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Drive to the dense forests

Road Trip Route. Go to the Meshchera National Park, Visit uncharted forests, Walk along the picturesque coast of the Oki River.

The nature of the Moscow region is incredibly diverse, but still largely unexplored. Many people know and often visit different quarries, lakes and ponds, but few explore the local forests. On this trip we decided to go in a southeastern direction, because it seemed to us that this is where we have a place to walk, there are remote places where you usually do not meet the noisy company of holidaymakers. And I must say, we were not mistaken, because on our way we have been in such a dense forest that there are legends about them, as if that was where the Nightingale Robber once lived.

Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure. From: Moscow

Alexandr Kosar. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: One day in the forests of the Moscow region.

Today we start our trip to the nature of the Moscow region. There are quite a lot of wooded areas, so we plan to go east and make a few stops in the most quiet and remote areas.

Пляж на озере Бисерово

Not so far from the exit from Moscow, on Lake Biserovo, there is a rather picturesque and not very crowded beach. Almost all the territory around the lake is occupied by forests, as well as occasionally private plots are located near the water. Most of the places for walking can be found on the southern coast, where there is both a beach and a deserted grove.

Лес в Купавне

Near the lake Biserovo, on the southern border of Kupavna district begins a fairly large and dense forest, where we walked. Moving further south, we came across a small lake where locals were fishing.


After the walk we moved on, and the next stop was the small town of Electrostal, where we stopped at the Café Entresol for lunch. Among a large number of different dishes and snacks we liked beet ravioli, as well as cream soup made of cauliflower with pork breast.

Новый сосновый лес

The evening was approaching as we were approaching the small village of Plotava. A little before we reached it, we decided to make a stop to walk in a pine forest, which is located at some distance from the track. There are village houses along its borders, so you can find mushrooms in the forest itself. And in the area of three hundred meters from the road begins a thick forest, where sometimes there are small meadows.


Passing the small town of Orekhovo-Zuyevo, we found ourselves in a village called Snopok Novy. On its outskirts there are medium size quarries, the east coast of which is a large sandy beach, and on the south is an impenetrable thicket.


Tonight we were to spend the night in the small town of Shatura, so we went to one of the local cafes called Veranda for dinner. The prices are democratic, the interior is pleasant in the style of Provença and the orange pinkie is delicious.

Gazpromneft filling station #229

It's a great trip, isn't it? And for it to be dynamic, come to the Gazpromneft filling station, take water and a snack.

Day 2: Drowsy walks more often

Today we continue our journey to nature. We are planning to go to one of the most important natural objects - Meshchera National Park. After that we will head south, towards Ryazan.


There is a long road ahead, before which we decided to have a good meal in a small cafe "Tet-a-tet". Pleasant atmosphere, bright interior with interesting details like ship models, aromatic pastries and delicious desserts. I recommend taking a snack with you - we'll have a picnic in Meshchera Park.

Мещёрский национальный парк

On the border of Moscow and Vladimir regions there is one of the most famous natural wonders of this region - Meshchera National Park. On its territory there are many different flora and fauna, and according to some legends, it was in the local dense forests that Nightingale Robber lived.

Река Пра

We drive away from the park a little bit and make a stop by the Pra river. Dense forests grow along its banks, which are quite far away from the nearest villages. Here you can take a swim, wander more often or go fishing.

Bon Appetit

A small, cozy cafe is ideal for dinner after a long and tiring day. A lot of diverse and original dishes are served here, including national ones. For example, we liked cherry dumplings, as well as pork loin with vegetables and potatoes in a village way.

Day 3: Exploring uncharted forests and lakes.

Today we leave Ryazan and go to Moscow. On the way we plan to make several stops in the wild and almost uncharted forests, as well as visit the beaches on the Oka River and small lakes.


The next morning, we were in the closet! Don't worry, it's just a creative name for a very good local restaurant. Interesting interior - eclectic, but at the same time calm, hospitable staff, fragrant coffee and a large selection of dishes, breakfast can be at least oatmeal with fruit, even juicy steak.

Остров "Баунти"

And our first stop on the way to Moscow was the sandy coast of the river Oka in the area of a small village Perevitsky Torzhok. The beach is rather far away from the settlements, though it can't be called small. In the middle of the river there is a small sandy island with trees, where you can also swim if you want.

Луховицкий лес

On our way to Moscow we made a stop in Lukhovitsky forest, located right along Novoryazanskoye highway. The roadside territory here is occupied by a small number of houses and buildings, but a little further on the real thick thicket begins, where you can occasionally stumble upon a clearing or go out to a small pond or swamp.


To the doughnut shop for a quick snack. If you have already had time to fatten up your appetite, I'm in a hurry to please you, it sells not only baked goods, but also full meals.

Беспятово, "Тихий Пляж"

The next stop is a pond in the small village of Bespyatovo. Approximately half of the southern coast is occupied by village houses and private plots, but then begins the dense forest and wild beaches, where you can not hear and see the city hustle and bustle. There is also a beach on the north coast, after which the forest begins again.

Октябрьский Лес

About 6 kilometers away from MKADA we made a stop in the October forest, which is located to the east of a small town Dzerzhinsky. The forest itself is quite extensive and quiet, rarely one can meet holidaymakers. If you go deep, you can go to Lytkarinskiy quarry.

Дон Панэ

We're having dinner in Dzerzhinsky, too. If you want to eat a delicious pizza with a huge layer of juicy stuffing, you at "Don Panet".