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Discover the History of Guernika and the Port of Lekeitio

Discover the History of Guernika and the Port of Lekeitio
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On this day trip from Bilbao, you can learn about the history of the bombing of the city of Guernika-Lumo (Guernica y Luno). You will visit museums, parks and the replica of the famous painting by Pablo Picasso.
Then, drive to the Cantabrian coast to be amazed by the colours of the port town of Lekeitio. If it's summer you can enjoy the beach and if the tide is low you can walk to an island.
Get ready for a long day, in which it will be worthwhile to visit these two interesting places in the Basque Country.
Aldana Chiodi
Aldana Chiodi
Travel Expert
  • Discover the history of Guernika in its museums and streets.
  • Relax in the port of Lekeitio and enjoy the coastal scenery of the Cantabrian Sea.
  • Surprise yourself with the crossing to St. Nicholas Island if the tide is low.

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A City With History and a Charming Town
Day 1118 km5 km

A City With History and a Charming Town

On this day trip, you will visit Guernika-Lumo, a city that went down in history because of the bombing that destroyed it in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War. Then, the route continues to Lekeitio, a picturesque coastal city where you can enjoy its port, its landscapes and the historic centre. There are beaches there too, so if you like the sea and sand a lot, and you are travelling in summer, take your beach gear with you.
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