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Fairytale Andersengrad, German Ingerburg, geysers and horseback riding

Road Trip Route. Russian fairy tales in Shuvalovka, Heroes of Hans Christine Andersen in Andersengrad, Izhora Museum, Farm with animals, Gatchina geysers, .

Embark on a family journey through the Leningrad region, where you can immerse yourself in different eras, different worlds and get to know the lives of different nationalities. First Russian fairy tales are waiting for you in Shuvalovka, then Scandinavian fairy tales by Anderson. You will also wander through the lands of the Izhora people and get acquainted with their culture. Afterwards you'll be transported to the 18th century in the village of Rozhdestvenskoe and Gatchina. You'll also go horseback riding and meet the animals on the farm.

Families with Kids, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Saint Petersburg

Anna Semochkina. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: We're visiting a fairy tale

Your day will take place on a journey between fairy tales. First you will visit the heroes of Russian folk tales - in Shuvalov village, then after a few beautiful installations you will reach the heroes of fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen - in Andersengrad. Dive back into childhood with your whole family.

Saint Petersburg

Парк Лейхтенбергских

Start the morning with a walk in the park, you can make a snowman in good snowy weather. To the west of the palace, there's a secluded shady ravine in the park. There is an original monument of 19th century palace and park sculpture preserved there: a huge stone head rises from the ground next to the path going down the ravine. Children will be delighted by this sculpture. You can also find interesting sculptures in the park and easily spend an exciting morning.

Шуваловская деревня

"Shuvalovka" is the center of Russian culture. Everything here is very atmospheric: a hut with carved patterns, a smithy, a wooden church, a mill, playgrounds with characters of folk tales - Baba Yaga, Snake Gorynych, Koschei Immortal. There is also a small farm, working from 11 to 19 hours - on weekends, and from 14 to 19 hours - on weekdays.

Russian village Shuvalovka

Go to a master class in folk crafts: paintings on wood, molding, making dolls-shores. Register for the master classes in advance by contacting the [site](https://www.shuvalovka.ru/kontakty.html). Please note that master classes are only available on weekends from 12 to 17 hours.

Кафе Шуваловъ

It's time to have lunch in a traditional Russian restaurant right here in the village, feel like a hero from a fairy tale by ordering a dish straight from the oven.

Форт Красная Горка

A little history from World War I in a place that protected approaches to St. Petersburg from enemies.

Шепелёвский маяк

Shepelevsky lighthouse - symbol of the South Coast Path. The lighthouse was made in France. Stay here for a while to admire the beauty of the Gulf of Finland.


Andresengrad is a children's town built in the Leningrad region to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the great storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. Here you will get acquainted alive with the characters of the writer. The territory of the park is open 24 hours a day. Various excursions are held here, and it is necessary to record them in advance through [site](https://andersengrad.info).


In the menu you will find American, Russian, Georgian and Japanese dishes. Everyone will be happy here.

Day 2: Journey between cultures of different nationalities

You will start the morning at the Izhora Museum, dedicated to the small peoples living in this territory. After you will take a short dive into the XVIII century in the village of Rozhdestvenno. Evening you will spend in the German part of Gatchina, in the buildings of Paul I.

Izhora Museum

Visting is the unofficial Izhora capital of our days, the place of traditional residence of the Izhor, one of the unique Finno-Ugric peoples. You can take part in a master class on pottery. The museum is waiting for you from 10 am from Thursday to Sunday. Enroll in the master classes through [BK Group](https://vk.com/public117331294).

Краеведческий музей

In 2009, the museum established a cultural centre for indigenous peoples of the Kingisepp region to preserve and develop indigenous cultures. Therefore, continue to get acquainted with the small peoples of the region. Due to the restrictive measures introduced, it is possible to visit the museum in groups of no more than 10 people, services outside the museum are provided to groups of up to 25 people, and also due to repair work, only the exhibition and multimedia halls are temporarily open for visitors. Please give advance notice of your visit by telephone: 8(813)752-39-22, 8(813)752-79-61. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 17.

family cafe (ХоРоШо)

Come to a small café with a homely atmosphere. The cafe is known for its Russian dishes. It is well worth tasting delicious pork ribs, Greek salad and borscht.

