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Evening "pub crawl" with photographer Anton Panchenkov

Evening "pub crawl" with photographer Anton Panchenkov
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British pubs are much more than just pubs or inns where people drink. They are a veritable shrine to local social life. Pubs were classified as a special category of drinking establishments in the fourteenth century by King Richard II, but they existed in fact years before that. Their doors remained open during all wars, domestic and foreign, including the First and Second World Wars. A local acquaintance of mine, to make me feel the importance of the pub in the life of a Briton, explained to me that in any village, even one with ten people, there might not be a doctor, a notary or a policeman, but there will definitely be a pub.
Anton Pachenkov
Anton Pachenkov
Travel Expert
  • Go to some of London's finest pubs.
  • Have a pint (and more than one).
  • Get to know the locals.

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A Right to Pub
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A Right to Pub

Even though I don't live in Britain, local pubs are very special places. They are islands of freedom of conversation, a spiritually uplifting atmosphere that simultaneously conveys the history of the place, the connection of generations and a totally relevant agenda that you can't help but consider once you're inside. I've heard conversations here about politics, fashion, football, rugby, which at times amaze the level of expertise of the participants. Although maybe my admiration was then ruled by a couple of pints, which, however, doesn't matter at all.
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