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Don hospitality: the best wineries and sweets of Rostov region

Don hospitality: the best wineries and sweets of Rostov region
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If you like good food and listening to interesting stories, then devote your weekend to exploring the Don land. You will also visit a chocolate factory and have a chance to take part in various master classes. During the trip you will visit the winery #1 of the Rostov region, where the best oenologist in the world will tell you everything about wine production. You'll visit the lavender field, and you don't have to go to France for that at all. The ethnographic museums will offer you traditional Don meals.
All the described above is just a small part of what awaits you in this unforgettable adventure. It will be tasty, cheerful and bright!
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Mastercard Routes
Mastercard Routes
  • Visit a chocolate museum.
  • Visit Elbuzd winery.
  • Visit a cultural and ethnical complex "Cossack patrol.
  • Walk along the lavender field.
  • Visit the "Lost World" ethnomuseum.
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Lavender field and Don hospitality
Day 1203 km

Lavender field and Don hospitality

Relax away from the bustle of the city and the noise of cars. The sights you will visit today are surrounded only by wildlife. Visit the ethnographic complex "The Lost World" for a real tea ceremony. Afterwards, head to the most beautiful farm in the south, where lavender blooms and the open-air museum "The Quiet Don" is located. If you are a fan of Mikhail Sholokhov's art, you will definitely like it here.
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A few more delicious places in the Rostov region
Day 2240 km

A few more delicious places in the Rostov region

Today's day will begin with a visit to a small but already very well established winery. Then you'll go to the legendary Tsimlyanskoye water reservoir, and after that you'll walk around the smallest and perhaps the most atmospheric city in the Rostov region.
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Wine, cheese, Cossacks to become
Day 3251 km

Wine, cheese, Cossacks to become

What's the day coming for us? A lot of pleasant surprises. Get acquainted with Russian baroque in the ancient cathedral, visit the winery and learn more secrets of the production of fragrant beverage, actively spend time in the cultural and entertainment complex "Cossack Watch", and finally, finish the evening in Rostov cheese restaurant.
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