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Down with the boredom and fuss over the Christmas holidays!

Road Trip Route. Take a ride on an inflatable sled in the Wild Squirrel Park, Visit an ice rink, Take a walk along picturesque paths of Talez, See the extraordinary architecture of the Znamenski Cathedral.

In winter many people sometimes tend to feel sad, which is simply unacceptable on the eve of the Christmas holidays! In order to shake things up, you can arrange a holiday for yourself and go on a little trip to the nearest Moscow suburbs. Waiting for you is a walk on the territory of an old manor, an ice rink, tubing, curling, and much more. So dress warmly, take your loved ones with you and hit the road!

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Alexandr Kosar. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Let's make a holiday by ourselves!

An energetic and memorable day lies ahead, which is worth starting with a walk at Dubrovitsa Manor. Afterwards, visit the local ice rink and head to the Wild Squirrels amusement park, where there are quite a few winter fun activities. Finish your short trip by admiring the landscape of the David's Desert.


Church of the Sign of the Blessed Virgin Mary

On Christmas Eve, let's make a short stop near one of the most beautiful and unusual churches near Moscow. It stands out from the rest of the bright Western European architectural style. The walls of the temple are decorated with very fine stucco and many different sculptures.

Городской парк культуры и отдыха им. В. В. Талалихина

And, of course, what can be a winter holiday without ice skating? You can enjoy this sport in the city park of culture and leisure named after V.V. Talalakhin. Talalikhin. Skates for rent are available for everyone here, but to avoid large crowds, the number of seats at the rink in one session is limited, so it is worth booking a time to visit in advance by contacting [on the website](

Fish Point на Симферопольском шоссе

After the skating rink you can also get exhausted, so stop by the Fish Point fish restaurant for some refreshment and rejuvenation. There's nothing better on a frosty day than trying boiled crayfish with spices, grilled trout, or fish roll made of pike.

Парк приключений "Дикие белки"

The adventure continues! And now it's time to visit the Wild Squirrel Park. Here you will find various fun games, tubing, ice skating, inflatable sledding, curling and much more. On weekends and holidays you can visit the goat farm and meet its inhabitants. More information about the park's services can be found [on the official website](


Not far from the town of Chekhov there is a small village of Talezh, quite famous for the holy spring of David's Hermitage. The water that flows from the spring all year round is considered to be healing. A font, a souvenir shop and a teahouse are available for visitors.

Сказка Востока

Have dinner at the restaurant "Skazka Vostoka". Here you can choose from Azerbaijani and European cuisine. There are several halls in the restaurant, for example, you can sit in one of them on the soft sofas. Live music is usually played in evenings. You can reserve a table in advance by contacting [on the website](