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Family holidays in Novgorod and Pskov

Road Trip Route. Visit Novgorod Detinets, See the walls of Pskov Krom, Relax in the water park, Go on a few extraordinary excursions.

Hard working people sometimes find it difficult to relax and unwind even in their spare time. The routine of everyday life drags on. That is why it is worth going on a small, but interesting family trip, during which you will not only see many extraordinary places, for which the region is famous, but also relax and recover physically and mentally. There is nothing better than to break up the routine with unusual impressions and emotions. You will visit the Novgorod Kremlin and the ancient Powder Fortress in Pskov, visit an unusual film museum and planetarium, relax in the spa and have fun in the water park! **The itinerary is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Multivan](**

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: The Novgorod Kremlin and Introduction to the World of Old Russian Cinema

The three-day trip will begin with a trip to Veliky Novgorod. On the way there are several stops in different places, and on arrival - to visit the historic center of the city and visit one of its extraordinary museums.

Saint Petersburg

Трое из Простоквашино

There is nothing more memorable than to start the journey by visiting the monument to the heroes of the cult cartoon "Three from Prostokvashino". Take a couple of photos with postman Peckin and go further on the road!

Усадьба Н. А. Некрасова «Чудовская лука»

On the way to Veliky Novgorod, make a small stop at the picturesque Chudovskaya Luka estate. It is known for the fact that once lived and worked here Nikolai Alexeevich Nekrasov. The life of this poet was full of various shocks and events, which were reflected in his work. You have the opportunity to immerse yourself a little in that distant world of "old Russian writer-democrat" - as he was later called by Lenin.

Дом коромыслом

It's lunchtime! One of the most interesting places in Veliky Novgorod is the tavern "Dom Koromyslom". Unusual interior, traditional cuisine, friendly atmosphere - what else do you need to take a break before going to the Museum of Cinematography.


In Veliky Novgorod, amidst a great variety of cultural and historical attractions, a small but still very interesting museum dedicated to cinematography has been lost. Here you can learn, in fact, the bright history of Soviet-Russian cinema of the early twentieth century, plunge into the everyday life of film mechanics, as well as get acquainted with a variety of compositional nuances of the craft. In order to sign up for the tour, you should contact the administrators by the phone numbers indicated in [the official VKontakte group]( Please note that the museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Фонтан «Садко»

Ancient Russia has always been rich in legends and tales, and the Novgorod princedom is no exception. The most famous hero of the local bylinas is the guslyar and merchant Sadko, in honor of which a monument is erected in the heart of the city, neatly next to its other famous sights.

My Kitchen

For dinner we recommend going to the restaurant "My kitchen", which is located in the southern part of town. The cuisine is very diverse, many visitors praise eggplant rolls with curd filling, as well as Iberian salad with beef.

Day 2: Castles and fortresses of antiquity

Today you will go to another ancient and very interesting city. The path is quite long, but interesting, planned walks, stops near the most interesting historical sites, as well as rest in the spa.

Кремлёвский парк

Novgorod Dytynets is a very large and interesting historical site, and no trip to Veliky Novgorod is impossible without a full walk inside its walls, so today we start the day with this.


Any trip should always be an opportunity for good relaxation and refreshment, so we suggest you go to the largest spa center in the city. There you can choose from a variety of beauty treatments, swimming pool, sauna, massage - in short, all that a modern person needs to relax. You can find out more about services and prices, as well as book in advance the time of your visit [on the official website](


Cozy loft-style cafe will be a great place for a family dinner. In the menu you will find a lot of delicious and nourishing dishes, which will taste both children and adults. Enjoy delicious food and views of the historic city centre.

Порховская крепость

Today you will see another historical place - Powder Fortress. Its massive stone walls were erected in the middle of the fourteenth century, and as a wooden outpost it was still functioning a hundred years before. Today there are several walls and towers left of the castle that represent its fighting power and allow us to imagine what the castle looked like centuries ago.

Псковский Кром (Кремль) / Pskov Krom (Kremlin)

In Pskov, as in Veliky Novgorod, the Kremlin, which defended the Pskov region for many years, is partially preserved. Its walls and towers still rise above the bank of the Velikaya River. On its territory there are many buildings from those distant times, and walking in the evening, you can hear the bells of the Trinity Cathedral of the XVII century.

Mojo Gastrobar

Dinner will take place in a restaurant in the city centre called Mojo Gastrobar. There is a rather good choice of meat dishes, also there is a good range of wines and other drinks.

Day 3: A carefree trip home

The last day of the trip, like the previous ones, will be special in its own way. There will be plenty of walking, astronomy at the local planetarium, some historic sites to visit, and a lot of fun. Let's hit the road!

Планетарий / Planetarium

The day will begin with a tour of the city's planetarium. Here it is possible to find the most various interesting programs for children and adults in which both popular scientific, and deeper sides of astronomy are considered. In other words, the person with any level of knowledge will be interesting at excursion. Details of prices and tickets can be found on [official website]( Please note the planetarium is closed on Saturday.

Аквапарк "Акваполис"

To make your trip consisted not only of walks and excursions, you can have a good time at the Pskov water park. There is a sauna, a swimming pool and several water slides at your disposal. You should bring a bathing suit, a swim cap, non-slip shoes, shower gel and sponge. [On the official website]( you can find out more about prices and rules for visiting.


Before you leave Pskov, you should have a tight lunch, because the road is not close. Nothing quenches hunger like a good steak or a well-fried chicken breast. These and many other dishes can be found in the menu of "Grafin" restaurant.

Заречный Парк

Make a small stop in the central park of the Luga to get some rest from the road and get some fresh air. In winter, a skating rink is flooded here, but to visit it you need to have your own skates, in warm seasons you can rent a bike or a skating-rink at a reasonable price.


At the entrance to St. Petersburg you can make another stop in the ancient Sylvia Park. It was settled at the turn of the XVIII-XIX centuries, so here you can find a lot of architectural evidence of those times.


A dinner at Nordic Café in Scandinavia will complete the day and the whole busy trip. Pamper yourself with imperial oysters, Murmansk crabs or scallops.

Saint Petersburg