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Falling tower, introduction to reindeer and folk crafts

Road Trip Route. Land of ancestors" Historical and ethnographic park, Ceramics production, Gora Belaya mountain ski resort, Wooden architecture.

600 kilometres of history, culture and traditions await you. You will get acquainted with a reindeer, try your hand at pottery, ride the wind from the slide on a bagel, walk around the historical centre of one of the oldest cities of the Urals - Nevyansk. The Museum of Stone and Wooden Architecture is also waiting for you. **Book hotels along the route with a cashback of up to 10%.

Families with Kids, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Yekaterinburg

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Och.skilful pens and slides

Your adventure will begin not far from Yekaterinburg in the historical and ethnographic center, created with love. Don't forget to pick up carrots for the local residents. After that you will get to one of the oldest cities in the Urals - Nevyansk, wander around its historical center and find out why the Nevyanskaya Tower is inclined. In the afternoon you will try your hand at making ceramics and get up on skis or just ride bagels with the wind.


Historic and Ethnographic Park Ancestral Land

In the park you will meet very interesting inhabitants - reindeer, Roma goat, black crow and geese! They love apples and carrots, so you can bring them with you - they will be very pleased! There are dolmens on the territory, whose history will be interesting to learn both adults and children. The park is open from Tuesday to Sunday, in winter time - from 9-00 to 18-00. Tours can be booked in advance at the numbers indicated on [site](http://земляпредков.рф/page-21.html).

Nevyanskaya Tower

The Demidov family tower was built in 1725 by an unknown architect. It is a nine-storey structure made of white stone, ending with a hipped roof with a spire. You can ask the guide why it is sloped. The tour must be booked at least three days in advance. You can do this via the form on [website](https://невьянскиймузей.рф/nevyanskaya-naklonnaya-bashnya-demidovyh/).


Before heading towards new discoveries, dine at Demidov Restaurant with traditional Russian dishes.

Tavolozhskaya ceramics

The Maslikov family has been engaged in pottery for seven generations, passing from hand to hand the ancient craft of their ancestors. The excursion must be booked in advance by contacting the [site](http://www.tavolgatur.ru). You can also sign up for a master class in ceramics production.

Alpine skiing complex "Belaya Gora"

There is a tubing track, skiing tracks, chairlifts and an ice rink in the complex. Take note of the complex's work schedule: the ice rink, ski rental, ski and snowboard equipment rental, and rope tow lifts are available every day. Chairlifts and snow tubing rentals are available from Friday to Sunday. The slopes scheme and rules can be seen on [website](https://www.gorabelaya.ru/about/karta_kompleksa_i_skhema_trass/).

Khachapuri Aunts Mariko.

The day is drawing to a close, it's time to eat up! In a cozy cafe of Georgian cuisine you can not only taste appetizing khachapuri, but also enjoy hearty soups and spicy meat dishes. The most important thing is not to forget to leave room for dessert!

Day 2: History and Crafts

Start your morning with a walk through the historical center of Nizhny Tagil. Next, have a look at the museum of stone, made with soul. In the afternoon you will get acquainted with the wooden architecture of the Urals and the craftsmanship of the common Russian people in the village of Sokolovo.

So Smakom

You've got a busy day ahead of you so if you don't want to waste time grabbing a bite to eat in a cafe, get your groceries for the road at the local deli, it's open from 8am.

Театральная площадь

A morning walk is always invigorating and uplifting. Before leaving Nizhny Tagil, take a look at one of the most beautiful sights of the city - the Drama Theater.

Mineralogical Museum. A.E.Fersman Mineralogical Museum

The history of the museum dates back to the reign of Peter the Great. At the time when under the Kunstkammer the whole scientific complex was being created: collections, library and primitive laboratory. Since then the mining of minerals in our country has been constantly flourishing. There are often free thematic tours in the museum, you can find out about their schedule on [website](https://www.fmm.ru/Заглавная_страница). The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Museum-Reserve of Wooden Architecture in Lower Sinachikha

On the territory there is the Spaso-Preobrazhensky church built in the end of XVIII - beginning of XIX centuries, chapels, samples of peasant estates of XVII-XIX centuries with restored interiors, an inn, a mill, a smithy, a fire department and other buildings. Besides constructions you will also find here a collection of Ural wood paintings.

Sokolov wedding complex in the village of Sokolovo

The village was founded back in the 1680s, but in 2010 the population of the village was only 51 people. The locals have created a lovely square in which they have gathered the traditions of local wooden architecture. Here you will find several arbours decorated with fancy carved ornaments and a well named after the Ryakovs, the village's founding brothers. Now people from surrounding villages come here for weddings and photo sessions.

Park Inn by Radisson

The journey comes to an end and can be completed at the Magellan Restaurant at the Park Inn by Radisson. **If you are a guest of Yekaterinburg, you can stay the night in the same hotel. Book a room on a special page on the site [Radisson Hotels](https://www.radissonhotels.com/ru-ru/booking/room-display?startDate=today&adults%5B%5D=1&children%5B%5D=0&searchType=pac&promotionCode=MCRHG1&brandFirst=rhg&hotelCode=SVXPD&facilitatorId=REZIDORAREASEMEERUSSIA&cid=a:pt+b:oth+c:emea+i:MCRHG1_ek+e:pii+d:eerut+f:ru-RU+g:ho+h:SVXPD)**, pay with premium card Mastercard and get 15% discount and possibility of early check-in and late check-out. [Full promotion rules](https://www.mastercard.ru/ru-ru/consumer/offers-promotions.html?offer=radisson-ekaterinburg)**