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Down with the boredom and fuss over the Christmas holidays!

Down with the boredom and fuss over the Christmas holidays!
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Active Leisure🎅 Winter Trips
In winter many people sometimes tend to feel sad, which is simply unacceptable on the eve of the Christmas holidays! In order to shake things up, you can arrange a holiday for yourself and go on a little trip to the nearest Moscow suburbs. Waiting for you is a walk on the territory of an old manor, an ice rink, tubing, curling, and much more. So dress warmly, take your loved ones with you and hit the road!
Alexandr Kosar
Alexandr Kosar
  • Take a ride on an inflatable sled in the Wild Squirrel Park.
  • Visit an ice rink.
  • Take a walk along picturesque paths of Talez.
  • See the extraordinary architecture of the Znamenski Cathedral.

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Let's make a holiday by ourselves!
Day 1216 km

Let's make a holiday by ourselves!

An energetic and memorable day lies ahead, which is worth starting with a walk at Dubrovitsa Manor. Afterwards, visit the local ice rink and head to the Wild Squirrels amusement park, where there are quite a few winter fun activities. Finish your short trip by admiring the landscape of the David's Desert.
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