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Falling tower, introduction to reindeer and folk crafts

Falling tower, introduction to reindeer and folk crafts
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2 Days


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595 km






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600 kilometres of history, culture and traditions await you. You will get acquainted with a reindeer, try your hand at pottery, ride the wind from the slide on a bagel, walk around the historical centre of one of the oldest cities of the Urals - Nevyansk. The Museum of Stone and Wooden Architecture is also waiting for you.
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Mastercard Routes
Mastercard Routes
  • Land of ancestors" Historical and ethnographic park.
  • Ceramics production.
  • Gora Belaya mountain ski resort.
  • Wooden architecture.
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Och.skilful pens and slides
Day 1254 km

Och.skilful pens and slides

Your adventure will begin not far from Yekaterinburg in the historical and ethnographic center, created with love. Don't forget to pick up carrots for the local residents. After that you will get to one of the oldest cities in the Urals - Nevyansk, wander around its historical center and find out why the Nevyanskaya Tower is inclined. In the afternoon you will try your hand at making ceramics and get up on skis or just ride bagels with the wind.
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History and Crafts
Day 2341 km

History and Crafts

Start your morning with a walk through the historical center of Nizhny Tagil. Next, have a look at the museum of stone, made with soul. In the afternoon you will get acquainted with the wooden architecture of the Urals and the craftsmanship of the common Russian people in the village of Sokolovo.
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