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Descent into gorges, ballooning and gastronomic discoveries

Road Trip Route. See how tea grows, Visit an organic farm, Try the tastiest jams, Take off to the skies in a balloon, Walk around an abandoned sanatorium.

A journey for gourmands and aesthetes. In just three days, you can visit a farm, feed animals and ride horses, taste delicious pies, see how tea grows on the plantations, buy jam and marmalade made of real southern fruits and berries. You can also visit some incredibly beautiful natural locations such as cliff overlooks, lakes with turquoise water and waterfalls. For dessert, the best part: you'll have the opportunity to take off into the sky in a real hot air balloon or an airship!

Uninhabited Nature, Gastronomy. From: Sochi

Elena Sadchikova. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Picturesque nature and hot air ballooning

Start your day with a walk around the most picturesque places around Sochi. What can be more beautiful than rocky landscapes and lakes with turquoise water? And at the end of the day, you can take a flight in a real hot air balloon.

Белые Скалы

White Cliffs Canyon is the perfect place for an outdoor activity. You will enjoy stunning views from the heights, clean air, incredible cliffs, winding trails to the most mysterious corners. Be sure to dress comfortably and choose shoes with non-slip soles.

Dagomyskie troughs

Dagomys troughs, or, as they are also called, "lakes of love" - a unique system of lakes with turquoise water. The surrounding landscape also looks impressive: the rocky terrain is covered with a picturesque forest, with cypresses, beech and rhododendron growing here.

Solohaul Park

Solohaul Park is a truly unique place. In a beautiful natural location there are several very unusual attractions. Here you can rise 150 metres above the ground in an 'aerolift' - a giant balloon filled with helium, take a ride on a record-breaking long zipline, and go on a real flight in a hot-air balloon or an airship. Learn more about the services on [official website]( of the park.

Семейный ресторан Don Vito Дагомыс. Пицца. Ролы. Суши . Осетинские Пироги. Хинкали. Хачапури. Доставка

Don Vito is, without exaggeration, the best café in Dagomys. Do you want to get acquainted with local cuisine? Then try khinkali and khachapuri. Prefer European? Try pizza and pasta!

Day 2: Tea with jam and cakes

Your first stop today will be an eco-farm, where you can not only look at the animals, but also buy fabulously delicious pastries, then go to the most authentic tea plantation. You can also dilute the gastronomic theme by visiting picturesque waterfalls and ruins of an ancient temple.

Exarcho Farm

At the farm you can buy natural dairy products, fresh baked goods, honey and farm-made semi-finished products. You can also learn about the peculiarities of farm life, feed the animals, take pictures with them and, if you wish, go for a ride on horseback. After meeting the animals, visit the farm restaurant and taste delicious pies or pizzas cooked in the wood-fired oven. The farm is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Adam Chay

Adam Tea Plantation can be visited at any time of the year, the main thing is to inform about the visit in advance. You can do this by calling +7(905) 405-00-96. At the tour you will learn all about tea, from the process of growing to brewing. And then you'll taste several local varieties. You can also buy delicious jam, honey, and dried fruits.

33 Vodopada

The waterfalls are located in a mountain gorge of Dzhegosh tract, 4 km from Bolshoi Kichmai village. They are also called Dzhegosh waterfalls. There is an old legend according to which an evil giant lived in these places and did all kinds of harm to people. Folk hero Guch managed to defeat the giant with beehives and his battle sword. In the fall, the giant broke the mountain from which water flowed, forming 33 steps on the slope.

Развалины византийского храма в Лоо

On the way back make a stop next to the ruins of the Byzantine temple. The exact age of the structure is unknown. Some attribute it to the X-XII centuries, others believe that it was erected by the Druids in the VI century.

дом варенья

A true paradise for sweet-tooth lovers, located in a small historic cottage. Here you can taste several varieties of jam made from local fruits and berries and, of course, buy a jar of your favourite delicacies. However, this cozy cafe is not famous for jam alone. The choice of dishes on the menu is not large, but each of them can be called a small work of culinary art.

Day 3: Rare plants and rocky trails

Explore the flora of Sochi at the local arboretum, experience the unusual atmosphere of the abandoned Ordzhonikidze sanatorium, wander the narrow paths among the rocks and take pictures of the city panorama from the Ferris wheel cabin.

Дендрарий / Dendrarium

You can take a ride on the cable car, walk along the suspension bridge, and inhale the fragrance of flowers when you visit the Sochi Arboretum. And those who love animals, will definitely be delighted with the inhabitants of the mini-zoo.

Санаторий им. Орджоникидзе

The Ordzhonikidze Sanatorium is a vivid example of Stalin's Empire style. Today the sanatorium buildings are mothballed and awaiting restoration. The territory is open to the public, you can climb some terraces. The arched gallery braided with lianas looks especially picturesque, you will definitely want to take some atmospheric pictures against its background.

Орлиные Скалы

Leave your car in the car park and drive up Eagle Rocks. The ascent is easy and can be climbed by any hiker. The viewpoint, which offers the most stunning views, is located just outside the Prometheus statue.

La Strada

A fun cafe styled after an Italian street. The menu features the familiar pizza, pasta and tiramisu for dessert. If the weather permits, you can take a seat on the summer veranda overlooking the park.

Тисо-самшитовая роща

Another curious sight in the Khostinsky District. It is an ideal place to take a walk and make beautiful pictures as a memento. There are two tourist routes on the territory of Yew-Box Grove: a big and a small ring. Entrance is paid, but the unusual landscape and fresh air are definitely worth the money.

Колесо обозрения

Admire Sochi from a height of 60 meters by taking a ride on the Ferris wheel. To avoid waiting in line at the ticket office, you can buy your ticket in advance [online](

Музыкальные фонтаны

The Olympic Park's singing fountains have become a true symbol of modern Sochi. The light and music show starts at 18:00.


Finish your trip in a restaurant with an excellent seafood selection. Meat lovers will also find something to indulge in.