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Dolmens are places of power around Gelendzhik.

Dolmens are places of power around Gelendzhik.
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History and Culture
Dolmens are megaliths, structures made of stone blocks typical of the Late Neolithic and Eneolithic (IV-III millennia BC). These are places of power, which have amazing energy.
The mystery, for what and by whom these constructions were created, is still not solved. Their exact age is unknown and ranges from 3000 to 5000 years. Dolmens are constantly visited by esotericists who believe in the exclusivity of these places and bioenergy. They make wishes here, ask questions to the megaliths and can even spend the night nearby to meditate in privacy.
This scenario is for those who want to see the mysterious power of these structures. For this purpose, there are many "places of power" around Gelendzhik.
Let's go on our dolmen's pilgrimage!
Yulia Zharkova
Yulia Zharkova
  • Dolmens of the Pshada River Valley.
  • Big Shapsugian dolmen.
  • Dolmens of the village of Revival.
  • Panoramas of Gelendzhik Bay.
  • Waterfalls of the river Janet.

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Dolmens of the River Psada
Day 1189 km32 m

Dolmens of the River Psada

Today we will visit the most famous location of the Dolmens, the Psada River Valley. There are a lot of dolmens here. Many people think that in the valley there are only four of them - Thor, Tenderness, Maya and Khan, but this is not the case - there are more dolmens and at the beginning we will visit the lesser known. Positive energy charge secured!
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Beauties of Shapsugsky
Day 2235 km

Beauties of Shapsugsky

Now we are waiting for a trip to Shapsugskoye - a favorite esoteric cluster of mysterious places. The most famous of them is the Big Dolmen, which we will definitely visit. The entrance to it is paid, otherwise it will be possible to see only from afar. Besides, during the trip we will enjoy the views of the bay and mysterious forests of these places.
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Dolmens of Mount Nexis and the village of Revival
Day 3203 km

Dolmens of Mount Nexis and the village of Revival

Today we will see not only the dolmens, but also the fascinating beauty of the valley of the river Janet. These special places, famous for their energy, will charge positive for a long time.
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