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Day 2195 km

Sulak Canyon from a bird's-eye view and from the water surface itself

The second day of the trip will be devoted to acquaintance with the deepest canyon in Europe, surpassing even the American Grand Canyon in depth - with the Sulak Canyon. Many consider it to be the most striking and breathtaking sight in Dagestan.

Day Itinerary

82.8 km1 h 30 min
View of the Chirkey Reservoir
11:2030 min

View of the Chirkey Reservoir

Scenic Lookout
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After breakfast at the hotel, go to the main attraction of Dagestan - Sulak Canyon. You can approach it by E-50, but it is better to make a detour along the regional highway that goes through Buynaksk. The route goes straight along the shore, views of Chirkei Reservoir open from several points. Stop wherever it seems beautiful - you get just great photos here!
6.7 km10 min
View of Sulak Canyon
12:0030 min

View of Sulak Canyon

Scenic Lookout
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The first viewpoint (far from being the most popular, but very picturesque) is located right after Chirkei hydroelectric power station. You need to leave the highway, stop, walk for about 10 minutes towards the canyon along the country road and... be dumbfounded by the dizzying view! Sulak Canyon is the deepest canyon in Europe, it is even deeper than American Grand Canyon! Many consider it the brightest and most breathtaking sight in Dagestan. Standing on its edge, it would be hard to argue with that.

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