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    Day 3

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    Observing More Wild Animals and Swimming in an Outdoor Pool in a Forest

    Today is the last day of your three-day trip, and it certainly finishes on a high note. You will start your day by observing more wild animals in another wildlife enclosure, then go swimming in a heated outdoor pool in a forest and see even more animals at the zoo in Cologne. Little animal lovers will be so pleased.
    6.7 mi25 min
    Wildlife park Dünnwald
    09:301 hr

    Wildlife park Dünnwald

    Open Details
    After having breakfast at your hotel and checking out, make your way to the wildlife enclosure Wildpark Dünnwald to observe some more wild animals. At this park, keep an eye out for European bison, fallow deer, mouflons, wild boar and Egyptian geese. You can even feed the animals with the feed available from the dispensers located throughout the park. (For their safety, please do not give them anything else.)
    You can park your car at Parkplatz Birkenweg or Parkplatz Kalkweg.
    Opening hours 24/7 throughout the whole year (please respect that the animals rest during the night)
    0.4 mi10 min
    Waldbad Dünnwald
    10:452 hrs

    Waldbad Dünnwald

    Open Details
    Now, it's time for some water-based fun at the heated outdoor pool Waldbad Dünnwald, which is idyllically embedded in the forest right next to Wildpark Dünnwald. Here, you will find four pools of varying depths (including one pool for small children), a large water slide, saunas, a beach volleyball court and more. Get ready to make a splash!
    For prices, please check the website.
    Leave the car at the car park where you parked it earlier.
    Opening hours Monday: closed Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00–18:00 (also valid on bank holidays)
    0.1 mi5 min
    WildWechsel Köln - Gasthaus am Waldbad
    13:001 hr

    WildWechsel Köln - Gasthaus am Waldbad

    Open Details
    Conveniently located near the pool, WildWechsel Köln is the perfect spot to recharge your batteries and fill your bellies. The focus here lies on fresh, high-quality and, wherever possible, regional ingredients. Vegetarian options are also available.
    You can still leave the car at the car park where you parked it earlier.
    Reservations can only be made via the phone (+49 (0)221 - 968 126 38).
    Opening hours
    Monday to Tuesday: closed Wednesday to Saturday: 13:00–22:00 Sunday: 13:00–21:00
    8.5 mi25 min
    Cologne Zoological Garden
    14:302 hrs

    Cologne Zoological Garden

    Open Details
    We are continuing the animal-themed red thread of our three-day adventure, with a trip to the zoo in Cologne. This zoo is known for having one of the largest elephant parks in Europe, measuring 20,000 sqm (215,300 sqft). Besides the large pachyderms, you will also get to see hippos, crocodiles and many more members of the animal kingdom.
    For prices, please check the zoo's website.
    Opening hours Summer Monday to Sunday: 09:00–18:00 Last entry: 17:30
    Winter Monday to Sunday: 09:00–17:00 Last entry: 16:30
    1.9 mi10 min
    Mediapark Playground
    16:4530 min

    Mediapark Playground

    Open Details
    If your kids are not tired yet, a visit to the Mediapark playground is a great way to conclude day number three on a fun note, before it is time for dinner and heading home.
    You can park your car at the Parkhaus Mediapark APCOA, which is about a 5-minute walk away.
    Opening hours This playground is open 24/7 throughout the year
    2.7 mi10 min
    17:305 min

    Parkplatz Netto

    Open Details
    For your dinner at POTPOURRI Köln, park you car at Parkplatz Netto on Mehrheimer Straße. From here, it takes about 5 minutes to walk to the restaurant.
    0.6 mi5 min
    17:451 hr 30 min


    Open Details
    Finish your trip with a dinner at POTPOURRI Köln, whose motto is "Regional and seasonal equal optimal." The menu consists of a variety of colourful dishes made fresh every day from natural ingredients. Vegan and vegetarian options as well as meals especially for kids are also available here.
    You can reserve a table online.
    Opening hours Monday: closed Tuesday to Thursday: 12:00–20:00 (kitchen open until 18:30) Friday: 12:00–22:30 (kitchen open until 21:00) Saturday: 10:00–22:30 (kitchen open until 21:00) Sunday: 10:00–20:00 (kitchen open until 18:30)
    27.4 mi50 min


    Home, sweet home! It is always nice to come back to your own four walls after an adventure-packed time away like the one you have just had. When you curl up in your bed this evening, do not be surprised if you dream about elephants, wild deer and swimming pools.
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