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Enjoying the nature of Siberia

Road Trip Route. See the rock outcrops along the Tom River., Look at the rock drawings of ancient man., Conquer the slopes of the Salair Kruzh, Walk the Bugotak hills, Get to know the history of settlements along the Ob River.

The route goes along the Tom River, then past the Salair Ridge, and along the banks of the Ob River goes back to Tomsk. You will see beautiful landscapes of the Tomsk region and immerse yourself in the nature of Siberia, conquer the slopes of the Salair Ridge and visit interesting capes. Visit unusual landscapes, ride through small villages and see how people live in them.

Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Tomsk

Anna Arkhipova. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Along the Tom River

Today you will visit unusual massifs of rocks that overlook the right bank of the Tom River, as well as learn the history of unique rock paintings.


Going on a trip, take food and hot tea, and be sure to dress warmly so that the walks bring only positive emotions.

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Blue cliff

The "Blue Cliff" is a natural monument and is located on the right bank of Tomi. Almost 4 hundred years ago, when the city of Tomsk was just founded, a watchtower was erected on the Blue Cliff, from which the guards sent signals to the Camp Garden guards, and the latest news was broadcast to the defenders of the city fortress. Please note that you will be walking to the cliff. The car can be left in the parking lot of the sanatorium "Blue Utes" at coordinates 56.336844, 84.920377.

Stone Combatant

The Stone of the Fighter is a natural monument of regional importance. It is a stone cape on the bank of the Tom River, which is a geological outcrop of clay shale and striped sandstone. Originally, the Stone of the Fighter completely blocked the river and was blown up in the early 20th century as an obstacle to navigation. Presumably, its name comes from the fact that during the ice drift the ice blocks break into a rocky ridge.

Anikin stone

The cliff is named after a peasant who owned the land here. The rock comes out of the water a little and is a small area.

Суши Терра

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Томская Писаница

"Tomskaya Pisanitsa" is the first Siberian museum monument of rock art, a unique complex of history and culture of Eurasian peoples. The ancient natural-historical sanctuary contains about 280 drawings. The earliest drawings date from the end of the Neolithic Age 3-4 thousand BC. Working Mode Wednesday - Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00 Monday, Tuesday - weekends. You can find out the price of tickets, book tours or other additional information [on the official website](https://tomskayapisanitsa.ru).

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Day 2: Along the Salair Ridge

Today you will drive along the Salair Ridge, ride its slopes, and visit the unique natural site of the Bugotak hills.

Tanai Alpine Ski Complex

Spend the first half of the day on the slopes of the Salair ridge. Open [official website](http://tanay42.ru/recreation/winter/) for information on visiting, equipment rental, instructors and levels of trails. Here you can also have lunch at a local restaurant, or buy food for the trip.

Lake Tanai

A small stop at Lake Tanai, which is located on the border of the Novosibirsk and Kemerovo regions. It is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the Kemerovo region.

Bugotaksky Hills

A very interesting landscape was formed not far from the city of Novosibirsk. The uniqueness of the nature monument lies in the fact that the southern slopes of the Bugotaksky Sopoks are covered with stony steppe, while the northern slopes are covered with forests (aspens and birches), due to which a special flora and fauna have formed here. It is not possible to drive up to the hills, so leave your car at the roadside and go for a hike.

Karpusak Falls

At the end of 1970s on the Bugotak river in the eastern part of Karpysak village locals built an earth dam with their own funds, which resulted in the formation of a pond. But after a while the dam was damaged, which formed the Karpysak waterfall at the confluence of the Karpysak River into the Buhogotak.

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Day 3: On the way to Tomsk.

We will spend the last day of our journey more quietly than the previous two, but this does not mean that it will be less interesting. Today you will drive along Ob river, enjoy the beauty of Siberian nature, get acquainted with small settlements and just have a nice time.

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The small village of Kolyvan carefully preserves the history and culture of the region. You can take a walk around its central square. Merchant's houses and old public buildings stand out among the notable objects: Gubin's house (now a music school), a post and telegraph office with a memorial plaque on the facade testifying to Chekhov's visit to Kolyvan, the local history museum and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Bazoic cedar

One of the most valuable massifs of cedar forests in the Tomsk region, as it is the southernmost of all the unique representatives of Siberian cedar.

Café Light

A small shop with an adjoining cafeteria. We'll have some hot tea and buy some food for the journey.

Mayak Ruyan-Gorod

Ruyan-na-Obi is a place that was once supposed to become a magnet for many tourists. But the conceived project failed and left behind only picturesque fragments of unrealized grandeur. Besides the lighthouse, here you can see an unusual monument to Yuri Gagarin and a wooden temple.


Kozhevnikovo, like Kolyvan, at first seems an unremarkable settlement. However, this place certainly deserves a stop. Here you can feel the tranquility of country life and enjoy the beautiful views of the Ob River.


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Our journey has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed it and enjoyed the beauty of Siberian nature, got acquainted with the history of some places and just had a great time!