the museum-reserve of S.A. Esenin. The first attraction on your way is Yeseninykh Estate. It is located in the heart of Konstantinovo village and was built in 1871 by Sergey Esenin's grandfather. The poet loved this place very much and came back here again and again. On the territory of the estate there is a barn, where he loved to be alone and work on his works. In 1970 a park was laid out near the Jeseniny estate and his favorite trees were planted: birch, rowan, maple. The reserve is closed to the public on Monday. On the official [site]( of the S.A.Esenin Museum-Reserve you can find more detailed information about the mode of operation of specific expositions and excursion programs.

Земская Школа

After visiting the manor, take a walk to the school which is nearby. In 1904, the future poet Sergei Esenin went to the first class here. Unfortunately, the building has not been preserved in its original form, it was restored, and in 1994 the museum was opened here. Museums have two halls, or rather classes. The first is historical. The second one is memorial. The second class is especially interesting, because here you can learn more about childhood and youth of the main romanticist of the country. On the official [site]( of the museum-reserve of S.A.Esenin you can get acquainted with the mode of work and excursion programs.

Кремлёвский вал

In the evening Ryazan is beautiful in its own way. Enjoy the special atmosphere of this city and see the Ryazan Kremlin and Cathedral Park from the observation deck. The Cathedral Bell Tower is the highest building in the Kremlin.

В некотором царстве

Another place where adults and children will have fun and interest. Entertainment complex "In some kingdom" offers visitors a huge range of services. Here you can bathe in a bath, visit a mini-zoo, feel a little extreme in the rope park or just relax from the bustle of the city and walk along unknown paths, on the tracks of unprecedented animals. The whole complex is designed in the same fabulous style and is open for walks from 8.00 to 23.00. In winter, there is a huge ice rink on the lake.

Restaurant "In some kingdom."

Have dinner on the compound. Here you will find a chic restaurant decorated in the style of bar chambers. The menu offers Russian and European cuisine.

Day 2: The Story of the Lollipop and the Pastilles

Today you will visit a very sweet museum - Ryazan lollipop. A sea of interesting stories and delicious tastings awaits you. Moreover, today you will go to the unique museum of beekeeping, where for a short time you will become a real beekeeper.

Cream Soda Bar

To cheer up in the morning and get a charge of good mood go to the coffee house "Cream Soda". Please note! On Saturday and Sunday the coffee shop opens at 10:00.

Ryazan Lollipop Museum of History

Today you're going to visit the most delicious place in town. You go to the Museum of History of the Ryazan Lollipop. Here you will plunge into the past and learn how and who invented this unusual sweetness, see the process of cooking and try the "rooster" on a stick according to an old recipe. In addition to a self-catering tour, there is an interactive weekend excursion with delicious tastings and a master class in lollipop painting. More detailed information about tours can be found on [site]( Visit by appointment only, contacts can be found [here](

Oleg's Palace

Yesterday you already visited the territory of the Kremlin, but today you have to come back here. There is one very curious place here - [Oleg's Palace](, a monument of architecture of the XVII-XIX centuries. Once there were residential chambers of Ryazan bishops, a house church, fraternal cells and economic services. Now there is a museum with an interesting exposition "From Russia to Russia".

Кафе-клуб «Графин»

Before you go home, check out the family cafe "Countess". It is housed in a mansion from the beginning of the last century, but there is still some special atmosphere of coziness. There's a playroom for the kids.

Museum of Research Institute of Beekeeping

A small but very interesting city Fish, which will meet on your way. It's definitely worth making a stop here. Visit the Museum of Apiculture, whose exposition includes the following sections: history of beekeeping in Russia, biology of bee family, technology of keeping and breeding of bee families, material and technical base of beekeeping and foreign beekeeping. Visiting is possible only by appointment, you can find contacts on the official [site](

Коломенский кремль

The last city on this little journey will be Kolomna. You have already been to museums today, so in Kolomna we suggest you just take a leisurely walk around the Kremlin and enjoy the atmosphere of this incredible place.

Дон Панэ

You can finish this very warm family trip at Don Panet Pizza. Sometimes you can afford to eat pizza for dinner. If you want something more serious for dinner, the menu offers dishes from European, Caucasian and Russian cuisine. There is even a meat menu with juicy steaks and kebabs.