Музей-усадьба «Рождествено»

In the museum-estate "Rozhdestvenno" you can get acquainted with the history of a unique house, built by an unknown architect at the end of XVIII century in the classical style. The museum's expositions will tell you about the past of the village of Rozhdestvenno and its surroundings, the families of the Nabokovs and the Rukavishnikovs, the events of life and work of the emigrant writer Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov. Also here there is a vast park, on which it will be very pleasant to walk. Inside it is possible to get only in groups to 5 persons. Make an appointment in advance by phone at [site](http://www.rozhdestvenomuseum.ru/informatsiya/stoimost-poseshcheniya.html). The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11am to 5pm.


Walking through the territory of the palace park, passing through the Silvia Gate, you can get to the fork, which consists of three alleys, passing through which you can exit to the river Kolpanka.

Березовые Ворота

A small photo stop at the grand Birch Gate, built at the end of the XVIII century.

Ингербургские ворота

Paul I gave birth to Gatchina as a city. Ingerburg appears as a fortress symmetrically located along the Porch road, surrounded by a rampart and moat. The author of the project of Ingerburg was V. Brenna, who worked in close cooperation with Pavel Petrovich.

Ингербургский Ресторан

Since Ingerburg is almost entirely German, dinner is also offered in a German restaurant.

Day 3: Traveling through the cities of ancient Russia and animals from the farm

Start the morning by visiting the geysers, in winter they look especially unusual when the jet of water beating from the ground freezes in the air. Then head to the horses for an unforgettable time with them. After the horses, you'll find a farm where the animals are raised only for breeding and walk around quite freely, which will please the whole family. And in the evening stay in the town of Feodorov, where you can see the buildings of different regions of ancient Russia.

Гатчинские Гейзеры

In the forest from under the ground beating fountains about one and a half meters high. In winter they look quite unusual, when the water freezes and fountains produce fancy ice figures. You can drive from Gatchina on the Korpikowska highway to the village. There, without reaching the bridge, turn left, then go to the gardening area and on the main road - to the parking lot, where you can leave your car and walk along the paths to the forest. There's a total of six geysers. Strictly speaking, three of them are water-pressure columns, from which water beats, and the rest were named "Stump", "Kid" and "Fountain".

Geyzery Korpikovo

Walk around the geysers to enjoy our Mother Nature's creations.

Horse Club "Azur"

Visit an equestrian club for all ages. On Mondays, horses rest. At other times you can ride the horse in the woods, be sure to register in advance by phone in [group](https://vk.com/konilazur).

Baffo Resto

Stay in Tosno in one of the best restaurants of European cuisine.

Maryino Farm

At Maryino farm, most animals move around the area. This is not a farm in the classical sense: its inhabitants are raised only for breeding, so they have much freer enclosures and have a place to play. So here you will have a unique opportunity to see the animals almost in their natural wild form, so be prepared for a little shock! ;) To visit the farm you need to make an appointment by phone at [group](https://vk.com/farmmariino) and pay in advance.

Усадьба Марьино

The Maryino Estate is one of the most luxurious manor ensembles of Russia of the XIX century. The estate is a family estate of the Stroganov-Golitsyns. Here you can walk in the park, take a sleigh ride, snowmobile or cocktails. It is better to order skating in advance by phone or mail at [site](https://usadbamaryino.ru/contacts). There are also many different holidays at the estate, see the poster at [site](https://usadbamaryino.ru/) or in the [group](https://vk.com/usadbamaryino).

Федоровский городок

Fedorovsky small town is a miniature fortress with numerous buildings, each of which has its own unique features inherent to the architecture of medieval centers of Russia: Novgorod, Pskov, Kostroma, Vladimir, Suzdal and Moscow. The plan of Emperor Nicholas II was to symbolize the architectural unity of Russian cities and speak about the internal integrity of the state. The territory of the town is open 24 hours a day. Please note that it will be dark and the territory is not illuminated. Take a flashlight with you and make an unusual night adventure through the dark streets of old Russia.


At the end of the trip you will have dinner at the Novikov Group restaurant. Nama is a restaurant with modern Asian cuisine. The menu features many fish and seafood dishes. The Asian menu of the restaurant is combined with author's notes, so here tataki is made from beetroot and tepanyaki - from fish.

Saint Petersburg