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Escape from the bustle of the city

Escape from the bustle of the city
Starts from

Saint Petersburg


12 Hours


By Car


143 km




Kids Friendly
If you are tired of the city hustle and bustle, then this one-day trip is exactly what you need! You will see the extraordinary and non-obvious beauty of the Leningrad region, you will actively move around and take great pictures as a keepsake. Take a good mood with you... And hit the road!
Elena Sadchikova
Elena Sadchikova
Travel Expert
  • Make exciting footage in the ethnopark.
  • Descend into caves.
  • Admire the waterfall.
  • Find the Egyptian Gate.
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Be a real researcher.
Day 1143 km

Be a real researcher.

This journey is really unusual, because you have to try on the role of a theologian, speleologist and hydrologist. That's because we'll have the opportunity to see where people from these professions are working. Be sure to take a hiking flashlight and a thermos with hot tea.
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