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Educational eco-tour through national parks and reserves of Vladimir and Ryazan regions

Educational eco-tour through national parks and reserves of Vladimir and Ryazan regions
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When the bustle of the city and the noise of cars gets tiresome, it's time to get some privacy with nature. In this case, I suggest you go on an eco-tour and enjoy the incredible natural scenery. The highlight of our adventure will be the Oka Biosphere Reserve, whose diversity of flora and fauna is truly amazing.
Anastasia Baklanova
Anastasia Baklanova
  • The largest archaeological site of Russia "Old Ryazan".
  • A walk through the museum-reserve of S. Esenin.
  • Visit to Oksky Reserve.
  • Holidays at the lake.
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The journey begins.
Day 1414 km68 m

The journey begins.

Today we have the program: snack on the lake shore, get acquainted with the places where S.A.Esenin grew up. Walking around S.A.Esenin's museum-reserve, you start to understand why the poet dedicated so many poems to his small Motherland. It's impossible not to fall in love with the local flavor.
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Wildlife of the Ryazan region
Day 2281 km12 m

Wildlife of the Ryazan region

Today, the plan is to spend the whole day outdoors. Clothes and shoes should be as comfortable as possible. The Oka Biosphere Reserve is waiting for us!
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Return to civilization
Day 3420 km

Return to civilization

Today is the final day! But there are a couple more interesting places waiting for us. We go to Moscow, and on the way we will visit the Holy Spring, which is located near the St. John the Theological Monastery. After that we'll visit an unusual open-air museum.
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