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Dolmens are places of power around Gelendzhik.

Road Trip Route. Dolmens of the Pshada River Valley, Big Shapsugian dolmen, Dolmens of the village of Revival, Panoramas of Gelendzhik Bay, Waterfalls of the river Janet, .

Dolmens are megaliths, structures made of stone blocks typical of the Late Neolithic and Eneolithic (IV-III millennia BC). These are places of power, which have amazing energy. The mystery, for what and by whom these constructions were created, is still not solved. Their exact age is unknown and ranges from 3000 to 5000 years. Dolmens are constantly visited by esotericists who believe in the exclusivity of these places and bioenergy. They make wishes here, ask questions to the megaliths and can even spend the night nearby to meditate in privacy. This scenario is for those who want to see the mysterious power of these structures. For this purpose, there are many "places of power" around Gelendzhik. Let's go on our dolmen's pilgrimage!

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Yulia Zharkova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Dolmens of the River Psada

Today we will visit the most famous location of the Dolmens, the Psada River Valley. There are a lot of dolmens here. Many people think that in the valley there are only four of them - Thor, Tenderness, Maya and Khan, but this is not the case - there are more dolmens and at the beginning we will visit the lesser known. Positive energy charge secured!

Пиццерия «Венеция»

We've come a long way. It is definitely worth visiting a cafe, because there is a busy program with visits to the dolmens, where it will be difficult to find a good place for lunch. "Venice" is a popular pizzeria, which many tourists advise. The menu includes rolls, hot dishes, desserts, coffee and, of course, pizza.


In this place there are dolmens, where large groups of tourists are rarely taken. This is where the best place to meditate is. Wonderful nature around will leave unforgettable impressions. Don't forget to take a memory photo.

Дольмены р. Пшада

It's another dolmen with a few tourists. Sacred lovers argue that in order to experience the mystical power of the dolmens, it is better to visit them outside of large groups. That's what we'll do if we go here by car.

Дольмен Тор

This and the next three dolmens are at Dolmen farm. Entrance is paid. We'll be the first to visit Dolmen Thor. Tourists believe that dolmens demand respect for themselves. Dolmen Thor gives confidence in themselves.

Дольмен "Нежность"

Dolmen Tenderness, like the next two, is located very close. All four dolmens can be easily circumvented in half an hour. Walking here slowly, you can follow the tradition and ask questions on topics of interest to the dolmens, this is what many tourists who come here specifically. Dolmen "Tenderness" helps in matters of health and well-being of children.

Дольмен "Майя"

The farm has a good infrastructure and is clean. There are signs everywhere. Taking advantage of them, we go to the Mayan dolmen. He is considered to be a patron of love.

Дольмен Хан

Dolmen Khan is the last dolmen of the Pshada River that we will visit. This dolmen is responsible for adult health issues. There is a road ahead of us to Gelendzhik.

Весёлая Кума

This cafe is a great place to try the Cuban cuisine. The menu includes cheesecakes, dumplings, borscht with pampushki, okroshka, rudder and other traditional dishes. After that you can take a walk around the city and the waterfront.

Day 2: Beauties of Shapsugsky

Now we are waiting for a trip to Shapsugskoye - a favorite esoteric cluster of mysterious places. The most famous of them is the Big Dolmen, which we will definitely visit. The entrance to it is paid, otherwise it will be possible to see only from afar. Besides, during the trip we will enjoy the views of the bay and mysterious forests of these places.

Центральный пляж

While in Gelendzhik, you should definitely visit the central beach. There are always a lot of people here, and in the bathing season there is a very cheerful atmosphere. If the hike is cool, you can just walk along the coast and take a photo. The place is very suitable for this.

Хата Казака

This café will surprise you with its variety of traditional dishes. These are Russian, Ukrainian and European cuisines. The interior will make you feel in the Cossack house. The cafe is famous for its borscht, chill, horseradish beans and fish dishes such as plaice. You've got to get some refreshments before the long road to Big Dolmen.

Шапшугские дольмены

Big Shapsugian dolmen - what could be more mysterious? Till now people cannot find out, how the ancient man managed to carry such heavy plates. Therefore there is an opinion that dolmens have constructed giants. Many tourists even spend the night near this dolmen to recharge its energy. It is believed that it fulfills desires, gives prosperity and motherhood. In addition to the dolmen, there are other places of strength in the forests. This place is worth visiting not only for the sake of the biggest dolmen, but also to feel the unique air of Shapsugian Forest and see its beauty.

Тандыр Джан Сухумское

We'll stop by Novorossiysk for a snack. A small café is perfect for this. Here you can taste shashlik and other Caucasian dishes. You can also take refreshing drinks on your take-away trip.

Day 3: Dolmens of Mount Nexis and the village of Revival

Today we will see not only the dolmens, but also the fascinating beauty of the valley of the river Janet. These special places, famous for their energy, will charge positive for a long time.

Обзорная площадка парка Олимп

It is impossible to visit Gelendzhik without taking memorable pictures from the observation deck. It overlooks the city and the bay. It's not very hot in the morning, but it's already very bright and there's a wonderful panorama.


This cafe is often visited by local tourists. It is said to have the best shish kebab and lullah kebab in the neighborhood. The cafe is famous for its cozy atmosphere and friendly staff. So we're gonna stop here to take a break for a busy nature walk.

Дольмен Здоровья

In the village of Revival is a dolmen "Health". Entrance to the dolmen paid. Here you can feel the energy of the dolmen, which comes to many tourists to give him health and longevity. Those who want it will certainly get the energy they need. There's a park around the dolmen where you'll probably want to take a walk.

Место Силы

We will visit a wonderful observation platform in the valley of the river Jane. This place itself is also a place of strength. Those who have been here recommend that everyone should be here. You can also find dolmens in the valley of the river Janet. There are a lot of them here.

Река Жане

From the observation deck we will be able to see the wonderful waterfalls of the river Janet. These eco-tropics are one of the most famous places in the region. This is not surprising as the river is famous for its unique beauties.


Most of our busy day is over and it's time for dinner. That's why we're stopping by the Archipo-Osipovka. This restaurant offers delicious food at reasonable prices. In the menu: fish and seafood dishes, grilled dishes, kebabs, salads, fresh vegetables and much more.