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Escape from the bustle of the city

Road Trip Route. Make exciting footage in the ethnopark, Descend into caves, Admire the waterfall, Find the Egyptian Gate.

If you are tired of the city hustle and bustle, then this one-day trip is exactly what you need! You will see the extraordinary and non-obvious beauty of the Leningrad region, you will actively move around and take great pictures as a keepsake. Take a good mood with you... And hit the road!

Families with Kids. From: Saint Petersburg

Elena Sadchikova. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Be a real researcher.

This journey is really unusual, because you have to try on the role of a theologian, speleologist and hydrologist. That's because we'll have the opportunity to see where people from these professions are working. Be sure to take a hiking flashlight and a thermos with hot tea.

Saint Petersburg

Усадьба Богословка

It is an ethnopark in the Vsevolozhskiy district of the Leningrad region, 5 km from St. Petersburg. The concept of the park is unique: the creators have placed in one place the restored masterpieces of wooden architecture of the North of Russia. Here you will find exhibits, a functioning church and seclusion. Working schedule: daily 09:00 - 17:00


Here you will see excellent presentations of dishes, worthy restaurants of high cuisine, interesting seasonal menu. Visitors praise steak from the chef and cheesecake.

Тосненский (Гертовский) водопад

The natural miracle was named after Tosna, in whose canyon it is located. The waterfall is often compared to Niagara because of its similar shape, reminiscent of a horseshoe. The waterfall was formed about 11 thousand years ago as a result of the retreat of the Yoldian Sea from its shore.

Дикие пещеры в Саблино

Sablinskie caves are located on the territory of the Sablinskie Nature Monument. All the caves are artificial. They are abandoned underground excavations to extract quartz sand used for glass production. At the moment, there are ten caves excavated in the steep slopes of the river. One of the caves, the Left Bank Cave, is accessible and has a guided tour by appointment. It is obligatory to make an appointment in advance, contacts and cost can be found on the official [website](

Египетские (Кузьминские) ворота

To the beginning of XIX century Egyptomania, a fashion on all Egyptian, has reached Russia also. Egyptian gates in Tsarskoe Selo are one of the brightest examples of this. Motives of Egyptian art, which has survived eternity, were to face the brilliant capital of the Russian Empire. The gate was built on the whim of Nicholas I and became an outstanding monument of Russian art iron casting.


The day was full of discoveries and adventures. Now you can relax, revise today's photos and order delicious dishes in a restaurant of Scandinavian cuisine. It was like a week, wasn't it?

Saint Petersburg