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Family Trip: Journey from Portland to Eugene

Road Trip Route. The facilities are designed to make eating more comfortable for children., You will stroll through the most picturesque parks, You go to museums and galleries where every member of the family will be interested..

It's a family trip to Oregon. It is quite short, and by the way, the route of the day is designed in such a way that even the youngest travelers are comfortable and nobody gets tired. During the trip we will try not only to visit museums, galleries and other interesting places for the whole family, but also to spend enough time outdoors - it is very important for children!

Families with Kids, Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: Portland

Darcy Moore. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Starting your Journey from Portland

We arrived in a picturesque and very attractive city in Oregon! Today is a shortened day, we have not burdened it with various trips, so that even the youngest travelers do not overwork.

Mediterranean Exploration Company

We came to this place not by chance, but thanks to good reviews. One of the criteria for choosing a place was to make the child feel comfortable, as we travel with our little family member. There are also dishes on the menu that are suitable for vegetarians. The food was very nourishing, delicious and we were happy with everything!

Day 2: We're Exploring the Nature of Portland.

On the second day of our trip we will go with our child to the famous children's museum and of course get some fresh air, taking a walk in the park and the sights.

Pine Street Market

Very convenient location of the market. There are a lot of different establishments for every taste. It's very atmospheric, really, we did have some difficulties after all. Didn't take long to find a place to sit down. But we didn't see it as some kind of a big deal. In general, we are glad to visit this market, everything is delicious!

Portland Children's Museum

The museum is open daily from 9am to 5pm. Children will love this place! Especially interesting for children under 12, I think. Children can do simple experiments to understand how the world works around us, or they can try their hand at different professions. You can spend a lot more than two hours here. We highly recommend a visit!

Q Restaurant & Bar

Excellent establishment, very friendly staff and fast service. There are baby feeding chairs available if you are with young children. Facility's menu also includes vegetarian dishes.

Washington Park

It's been a great walk! It's a very beautiful park, a huge but very well maintained area. Reminds me more of a whole forest, not even a park! There are also a pink garden, a zoo, and even a Japanese garden. Wonderful, peaceful place to relax.

The Grotto

After a walk in the park, we went to look at Grotto. There was some serene and calm atmosphere around. Even people who are far from believing in God will find it interesting to walk around and see the greatness of the environment.

Mother's Bistro & Bar

Mother's Bistro & Bar is a very cozy and homely establishment, which has literally everything and for every taste. If you're with a young child, the restaurant has high chairs for feeding. After the visit we did not find any defects, we liked everything. The visit left a very pleasant impression.

Day 3: Attractions of the Seilhem

After visiting Portland, we went to see Seil. It's not a witch capital, but it's worth a visit, too. We will see a Chinese garden, visit a carousel loved by all children, take a walk in the park and even look at one monument dedicated to the war.

Ken's Artisan Bakery

Very cozy bakery, all baked goods are very fresh, it is possible to take away food, also it opens very early. Well, on the plus side, there are very nice, loyal prices.

Lan Su Chinese Garden

Once in this garden, you'll feel like you're in China. Entrance to this garden is not free, but a visit to this place is worth it. At the entrance to the garden you will see a small souvenir shop with many interesting trinkets.

Happy Bibimbap

After visiting the garden, we were so impressed that we decided to have Asian food for lunch. We were satisfied with the quality of service. The food was fresh and very tasty! The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday.

Salem Riverfront Carousel

The carousel is located in the park - horses, lights, music - there is everything that kids love so much. And after a good ride, we went for a walk. There is a river near the park, so there are wonderful views from the park.

Bush's Pasture Park

Another very well maintained and beautiful park, with a beautiful garden and museum on site. It's a great place to be outdoors. Our family loves these kind of walks. We prefer a walk in the parks to the noisy city streets.

Gamberetti's Italian Restaurant

Wonderful Italian restaurant. There are even baby high chairs for feeding. I would like to acknowledge the work of the staff. The guys know the menu, the composition of the dishes and can even advise you if you have any doubts about what you want to eat.

The Oregon World War 2 Memorial

We also reached the monument of the Second World War, honored the memory of the dead and walked around.

Day 4: Eugene's Parks

Today we're leaving Seylem for Eugene. It's our last day of the trip, and tomorrow we'll go home from here. We plan to take a walk in Eugene's parks, visit an art gallery and prepare for departure.

The Original Pancake House

Before the upcoming trip, we decided to have a good breakfast. We stopped at The Original Pancake House. We were driving by and we saw this cute coffee shop building. My family likes sweet breakfasts. Pancakes and waffles with different jams and whipped cream. Beautiful! Very nourishing and delicious breakfast! We prepared everything very quickly too, so we didn't waste any time waiting.

Hendricks Park

We got to Eugene, and the first thing we did was take a walk in Hendricks Park. It's a very quiet and beautiful place to go for a walk. Very beautiful landscape, lots of colors, a riot of colors! I'd say it's a great place for a picnic. If you like to spend time actively, you can go jogging in the park or jump rope.

SweetWaters on the River

We found this place by the reviews. We wanted to visit a restaurant with a beautiful view. This place met all our requirements. There are high chairs for kids, great views of the river, staff who work perfectly and madly delicious and fresh food.

Museum Of Natural And Cultural History

It's a very interesting place. There is a wonderful collection of historical objects for viewing. Consciously for all, both adults and children. You can make a return to the past. There are also wonderful guides working there, who are very interesting to talk about each exhibit.

Fall Creek State Recreation Area

What a place! A real paradise for nature lovers! You can spend hours watching the serene water surface sitting on the shore, or vice versa, take an active walk and walk along the bubbling streams. There are also fantastic views of the nearby forests and mountains. By the way, as the guys we met told us, resting on the shore, if you go a little further east, you will find yourself in the reserve with even more exciting scenery.


It was a wonderful dinner. The restaurant has dishes for every taste, even for vegetarians. There are also high chairs for feeding the children if you need them. The price-performance ratio was excellent! Very high quality service, large wine list. Actually, a wide variety of alcohol. Of course, there was a minor drawback. Like the speed at which the food is served. But overall, it wasn't bad.

Skinner Butte Park

So to end our day, we decided to take a walk in another great park. The park is located on a hill, so you will have incredibly beautiful scenery. It's a very peaceful place.

Day 5: Saying Goodbye and Coming Home.

That's it. We're gonna go rent out the car, and then we're gonna go home. The trip was very enjoyable and memorable.

Vero Espresso House

After a quick and easy breakfast, we will go to give away the car that we rented. It was a good breakfast, even though it wasn't any great. But the coffee was aromatic and invigorating. Punksters with berries are perfect for a kids' breakfast.