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Delicious weekend in the outskirts of Kaluga and Tula

Road Trip Route. Make friends with cows and learn about dairy products, Taste the delicacy - black caviar., Buy Tulsky Gingerbread, Try the Kremlin cake., To have dinner with unusual dumplings., Pamper yourself with Belevskaya Pastila., To visit the museum "Old Tula pharmacy"..

We will go for a weekend to the most delicious points of Kaluga and Tula regions! You will visit an eco-farm, get acquainted with cows and dairy production process, taste a real delicacy - black caviar. The famous Tula gingerbread, a signature cake made of gingerbread and sea buckthorn puree will be waiting for you in Tula, and here you will have the opportunity to taste truly "exotic" dumplings, and visit a very interesting and original museum of the Old Tula pharmacy. And Beleve we will get to know the pastel and taste a lot.

Gastronomy, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Kaluga

Eugenia Laputina. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: On the way to Tula.

The first day of the route begins with a visit to an eco-farm, where you will get acquainted with the process of dairy production, then go to taste the black caviar and go to Tula, where we will try a branded cake and walk around the Kremlin, and in the evening we will go to try unusual dumplings.


Gazpromneft filling station #85

So, guys, let's go, shall we? Just to avoid surprises on the way, refuel with quality fuel to the full, pump up the tires, fill the washbasin and get coffee with healthy snacks! Cool emotions from the trip!

Ecofarm "History in Bogimovo"

Let's start our journey with a tour of the organic farm. Here you will get to know the cows of the Jersey breed and also learn the whole process of dairy production. The farm has a brand shop where you can buy milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese and other products. It is better to make an appointment for the excursion in advance, it is very easy to do, it is enough to call by the phone specified [on a site](

Priokskaya caviar

We will continue our gastronomic journey and visit the company where the real delicacy - black caviar - is produced! Here you will see the production process and take part in tasting both caviar and fish. You can order the tour [on site](

TOMATO pizza & pasta

You don't think tasting caviar is a substitute for a busy lunch? It's hard to disagree with that! We recommend going to the Italian cuisine cafe. The menu offers a wide choice of pizza, pasta, soups, rolls, salads, desserts, there is also a seasonal and children's menu. Rest and go on!

Большой Кремлевский

After a long road, we will take a tea break at a restaurant in the Tula Kremlin. Here you should pay attention to the cake "Kremlin", which consists of cakes made of traditional Tula gingerbread, cottage cheese cream and sea buckthorn puree.

Тульский кремль

We will walk around the territory of the Tula Kremlin, which belongs to the XVI century and is an architectural monument. On its territory you can see 2 most beautiful cathedrals: Holy Assumption and Epiphany, several museums, trading rows. It is very clean and beautiful here. Let's go for a walk and enjoy the architecture!

Лепим и варим

For dinner we will go to the cafe, where very original and very unusual dumplings are served! Here you can taste mint dumplings, king prawns, Kamchatka crab, cheese and others. And also, they have interesting names and different colors!

Day 2: Day of Tula Gingerbread and Belevskaya Pastila

The day will begin with a very interesting museum "Old Tula pharmacy", then we will go to the shop of famous Tula gingerbread, and then - to the town of Belev, where we will get acquainted with Belevskaya pastila. We'll also visit the monastery of the XVII century. The trip ends with a dinner in a restaurant.

Старая тульская аптека

We will visit a small but very interesting museum. Here you will learn about herbal medicine, see a lot of different jars and cones, packaging of medicines of the XIX century, old books, tools of a doctor, alcoholic horror, wolf's tooth, and many other interesting little things, not to count! There's even a famous horseshoe flea!

Shop "Tula cakes"

Leaving Tula and not buying the famous gingerbread is simply impossible! That's why we're more likely to go to a sweetshop. Here you can find a wide range of different tastes and types of Tula gingerbread and many other sweets, in addition, you can buy souvenirs and no less famous than the Tula samovar gingerbread.


We'll stay for lunch in a cozy cafe. The menu has everything you need for a tasty and hearty meal: salads, soups, hot dishes, pizza.

Museum of Pastille "Old Traditions"

Here we will get acquainted with the main symbols of Belev town - apple pastila and bobbin lace. We will learn their history and manufacturing process. And, of course, a pleasant gift will be waiting for us - tasting of several varieties of pastila, marmalade, marshmallows. The museum has a shop where you can buy products at the most pleasant prices! You can sign up for the excursion by phone indicated [on the site](http://дом-традиций.рф) of the museum.

Saviour Transfiguration Monastery

We will visit the Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery, which is the only fully preserved architectural ensemble of Tula region of XVII-XIX centuries. Also, there are picturesque views of the Oka River!

Restaurant complex on the Boulevard

For dinner we will stay in a restaurant located in a quiet and cozy place, next to the river. The menu includes salads, hot dishes and desserts. Rest and enjoy the dishes! On weekdays the restaurant is open until 20.00, on weekends - until 23.00.