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Exotics of the Leningrad Region

Road Trip Route. Take photos at the Egyptian Gate, Walk in Alexandrovsky Park, Visit the Birch House, Visit the Leningrad desert, Learn the legend of the Church of the Holy Trinity., Visit the radon lakes, Feel the spirit of the past by touching the ruins of the estates..

There are many mysterious and amazing places in the Leningrad region. If you want to touch the history, enjoy the picturesque views and take atmospheric photos, then this trip is for you! You will see the residence of the last Russian emperor, visit the abandoned estates, half-destroyed church, medieval fortress, visit the local desert and unique radon lakes. Bring comfortable shoes with you! ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

Unique Locations. From: Saint Petersburg

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Unique places in the Leningrad region

On the first day of the trip you will see the Egyptian Gate, take a walk in the Alexander Park, visit the Birch House Pavilion, head for an amazing desertlike career and see the ruins of the Holy Trinity Church.

Saint Petersburg

Yegipetskiye Vorota

The first point of the route is the gate, created based on the art of Ancient Egypt during the Egyptomania period. They were built by the architect Adam Adamovich Menelas in 1827-1830 and served as a checkpoint into Tsarskoye Selo. Scenes from Egyptian mythology are depicted on the facade of the gate. Here are the god Osiris, the goddess Maat, the goddess Isis with the child in her arms - the god Horus, and scenes of initiation into pharaohs, and representations of agricultural activities of the Egyptians.

Pushkin Park

You can stroll through the picturesque park, which is a monument of architecture of the XVIII-XIX centuries. On the territory of the park there is the Alexander Palace, the residence of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. Also here you can see the White Tower, the Arsenal, where a collection of weapons was kept, the Children's House, the ruins of the Chinese theater, the Great Chinese Bridge, the Dragon Bridge and much more! Admission is free!

Portal Maska

There is an unusual structure in the Palace Park in Gatchina - the Birch Cabin. On the outside it is decorated with birch logs, and behind a rather modest facade there are rooms with luxurious interiors. The cabin is open to visitors Tuesday through Sunday.

Blinnaya Na Sobornoy

Lunch will be held in a cozy restaurant in Gatchina. The menu offers a wide variety of pancakes, more than 35! And with fillings, and sweet, for every taste.

Bornitskiye Kar'yery

Next stop is one of the most amazing, unusual and beautiful places in the Leningrad region: a transparent lake with azure water and a large quarry with hills of sandy color, which create the feeling of being in a desert. Here you can take atmospheric photos! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Ruiny Troitskoy Tserkvi

Next, you can walk through the ruins of the temple. This mysterious and shrouded in legends place is located in the village of Fifth Mountain. Construction of the temple began in 1826 after the death of the estate owner Fyodor Maximovich Briskorn. According to the official version, his widow decided to build a temple in memory of her deceased husband. The temple was built of brittle stone, which was strongly influenced by the environment, and therefore began to deteriorate rather quickly. However, there is a legend that the noblewoman erected the temple to make amends for her sins, the 12 columns inside the temple are a memory of the 12 musicians driven to death by her, and the rapid destruction of the temple means that her sins were never forgiven.


Dinner will be waiting for you in the "Paradise Valley" restaurant. The menu features Russian, Caucasian and European cuisine. Here you can taste delicious charcoal dishes, hot fish and meat dishes with a variety of side dishes, khinkali, khachapuri and much more! Enjoy a pleasant evening!

Day 2: Touch on history

The second day will start with an abandoned manor house, then you'll visit the monument of medieval defensive architecture - Koporje fortress, walk around the territory of Radon lakes in Lopukhinka, visit an abandoned manor house in Lomonosov district. The trip ends with dinner in a restaurant in St. Petersburg.

Usad'ba Barona Vrangelya

The day begins with a trip to the village of Torosovo to an abandoned manor house. It was built in 1870 in the Gothic style. Its last owner was George Wrangel, a cousin of the Black Baron, the famous White Guard general Peter Wrangel. Now this two-story red brick manor house is a ruin, there is no roof, and part of the walls have collapsed.

Koporskaya Fortress

The fortress is a monument of medieval defensive architecture. In the annals the first mention dates back to 1240. The fortress was rebuilt several times. At the present stage, there has been practically no restoration work, which allowed to preserve its authenticity. The fortress includes defensive walls, gates, bridge, chapel and church. Note: the entrance to the fortress is still closed, there are anti-damage works. However, you can walk along the walls and touch the history!

Lopukhinskiye Ozera

Then you will go to the village Lopukhinka and walk through one of the most famous natural monuments of the Leningrad region - radon lakes and springs. The water bodies are considered curative because they contain the inert gas radon, and their water has a turquoise and emerald color. A great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of local nature.

Кафе Солоха

Lunch will take place in a cafe. The room reminds the interior of a village house with a stove. On the stove you can see various clay pots and other household items, attract attention samovars. The walls are decorated with paintings from the works of Gogol. The menu offers dishes of Russian and European cuisine.

Yekaterininskiy Dvorets

You will visit another old abandoned manor in the village of Gostilitsa. In the XVII century, the manor belonged to Alexei Razumovsky, the manor was also visited by Catherine II, Elizabeth Petrovna, Peter III. Ruins are very atmospheric, here as nowhere else you can feel the spirit of history! On the territory of the homestead park there is a small stone bridge, which offers a beautiful view of the pond.

Hamlet + Jacks

The trip ends with a dinner in a luxurious restaurant, where you can taste delicious dishes of one of the most famous chefs of St. Petersburg - Evgeny Vikentiev. The restaurant is located in the premises of a former jewelry workshop. Vintage windows, floor and other decorative elements give a special atmosphere. **Try original dishes and get a glass of wine or a cup of coffee as a compliment when paying with Mastercard premium card. To receive the privilege of ordering, please inform the waiter that you are a Mastercard Premium Card holder. [Full stock rules](https://www.mastercard.ru/ru-ru/consumer/offers-promotions.html?offer=hamlet-jacks)**