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Extremely delicious trip to the Sverdlovsk region

Road Trip Route. Visit a sturgeon farm where you can pet 8 kg of Siberian sturgeon., Visit the "Park of Fairy Tales" where Grandma Nina is waiting for you and will make you a delicious herbal tea., You'll ride horses at the Dubrava Horse Club..., Visit the legendary brewery., Taste the delicious cheese at Nikolskaya Sloboda Farm..., .

The Urals is a place where you can engage in absolutely any kind of tourism. This time we offer you to go on a boring tour of the Sverdlovsk region. We have all thought it over and made this trip as unusual as possible: you will go to a sturgeon farm, where you will not only see how such a valuable breed of fish is grown, but you can also buy a delicious hot smoked sturgeon, after which you will visit a brewery and a cheese factory, of course, with tasting. And if you went on a trip with your children - they will definitely love the "Park of Fairy Tales", where you can not only get acquainted with the traditions of the Urals cuisine, but also have fun! In addition to tasty places, you will have to visit the airfield, where you can parachute, fly as a passenger on the AN-2 or take a walk by parachute. ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%.

Gastronomy. From: Yekaterinburg

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Sturgeon farm, grandmother's tea party and legendary brewery.

So, on the first day of this little trip you will go towards the town of Kamensk-Uralsky. What awaits you on your way? You will visit a sturgeon farm, where a master class on gutting and cooking sturgeon awaits you. After that you will go to the theme park of Fairy Tales and visit your grandmother Nina, who will treat you to a tasty herbal tea. At the end of the day you will visit the legendary brewery, whose production is dedicated to experiments with wild fermentation and long endurance.


Live sturgeon

On the first day of the trip you will go to the farm "Live Sturgeon", where you will have a fascinating tour of the company. During the excursion you will visit the boy's workshop, look at different types of sturgeon fish, stroke Siberian sturgeon weighing 8 kg, visit a master class on gutting and cooking sturgeon. At the end you will, of course, have a tasty tasting of main sturgeon dishes. Don't forget to stop by the farm's shop after the tour and buy sterlet or hot smoked sturgeon. Read more about the farm [on site](http://www.osetr-ekb.ru/). You can leave a request for a visit by contacting the farm at [phone](http://www.osetr-ekb.ru/kontakty).

Park of Fairy Tales

After the farm, head to the village of Aramil, where the cultural and entertainment center "Park of Fairy Tales" is located. Here you will have an opportunity to take part in thematic quests and get acquainted with the traditions of the Urals in a game form. On the territory of the park there is the Ural Frost Palace, the Copper Mountain Mistress's Cave, the house of Vodyanogo, the settlement of Mansi, the house of Danila-Master, the yard of Nina's grandmother. This is only a part of the places where you can go in the park, and there are often held culinary festivals and thematic master classes. The announcement is available in advance [on the website](https://parkskazov.ru/what-about) of the park. We strongly recommend visiting Nina's grandmother, where you can chat with cute goats and horses, lie on a real Russian stove, learn how they lived in Ural villages in the middle of XX century, and taste delicious herbal tea. [Buy a ticket online](https://parkskazov.ru/abonement).

Geese Swans

In the heart of the park is a restaurant "Goose Swans", where you can have lunch and just have a great time. In the menu you will find dishes of Russian and European cuisine, as well as delicious author's soft drinks.


After the park, we invite you to a tour of the equestrian complex "Dubrava", during which you will visit the stables, ride a horse and get acquainted with the life and conditions of horses, their breeds. It is better to leave an application for a visit in advance, you can do it by phone at [on site](http://кск-дубрава.рф/kontakty.html).

Nuclear Laundry

Then we offer to go on a tour of the famous brewery, which is located in the building of the former laundry of the nuclear monocity Zarechny. Here you will learn the details of the production of delicious Kraft beer. Jaws Beer has its origins in two venues. The main one is in Beloyarsky - from here all regular, seasonal and many single varieties start. The historical production in the former laundry is entirely devoted to experiments with wild fermentation and long endurance. Excursions are held on Saturdays and are in great demand, we advise you to make an appointment [in advance](http://tour.jawsbeer.ru/).

Timiryazevskiy park

In the evening we offer to get acquainted with the city of Kamensky-Uralsky and walk in the park with cute sculptures of the heroes of your favorite cartoons.

Seventh sky

We offer dinner in a themed cafe where good cuisine, dance floor and eclectic art space are harmoniously combined.

Day 2: Mushroom farm, trip to Loginovo airfield and tasting of farm cheese.

On the second day, dilute the delicious places with extreme. In the morning, visit a mushroom farm and learn all about the intricacies of growing mushrooms. Here you can also buy a delicious souvenir - pickled mushrooms. Afterwards, go for adrenaline with a high level of safety to the Loginovo airfield. And finally, at the end of the day, visit a farm that produces delicious cheese and pastries.

Black Fox

In the morning, go to a cozy coffee shop for breakfast. We can confidently say that here is the most delicious coffee and pastries.

Aerodrom Loginovo

After your visit to the farm, you will experience a bit of extreme safety at the Loginovo airfield. If you have long dreamed of jumping with a parachute, flying as a passenger on the AN-2 or walking on the parachute, then do not miss the opportunity and go to fulfill your dream. You can find more details about prices for the services on the [official page](https://taplink.cc/aerologinovo) of the company.

Zakusochnaya"U Yuriya"

The next place with gastronomic treasures is very close, but if you are very hungry, you can stop by a small roadside cafe.


It will be easier to drive to the farm across the village of Iset, as there is a convenient bridge across the Iset River. There's no bridge in Shilov village.

Nikolskaya Sloboda

The last and, in our opinion, the most cozy place of this tour, where you can walk, talk to animals and taste delicious cheese. Go on a tour of the farm "Nikolskaya Sloboda", which is located in Sysertsky district. What awaits you on the tour? First you will visit the production facility where you will be able to observe the production process. After that, you will visit the bakery, where you will see how bread is baked. And finally, the most pleasant part is the tasting of the delicious farmer's cheese. But that's not all, on the farm you will learn information about the breeds of cows, the milking process, you can feed the horses and ride. [Tourist Record](http://nksl.ru/farm).

Park Inn by Radisson

We offer to spend the evening on the territory of "Park Inn by Radisson Ekaterinburg" hotel, where the chic Onegin restaurant is located. In the menu you will find the best dishes from European cuisine and a large selection of seasonal dishes. **The hotel offers a discount on accommodation for Mastercard cardholders. Book a room on a special page at [Radisson Hotels](https://www.radissonhotels.com/ru-ru/booking/room-display?startDate=today&adults%5B%5D=1&children%5B%5D=0&searchType=pac&promotionCode=MCRHG1&brandFirst=rhg&hotelCode=SVXPD&facilitatorId=REZIDORAREASEMEERUSSIA&cid=a:pt+b:oth+c:emea+i:MCRHG1_ek+e:pii+d:eerut+f:ru-RU+g:ho+h:SVXPD). **, pay for it with a Mastercard premium card and get a 15% discount, as well as the possibility of early arrival and late departure. [Full promotion rules](https://www.mastercard.ru/ru-ru/consumer/offers-promotions.html?offer=radisson-ekaterinburg)**