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Drive on lakes of the Leningrad region

Road Trip Route. Drive along the coast of Lake Ladoga, Walk through the forests of the Leningrad region, See the beauty of national parks.

The Leningrad region, and especially its northern part, is a unique natural land. There is a rather large array of forests, lakes and national parks. On our trip, we will try to drive through some of them. In particular, we are thinking of starting the trip by going to the forests near the Gulf of Finland. Then we'll go north towards Vyborg, then we'll turn to Priozersk and along the coast of Ladoga lake we'll go back to St. Petersburg.

Uninhabited Nature. From: Saint Petersburg

Alexandr Kosar. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Thick forests north of St. Petersburg

Today we are heading north of the Leningrad region to the town of Vyborg. On the way we are going to visit several picturesque places, among which there is a national park and various lakes surrounded by dense forests.

В Репинском Лесу

Our journey will begin with a walk through the Repin forest, which is not so far from the coast of the Gulf of Finland. It is a favorite place for mushrooms, as well as for people who appreciate silence and privacy, as it is usually difficult to meet a large number of tourists.

Природный заказник «Линдуловская роща»

Moving further north, we decided to make a small stop in one of the largest national parks in the region - Lindulivskaia Grove. This place is unique, because here grows a very rare and unusual type of trees - Siberian larch. This park is especially beautiful during the autumn foliage, when the leaves are of the same colour as the still warming sun.

Ресторан «Ель»

Right on the shore of the Gulf of Finland there is a cozy restaurant of European cuisine called "Yel". That's where we decided to stay for lunch. The atmosphere inside is very modern and cozy. In the menu we liked most of all middle-fried steak with vegetables, as well as roasted broccoli and potatoes, fried on open fire.

Голубые озёра (Семиозерье)

Our next stop was planned at a place called Semiozero. There are several ponds surrounded by not very dense forest, where we also had time to walk. We spent most of our time near Lake Long, but we also had time to go to a small lake called Podkovka.

Пляж Озера Глубокое

On the way to Vyborg we'll stop at Glubokoe lake, which is located on the opposite bank of the village of the same name. The water here was almost transparent, the beach is mostly sandy, surrounded by a rare forest, where you can also walk.

Бульвар Сен-Жермен

Arriving in Vyborg, we immediately headed for dinner at one of the local restaurants of European cuisine - "Boulevard Saint-Germain". As it turned out, the range of dishes at the restaurant is not limited only to European cuisine, there are also various Asian dishes. We ordered ourselves a salad with chicken liver, as well as a small portion of sushi and were generally satisfied.

Day 2: Lake beauties from Vyborg to Priozyorsk

Today we plan to leave Vyborg and head east towards Priozersk. On the way we are going to visit several picturesque lakes, as well as walk in the surrounding forests.

Мон плезир

To start the day, we wanted the Mon Plaisir Cafe. We were met here quite positively and hospitably. Among the large number of homemade baked goods we liked most of all sandwiches with beans and pumpkin pancakes.

Monrepos (Монрепо)

First of all, in Vyborg we headed for the famous city park called Monrepo. Its rocky landscape and picturesque forests are really impressive. Our walk mostly took place near the shore, which offers a beautiful view of the Vyborg Bay.

Большое Лесное озеро

The next stop was one of the most favorite places for local fishermen - Big Forest Lake. We drove up to the opposite shore from the village of Guards. Here we have a place to swim and a place to walk. Around the lake there is a thick pine forest, and walking along the shore, you can see the islands.

Ресторан базы отдыха «Тапиола»

Not so far from Tapiola, we decided to have lunch at their restaurant. We were incredibly pleased with the cozy interior with panoramic windows, which offers a magnificent view of the Great Forest Lake, and in summertime you can also take a table on the terrace in the open air. The menu offers many traditional Russian and European dishes.

Озеро Бородинское

On our way to Priozersk we decided to make a stop near Borodino lake, the beach of which is relatively close to the village of the same name. Like many other lakes in this region, it is surrounded by a thick forest, where we spent most of our time walking along the paths and picking blackberries. For fishing enthusiasts, there is even a small marina.

Gazpromneft filling station #45

It's a great trip, isn't it? And to make it dynamic, come to the Gazpromneft filling station, take water and a snack.

Ресторан «Kexholm»

Upon arrival in Priozersk we immediately headed for dinner at Kexholm restaurant. The food here is mainly national, there are many fish and meat dishes. We decided to try the local kebab with pickled tomatoes and cucumbers and fries and were generally satisfied.

Day 3: Beach walks

Today we leave Priozersk and go back to the regional center. On the way we will definitely visit some beaches of Ladoga Lake, as well as other picturesque places.

Гастрономическое кафе «Точка на карте»

There was a long trip ahead of us, so before leaving we stopped at a restaurant with the original name "Dot on the map" for a tight breakfast. Inside it was very nice and cozy, among various dishes on the menu we liked the traditional breakfast omelette with bacon and vegetables, as well as a couple of light salads.

Ладога, пляж Чайки

Of course, when we were near Lake Ladoga, we could not enjoy a walk along its shores. We stopped not so far from the recreation center Chaika and the tiny village Cheremukhino. The beach here is sandy, so it was a pleasure to walk along the shore in the shadow of rare trees.

Ресторанный комплекс Давинчи

Passing by Borisov Lake, we wanted to stop by the restaurant complex Davinci, located on the shore. The assortment of meat dishes undoubtedly pleased us, we ordered a shank of lamb in rosemary sauce, as well as a duck leg stewed with oranges and thyme.

Лаппелевское озеро

Our next stop was Lake Lappelevskoye, which is near the village of Gruzino and Lappelevo. For beach lovers there is a small pier, from which it is convenient to jump into the water. We made a few circles around the lake and went further on the road.

оз. Кайгаслампи

Our next stop was not so crowded lake Kaigaslampi, which is located south of the small village of Novoe Toksovo. It is already completely surrounded by forest, where in summer days it is pleasant to escape the heat. There are also beaches on the shore where you can sit and sunbathe.


After long walks in nature we went further to St. Petersburg. Passing through the village of Toskovo, we decided to stop for lunch at a local restaurant "Guests". The interior is very cozy and thoughtful, the service is fast and of high quality. We had grilled meat and light salads here to taste.