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Extreme weekend with elements of tradition from different countries

Road Trip Route. Ice fishing, Horse rides in Petrukhino, Meet the Bisons, Etnomir" Theme Park, Snowmobiles in Yelagino, Flights in Kubinka, Husky Riding, .

Three active days in the suburbs of Moscow await you. You will go fishing, ride horses, visit bison and even fly a fighter jet. You will be able to find yourself in any country of the world without crossing any borders, and create a masterpiece from recycled materials. Of course, since it's winter - you'll race through the snow on a husky sled. Have a great adventure! **Book hotels along the route with up to 10% cashback. At the end of the route, there's a special offer for Mastercard holders!

Active Leisure, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Moscow

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Animal world

You will have a busy day in the south of the Moscow region. It will start with ice fishing. Then you will make a horse ride through a beautiful winter forest, and in the evening you will get acquainted with the bison and Russian nature, which is often forgotten, living in a metropolis. If you wish, you can even "adopt" one of the bison!


Rybolovnyy Klub "Zolotoy Sazan"

They say that winter ice fishing is about restoring the nervous system, not just catching fish. Prepare to spend time in silence and tranquillity by going on a "silent hunt". Notify the base in advance about your arrival by using the contacts listed on [website](https://goldsazan.ru/info/zimnyaya-rybalka/).

Konnyy Klub Petrukhino

Next stop is Petrukino Horse Club, which will be happy both experienced riders and beginners who are amateurs of this sport. Horses have Monday off, the rest of the days he works till 6pm. You should inform about your arrival through the contacts indicated on [site](http://petruhino-horse.ru).

Ресторан "Палисад"

After morning activities, it's time for lunch. Stay at the restaurant "Palisade" with a very cozy atmosphere, stylish interior and home European food. The table can be booked in advance through [site](http://palisad-rest.com) or by phone +7 (495) 236-73-37.

Приокско-Террасный заповедник

Another short stop is waiting for you in Prioksko-Terrasny [reserve](https://pt-zapovednik.ru). Here you can meet the bison and visit the region's typical dewberry bogs. Please note that the last excursion to the bison starts at 15:00.


A well-deserved dinner in a steak house decorated with old Russian style. Meat and pleasant atmosphere are waiting for you. Better book a table at [official website](https://www.tzargrad.ru/restaurants_and_ecofarm/restaurants/restoran_druzhina/).

Day 2: Acquaintance with different cultures, beautiful birds and active rest on the tubing.

Your morning will start at the Garbage Museum, where you can attend a master class and make unusual souvenirs from recycled materials. Then you will visit the largest bird park in Russia, visit different continents of our planet without crossing borders. The evening will end with snowmobile rides, tubing and sauna visits.

Художественный музей мусора "Му Му"

It is a kind of recycling and showing the world that we should take care of our environment. The museum hosts quests, master classes and excursions. The museum is open from Friday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., on the rest of the days from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can sign up for the excursion using the feedback form on [site](https://art-mumu.ru).

Парк птиц «Воробьи»

Sparrows are the largest bird park in Russia. It is home to more than 2000 birds, animals, reptiles and even fish from various parts of our planet. The bird park is open daily from 10 a.m. to 17 a.m. You can learn more about visiting the park on [the official website](https://birdspark.ru).

Улица Мира

The unusual Ethnomir Park is waiting for you. Here you can "live" the experience of different peoples, imbued with their culture and get closer to understanding the great diversity of all peoples of the Earth. Tickets can be bought in advance at [official website](https://ethnomir.ru).


For lunch, stay at a Japanese restaurant in the park.


Look in the USA and you don't have to fly across the ocean to do it.

СССР территория выставки

You can also go back in time to a part of the Ethnomir called "USSR".


A great park for outdoor activities, where you can ride a tube and snowmobile. The scheme of the park can be seen at [site](http://elagino-park.ru/contact/), as well as familiar with the rules of the visit and prices for services. The park is open from Tuesday to Thursday from 14 to 22, on Fridays and Sundays from 10 to 22, and on Saturdays from 10 to 00. Please note that the park is closed on Monday.


Dinner awaits you at old Churchill's, where you can taste traditional European dishes. If you wish, you can reserve a table by phone: +7 (925) 064-44-60.

Day 3: Engineering Day

Your day will begin with a flight on a Cubica tester, then you will talk to the sweetest Husky dogs, they can also carry you with the wind, but already on the ground. From there, you'll be carried away by a high-voltage test centre and taken to the Engineering Museum, which displays retro cars and military equipment. All exhibits are on the move.

Аэродром Кубинка

Since 1932, fighter jets have been flying at Kubinka airfield. You have to experience this feeling for yourself. The flights take place all year round during daylight hours, from Friday to Sunday. The minimum flight time is 20 minutes. You should book the flight in advance through the contacts indicated on [site](http://www.nebo-v-podarok.ru/plane/pilotage-kubinka.html).

The road to Roose Alaska.

Note that the road to Haskiderevna goes through the village of Baranovo.

Khaskiderevnya "Ruzskaya Alyaska"

After the airplane flight, you'll have a heski run. Husky loves humans and runs very much - here you will give them a chance to show all their love and ride you with the wind on the snow. The village is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Alert the dogs to your visit through the contacts listed on [website](http://huskyvillage.ru/visit) and book an exciting kennel tour or dog sledding tour.

Трапезная на Стороже

It's time for lunch. Stay in the refectory at Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery and taste Russian cuisine.

Скит Саввы Сторожевского

Here the founder of the monastery dug out a cave where he was secluded for prayer. Excellent photos will turn out if you do not turn on the sign "To the hermitage", and go forward and go down on foot. The road leads to the monastery at a slope of 50 degrees, you will see a cliff on one side and the forest on the other.

Комплекс установок Тесла

The open high-voltage test bench of the Lenin All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute was established in 1967 to test ultra-high voltage DC and AC equipment.

Музей техники Вадима Задорожного

The Vadim Zadorozhny Machinery Museum is the largest private museum of historical equipment in Europe. Here you will find rare exhibits of the last century: military equipment, weapons, rare examples of aviation and retro cars. Please note that part of the museum, which is located inside the premises, is now closed, but you can walk around the area. The museum is open on weekdays from 10 to 19, on weekends from 10 to 20. You can book your ticket through [site](https://tmuseum.ru).

Restaurant 5642 Height

For dinner, stop by 5642. The numbers in the name of the restaurant mean the height of the western peak of Mount Elbrus. The menu combined Adygean, Circassian, Kabardian and Georgian cuisines and got one of the most complete collections of Caucasian dishes in Moscow. Try real khachapuri or hinkali of veal. **Pay your bill at restaurants of Novikov Group with exclusive discount of 10%. Warn the waiter that you are the holder of the World Elite Mastercard® before receiving the invoice and pay with the World Elite Mastercard® bank card. [Full promotion terms](https://www.mastercard.ru/ru-ru/consumer/offers-promotions.html?offer=novikov-group)**