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Discovering the ancient tradition of ceramics in Sicily

Discovering the ancient tradition of ceramics in Sicily
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Welcome in Sicily! I'm Giovanni Mallia and I will be your guide through the villages where the handicraft of ceramic production has ancient traditions! We will discover the ceramic tradition in Santo Stefano di Camastra, Sciacca and Caltagirone, the most famous in Sicily and abroad! I'm sure you'll be delighted by the incredible figures and colors, with which our artisans are able to create inimitable works, according to a tradition that is truly millenary in Sicily! You must know, in fact, that ceramics have been produced in Sicily since prehistoric times, but majolica as we know it was an "invention" due to the Arabs and then to the potters' workshops between 1100 and 1200. It is not a coincidence that the name itself, majolica, derives from Mallorca, the Spanish island where glazed ceramic was produced. This tradition then, in the Middle Ages, spread everywhere and among the most valuable productions there are also the Sicilian ones! And I want to share with you the beauty of this peculiar Sicilian tradition!
Credits: This tour was made by Giovanni Mallia, as a multimedia tourist and storytelling project for the "Laboratory of formal technical writing (storytelling and gamification)", under the coordination of Prof. Elisa Bonacini, within the ITS 2-years COURSE "Higher Technician for the management of tourist accommodation facilities and cultural activities", 2019-2021, founded by the ITS Archimede Foundation at the CUMO Eastern Mediterranean University Consortium, in Noto (Syracuse).
ITS Fondazione Archimede Turism&Culture
ITS Fondazione Archimede Turism&Culture
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Welcome to Sicily!
Day 1221 km4 km

Welcome to Sicily!

On the 1st day you will taste in all senses the "Sicilianity" of Catania, the city where you're landed, and then drive to Patti, the first destination of the ceramic tour.
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Santo Stefano di Camastra ...and drive to Sciacca!
Day 2335 km

Santo Stefano di Camastra ...and drive to Sciacca!

On the 2nd day we will move to discover another important location as far as ceramics are concerned,Santo Stefano di Camastra, and in the afternoon we will leave for Sciacca where the tour will acquire an ever greater consistency regarding the contents of the tour.
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Conquered by the ceramics of Sciacca ... ready for those of Caltagirone!
Day 3188 km439 m

Conquered by the ceramics of Sciacca ... ready for those of Caltagirone!

On the 3rd day we will begin to grasp the differences in colors especially between the ceramics seen so far and the magnificent Sciacca ceramics, until in the evening you begin to set off towards Caltagirone, the most important destination of your ceramic tour, as you can see.
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The amazing Caltagirone ceramics!
Day 473 km236 m

The amazing Caltagirone ceramics!

Here we are, starting the most important day of our tour, the 4th ! The visit and study of the most admired ceramics, obviously not only in Sicily and not only in my opinion. It will also be the busiest day of the tour, so .... let's discover Caltagirone!
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