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Escape from St. Petersburg - for the curious

Road Trip Route. Visit a tour of the Gostilitsa airfield, Stroll near radon springs, Explore the mysterious architecture of Kopori.

Southwest Leningrad region is worth visiting for its amazing natural beauty, springs, centuries-old snow-covered fortresses and ancient churches. Although the weather in winter is not always favourable, the special atmosphere of these places will captivate every traveller. Opt for warm clothing, waterproof shoes and a thermos of hot tea, as you'll be spending a lot of time outdoors, just what you need after a long working week!

Active Leisure. From: Saint Petersburg

Elena Sadchikova. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Aero walk, radon springs, Coporje.

Start this day with an energetic tour of the airfield "Hospitality", as well as try to make a flight in the air tube. Then explore the radon springs in the village of Lopukhinka and the mysterious architectural beauty of Koporje. Finally, hang a grand stone guest from the distant past on the Izhora land.

Saint Petersburg

Hotel Aerodrome

Go early in the morning to the largest airfield in the Northwest Federal District. More than 100 aircraft are based in ["Gostilitsa"](, some of which are used for air tours. The airport operates every day, but excursions must be arranged in advance. If you wish, you can even take a flight in the cockpit with the pilot. Please go to [official website]( to buy a ticket and get comprehensive information. Please note that the base has a flight simulator and an aerotube.

Radonovyye Istochniki

A deep winding canyon with steep slopes, outcrops of ancient limestone, water of emerald color, dense forest along the banks, and several large lakes with radon springs - this is what nature looks like in winter and summer near the famous springs in Lopukhinka. Behind the lower lake you can find the remains of an ancient manor house of a famous navigator Bellingshausen (who organized in Lopukhinka a free resort for veteran sailors) and a trout farm.


Amarone Restaurant in Pine Forest serves everyone's favorite European, Russian dishes, of Japanese and Italian cuisine. From 12:00 to 15:00 you can order a hearty business lunch at a reasonable price.

Tserkov' Svyatogo Nikolaya Chudotvortsa

St. Nicholas Church in Koporje was built in 1860-61. Today it is not functioning and is in a dilapidated state, but still impressive. Moreover, the church is still revered and visited, and even icons can be found inside.

Копорская крепость

The main pride of Koporje is the fortress, which is almost 8 centuries old. Over the years it belonged to German knights, Novgorodians and Swedes. Unfortunately, access to the territory of the fortress is temporarily impossible: it is under reconstruction. But no one will forbid you to admire the grandiose building from the outside - she looks spectacular!


All waterfalls in Koporje are quite small - no more than half a meter high, but still quite beautiful. A couple of waterfalls are located right on the Koporka River in relatively easy accessibility, and there is another one far away, but you have to sneak through the forest. However, the first two will be quite enough to give an impression of the nature of these places.

Petrovitsky boulder

In 10 minutes drive from Koporje, in the middle of boundless field, rises Petrovitsky boulder. It was left here by a retreating glacier several thousand years ago. For these edges, the boulder is huge: 33 meters in circumference and 5.5 meters high. On a stone the size of a small house there is a flat area: someone hammered in the staples and attached a rope, so you can try to climb up. The stone can be reached on foot (about 5 minutes on foot), or the car can be easily left at the exit on a dirt road.

GORKI Golf Club Restaurant

The golf club restaurant is open from Friday and Saturday until 23:00 and on Sunday until 18:00. Schedule [restaurant]( may change - it is better to call in advance by phone +7(812) 318-09-90. If you can't get to this wonderful restaurant, you can have dinner in any institution of Petrodvorets district.

Saint Petersburg