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Exotic places in Moscow region

Road Trip Route. To see the Demidov-Meschersky estate, See Exotic Park, A walk in Sparrow Park..

When you get tired of sitting in town, it's time to go on a little trip! You'll visit an abandoned and mystically shrouded manor house, learn its history. There are also several zoos where you can see a variety of exotic animals from around the world. There will be interesting excursions and unforgettable walks, good mood is guaranteed! Route developed with the support of [Volkswagen Caddy](https://www.volkswagen-commercial.ru/ru/model-overview/caddy.html?utm_source=Caddy&utm_medium=cpm&utm_content=Caddy&utm_campaign=LCV_Road_Travel&tc=oa-LCV_Road_Travel-Caddy-cpm-Keyword_Caddy-banner).

Adventure. From: Moscow

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Fascinating walks and excursions

The day will begin with a visit to an abandoned estate in the village Petrovskoye in the Naro-Fominsk district, after which we will visit unique zoos where you can see rare exotic birds and animals. We will finish our journey with a dinner at a restaurant.


Destroyed Petrovskoye Estate

We'll go to Petrovskoe village of Naro-Fominsk district to the abandoned manor. The manor was built in the late XVIII century in the style of classicism. Originally the manor belonged to Demidovs. Demidov built it for his wife, but she never got to see it. On the territory of the estate there was a very beautiful park with alleys and sculptures. In the middle of the XIX century Prince A.V. Meshchersky became the owner of the estate. Now it's a mysterious place shrouded in mystical stories!

Парк птиц «Воробьи»

One of the most interesting and large-scale zoos in the entire Moscow region can safely call the park "Sparrow". Its infrastructure is so huge that it can't be compared with its competitors. Many of the most interesting bird and animal species are exhibited on its territory in different thematic zones. More details can be found on [official website](https://birdspark.ru/).


For lunch we'll stop by the cafe "Pelican" on the territory of the bird park. Here, in general, usual dishes of Russian cuisine are prepared, but the atmosphere here still has a zest of coziness and hospitality.

Художественный музей мусора "Му Му"

Another incredibly interesting museum in the Moscow region is the art museum of garbage "Mu Mu". Many designers have put their hands on creating its unique exposition. Don't forget to bring your camera, as there will be many reasons to be surprised. Details of prices and exhibitions can also be found [on site](https://art-mumu.ru/).

Экзотик Парк

We'll also visit Exotic Park. We will have the opportunity to see various exotic animals from different parts of the world. You will see the African hedgehog, Canadian wolf, kangaroos, various parrots and other amazing creatures! Exotic park works from 10:00 to 21:00. For details of the poster and prices, visit [the website](https://ekzootikpark.ru/).

Наш бараш

Dinner will take place at "Our Barash" restaurant. The menu offers dishes of both Middle Eastern and Russian cuisine, both European and Asian. Luxury interior, polite staff, pleasant atmosphere!