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Family trip around Krasnodar region

Road Trip Route. Ride the water slides, Walk in Volkonsky Gorge, Ride on the highest Ferris wheel in Russia, To see Kiselev Rock, Visit the Oceanarium, .

A family trip allows for a change of scenery and spending time together. The itinerary includes visits to water parks, where you can ride the slides, swim in the pool, relax in the sauna, a walk in the mysterious Volkonsky Gorge, a ride on the highest Ferris wheel in Russia, visits to beaches to swim and sunbathe, a visit to the oceanarium, where you can see the ocean residents live. We will also visit the picturesque Kiselev Rock, where a scene from the film "The Diamond Arm" was filmed.

Families with Kids, Uninhabited Nature. From: Sochi

Eugenia Laputina. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Waterslides and the sea

The first day of our trip will begin with a visit to the water park, where you can have fun skiing from the waterslides. In the afternoon we will have a picnic at the lake, and then go to the beach to sunbathe and swim in the sea. Do not forget to bring a good mood!


The first point of our journey will be the water park. The territory of the water park is 7000 sq.m. The park has everything to have fun with the whole family: children's slides, extreme slides, dry play area, sauna and thermal pools, animation programs. Everyone can find something to do and have a good rest!


Let's go to the store and buy some food. There's a picnic on the lake ahead of us.

"Клевое место"

Lunch will take place at the lake. We'll cover the meadow and have lunch! You can also take a fishing rod and go fishing.

Пляж Новая Хобза

So we got to the beach. It's time to relax, to get some sea air and, of course, to swim and frolic in the sea!

Кафе "Сухум"

Dinner will be at the cafe. They serve big portions here! Delicious food, polite staff and cozy atmosphere! Bon appetit!

Пляж Волконка

I suggest we take a walk along the coast after dinner. Breathe fresh air and tune in for a new day!

Day 2: Volkonskoe Gorge and the tallest Ferris wheel in Russia

On the second day of the trip we will visit the open-air museum - Volkonsky Gorge, enjoy its mysterious scenery, ride on the highest Ferris wheel in Russia and admire stunning views from a height, relax on the beach, and then go to Tuapse and in the evening we will look at the singing fountains.

Волконское Ущелье

The second day begins with a visit to a very picturesque place. Here we will see the exotic forest and rocks, and at the bottom of the gorge flows the Godlik River. It is safe to walk with children in the gorge, as the paths are equipped with bridges, stairs and rails. Here you get great pictures!


It's lunchtime. Lunch will take place in a cafe. The menu offers a wide range of Italian, Russian, Japanese cuisine, there is also a children's menu. Everyone will find a dish to his liking!

Смотровая площадка "Тихий Дон"

Let's make a little stop at the observation deck. Enjoy the sea view and the view of the city, take a little walk and, of course, take beautiful pictures!

Самое Высокое Колесо Обозрения В России, Лазаревское

Today we will ride on the highest Ferris wheel in Russia. The wheel has a height of 83.5 meters. The wheel makes a full turn in 8 minutes. You will enjoy stunning views of Sochi, sea, mountains from a bird's eye view! Prices vary depending on the type of cabin and time of visit. Children under 12 years old are free of charge.

пляж Фламинго

In the afternoon we will visit the beach. We'll rest, sunbathe and swim!

Веранда GRILL

It's time for dinner. Dinner will take place in a cozy restaurant. The restaurant has a summer veranda, which offers a stunning view of the promenade. The menu contains a large number of delicious dishes, and in the evening there is an entertainment program for guests.

Поющие Фонтаны

In the evening, I suggest taking a walk in the park and watching the dancing fountains. Music, special effects, pleasant atmosphere and beautiful pictures!

Day 3: Kiselev Rock, water park and oceanarium

The third day of the trip will begin with a visit to a very beautiful and atmospheric beach near Kiseleva Rock. Then the whole family will have fun in the water park, and in the afternoon we will go to explore the underwater world in the oceanarium.

пляж @ скала Киселёва

The day begins with a very beautiful beach. The visiting card of the beach is Kiseleva rock. The rock is named after the painter Alexander Kiselev, who painted the local nature in his paintings. And the rock has gained wide popularity thanks to a scene from the movie "The Hand of Diamonds". For swimming, it's better to bring your swimming slippers.

Аквапарк "Морская Звезда"

After the beach, we'll go to the water park. The water park includes: 11 water slides, a children's playground with water slides and a shallow pool, a pool with waterfalls, seawater pools and much more! Rest and have fun!

Океанариум Акулий Риф

Ideal place for a fun and educational time for the whole family. In an oceanarium, we will see and meet the ocean inhabitants live. There are inhabitants from all over the world: the Caribbean, Bermuda, Antarctica and other parts of the world!

Кавказский Дворик

It's time for dinner. Dinner will be held at a restaurant of Caucasian cuisine. Here they serve very tasty shish kebab and khachapuri! And a cozy atmosphere and polite staff will fully allow you to spend this evening well.