Drive to Sholokhov's homeland through the charming nature of the Rostov region – Road.Travel

Drive to Sholokhov's homeland through the charming nature of the Rostov region

Road Trip Route. You will visit the place of writer Mikhail Sholokhov's strength., Spend the evening in the unique Loga Park., Visit the farm, where the writer was born and walk around the parent estate of M.A.Sholokhov., You visit the house where the main part of the novel "The Quiet Don" and the first chapters of "The Raised Virgin Mary" were written., Learn the legend of the amazing mountains Two sisters and climb to the top of one of them, where the magical pictures are made..

Rostov region is amazing, but when travelling around it you need to be ready for long distances between cities and interesting places. If distance does not frighten you, you are a fan of long trips to relaxing music and heartfelt conversations, when there are only extraordinary landscapes and the road around - we know what to offer you. Go to the depths of the Rostov region to the birthplace of the great writer Mikhail Sholokhov, author of the novel and epic "The Quiet Don". On the way you'll find magical landscapes, mystical sights, walks in the unique Loga Park and much more. Join us! ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Horseback riding and a trip to the amazing mountains Two sisters

In the morning go to one of the coolest equestrian clubs in the Rostov region, where you can not only ride horses, but also take a one-time training and become a guru in communication with these noble animals. All this at a reasonable price. After the horseback riding visit Novocherkassk, appreciate the strength and power of one of the most significant temples in Russia. Then visit the place, shrouded in legends and speculations. Spend the first day's evening in a unique park.


Favorite farmstead

The journey begins in a place near the city where you can ride horses. Favorite Estate" CSK has long been very popular with tourists, as here you can not only go horseback riding, but also walk in the picturesque area surrounded by beautiful nature. As for the services of the equestrian club, you can take a one-time individual training session or horseback riding in the surroundings. Read more about the club [on site](

Aksayskiye Katakomby

Go on to one of the most mystical attractions of the Rostov region - Aksai catacombs. This underground city appeared by the military and was to serve as a shelter in case of nuclear war. The tunnels stretched for many kilometres and could accommodate thousands of people. The bunker ceased to exist with the collapse of the USSR, but the underground passages remained and are in demand among the seekers of the unusual, who have already managed to put forward several alternative theories of the emergence of this place. By the way, on the territory of the underground city there is an interesting museum "Customs outpost".

Новочеркасский Вознесенский войсковой кафедральный собор

Probably, it is impossible to travel in the Rostov region and not to reach one of the most majestic and significant temples of Russia - the Patriarchal Ascension Cathedral. The height of its bell tower reaches 74.7 m, and by the height of the dome it takes seventh place in Russia.


For lunch, check out the cozy Chocolate Café, where they cook homemade deliciously. In the menu you will find your favourite Russian dishes - borscht, okroshka, various salads and, of course, pancakes.

Mountains Two Sisters

In the afternoon ascend the picturesque Two Sisters Mountain. The ascent is easy and the views are magical. These two hills were formed as a result of the movement of the earth's crust, but, naturally, such a boring scenario of the origin of the mountains did not suit anyone, and various legends began to form about this place. According to the legend, the daughters of an overbearing Cossack, not wishing to bend to their father's will and marry rich, but unloved grooms, turned into mountains in the middle of a clear field.


On the first day of your trip, spend an evening in the unique Loga Park, where you will be impressed by its scale, landscaping, looking-glass and sculptures. If you've always dreamed of being in a fairy tale, your dream will come true here. The park has many ponds where goldfish live, in the world of Mirrors there are magical creatures and crooked mirrors. Going a little further, you get to the zoo where peacocks, pheasants, squirrels and parrots live. Not far from the zoo there is a restaurant called Teterev, here you should stay for dinner.


Dine in a cozy restaurant on the park's grounds with a colourful ambience and chic cuisine. In the menu you will find both traditional and author's cuisine dishes, be sure to try duck magra and salmon fillet with asparagus.

Day 2: In the birthplace of the great writer.

And now the fun part! Today you will visit the most important places for Mikhail Sholokhov. You'll visit the parent's manor, look at the page where the writer spent his childhood and adolescence, you'll see with your own eyes the house where the main part of the famous novel "The Quiet Don" was created. You will even manage to find yourself in the place where Mikhail Sholokhov loved to be and to be inspired.

Kruzhilin museum complex

The first stop today at the farm Kruzhilinsky, here is the parent estate of M.A.Sholokhov, Cossack farmstead of the XIX - early XX century and a monument to the Cossacks of the Pacific Don. Start by visiting the house where the future writer was born. Household items and furniture reflect the Sholokhovs' family life in the early 20th century. The biggest room is the maid, which the writer's father used as a study room. Near the estate there is a courtyard, made in the best traditions of the Don Cossacks and giving an idea of the life of the Don Cossacks, which M.A. Sholokhov described in his novel "The Quiet Don". To the monument to the Cossacks of the Pacific Don it is necessary to pass a little, it is on a hill in the vicinity of the farm. Please note! The museum is closed on Mondays.

Sholokhov Museum (Музей Михаила Шолохова)

In the village Veshenskaya go straight to the memorial complex on the territory of which is the estate of M.A. Sholokhov, his old house and the exhibition "Hunting and Fishing". You should definitely visit Sholokhov's estate, in the garden of which there are graves of the great writer and his wife. This place is especially interesting because every thing here is authentic, the whole Sholokhovs' family environment is fully preserved. And also don't forget to look into the house where the main part of the novel "The Quiet Don" and the first chapters of "The Raised Virgin" were written. Please note! The museum is closed on Mondays. [On the official site]( of the State Museum of the Reserve M.A.Sholokhov you can learn more about the writer's life, get acquainted with the folklore of the Upper Don, get acquainted with the announcement of events and excursions. Please note that the mode of operation of the museum changes depending on the season, you can check the schedule [here](


Have lunch at Khutorok Café, the interior of which resembles a Cossack kurny, and the menu features traditional local dishes. It is closed on Monday.

Monument to Gregory and Aksinya

Before you go any further, take a stroll along the quay. In the center of the village on the Don bank there is a sculptural composition showing one of the scenes of the famous novel by Sholokhov.

Swan tough guy

You should come here for inspiration. Mikhail Sholokhov has often been on a steeplechase, perhaps sketches of many of his works were born here. From here you can enjoy a stunning view of the Don River, hills and endless forest. Charge positive emotions and inspiration, what you need before a long road.


If the road tires you, you can take a little distraction and walk around the village Karginskaya. Here M.A. Sholokhov spent his childhood and adolescence. The family moved here in 1910 because of my father's work. In Karginskaya there is a house of Sholokhovs, T.A.Kargin's yard, parish school.


The way to Rostov is not very close, so if you need to relax and warm up, turn towards Kamensk-Shakhtinsky and take a walk along the embankment of the Severny Donets River. At sunset you get beautiful pictures here!


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