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⚡ Escape into Nature from Glass and Stone

⚡ Escape into Nature from Glass and Stone
Starts from

New York


11 Hours


Electric Car

CO2 Savings

34 kg


229 km




⚡ Electric RoutesUnique Locations
Breathe, relax, and meditate... enjoy nature... and remember the Roaring Twenties.
It's best to plan this relaxing trip for a weekend escape from the city. You'll feel the freedom of nature and enjoy the beauty of the bygone era of the Roaring Twenties. It's not far from the noise and energy of New York City but, if you like the tour, consider spending a night on the North Shore at a rental home or a hotel.
The whole route can be completed on a fully charged vehicle, so there are no charging stops in the itinerary.
  • Visit a lighthouse and take Instagrammable photos.
  • Explore the paths of Mother Nature.
  • Admire the local picturesque estates.

Travel Itinerary

"Natural" Escape from the Glass and Stone Jungles
Day 1229 km

"Natural" Escape from the Glass and Stone Jungles

During this day trip, you'll have the opportunity to drive, walk, and breathe deeply. It's a perfect escape from the city noise and time to be with yourself or your friends and family. The beautiful scenery and historic places along the route will definitely give you some food for thought!
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