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Drive to famous resort cities of Russia

Road Trip Route. Platanic Alley in Tuapse, Dolmens near Gelendzhik, "Old Park" in Kabardinka., Historical sites of Novorossiysk, Walk to Abrau Durso., Anapa and sightseeing, Semigorie Wine Village..

This route includes visits to such major and well-known cities as Tuapse, Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk and Anapa. In three days you will get to know these cities better, get acquainted with their history, sights and the most attractive places.

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Margarita Glumova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: From Tuapse to Gelendzhik.

On the first day we will get acquainted with interesting places in Tuapse and Gelendzhik. We will visit Platanova Alley, Inal Bay, Dolmen Health and a thick cape with a beautiful view of Gelendzhik.

Платановая аллея

There is an interesting alley in Tuapse where plane trees are growing. This corner is considered one of the most beautiful sights in the city. Let's stop here for a little rest, see with our own eyes these unique trees and just take a walk in the park.

Ресторан "La More"

We will visit a popular restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to tasty and gourmet dishes, this restaurant has a stunning sea view.

Бухта Инал

In the afternoon we'll go to the beach, to Inal Bay. Here we can lie on a cozy pebble beach, breathe clean sea air and relax in the turquoise waves of the Black Sea itself.

Дольмен Здоровья

Passing here, it is necessary to pay attention to a stone construction which has been constructed for 2-4 millennia BC. This place contains a mystery and some mysterious energy. Therefore, many people come here hoping to improve their health and spiritual condition.

Cover Hall

For dinner we will stop at the oriental restaurant, which is famous for its good service staff, delicious dishes and pleasant music in the institution.

Толстый мыс

After dinner we'll take a walk in the fresh air, see the evening city from the thick cape. Incredible beauty!

Day 2: From Novorossiysk to Anapa.

The second day we will devote to acquaintance with the main sights of Novorossiysk. This is a museum-cruiser "Mikhail Kutuzov" and "Memorial Complex "Small Land"; we'll walk around Abrau-Durso, look into the unique "Old Park" in Kabardinka and walk around Anapa.

Старый парк

"Old Park" is a unique place where we can go to different parts of the world in a couple of hours. In the park we will visit you in Egypt, get to antiquity, feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, find ourselves in Japan, see a part of the East and much more. Visit of the given place guarantees to each of us reception of good mood and new knowledge, possibility to make incredible photos and simply to have a rest from city fuss.

Крейсер «Михаил Кутузов»

Now you and I will visit an interesting excursion in the museum-cruiser "Mikhail Kutuzov", which is one of the ten best warships in the world. We will see the cruiser both outside and inside, get acquainted with its greatest history and take pictures for memory. You can take a tour from Wednesday to Sunday.

Малая Земля

We will visit with you one more important sight of Novorossiysk - memorial complex "Small Land". In 1982, the memorial was opened in honor of the heroic feat of Soviet soldiers during the Great Patriotic War, where the defense of the bridgehead lasted 225 days. On the territory of the memorial were planted 225 poplars along the footpaths, and you can also see the traces of battles: grass ditches, trenches and trenches. Next to the memorial there is an open-air museum of military equipment and weapons of the Great Patriotic War times, and we can also see the remains of Sujuk-Kale fortress.


To taste the soup as at home, or melting in the mouth dumplings, we will go to the dumplings right by the sea.

Аллея Абрау Дюрсо

We can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city in the stunning village of Abrau-Durso, which is famous for its winemaking. Here you can walk through the park and along the cleanest lake Abrau, visit the factory, have a look at local art objects (popular "Tsar Bottle", for example), as well as go to a shop and buy delicious wine, which is produced here.

La Veranda

For dinner we will stop at an Italian restaurant, which is famous for its coziness, excellent service, delicious dishes and drinks.

Anapa Lighthouse (Анапский маяк)

Let's take a walk around Anapa tonight. We'll walk along the promenade and also take a look at Anapa Lighthouse - one of the brightest sights of the city.

Day 3: The charms of Anapa and the rest at Semigorie Manor.

The third day will be dedicated to getting to know the interesting places of Anapa, and then relax in the wine village, where we can taste delicious wines and cheese.

Coffee Club

Nothing is as invigorating in the morning as a cup of fresh coffee! Breakfast, wake up and go!

Белая шляпа

One of the symbols of the city is the monument "White Hat". There is no specific event that explains why the white hat? It is believed to have become a symbol of the city because of the songs that often mentioned: "Po Anapa with a white hat. I go to the Black Sea..."

Археологический музей-заповедник Горгиппия

We'll visit the museum-reserve "Gorgippia", which is the excavation of the ancient city. Here we can see preserved fragments of the city, columns, streets and everything that was here many years ago. We can also visit the indoor exhibition, which presents exhibits of people's everyday life, various sculptures, jewelry, weapons and much more.

Усадьба Семигорье

We'll visit the estate "Semigorie" - a picturesque wine village. Here we will have a tour in the vineyard and cellar, an opportunity to taste different kinds of wine and cheese, visit master classes. On the territory of the estate we can relax in the fresh air and have a picnic. After a tour and a walk in the local expanses, we will go for lunch to a restaurant located right on the estate.


On the way back, we'll stop again and look at the unique dolmens, take a walk and take a break from the road.


We'll stop by the hypermarket and get a snack on the road.