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Delicious places in Miass

Road Trip Route. Buy chocolate for yourself and your loved ones at the Coffee and Chocolate Factory, Visit master-classes in the house of merchant Smirnov., Take a walk along the evening Miass, Look at the icon of Our Lady carved on the rock.

Spend two eventful days. You will visit Verkhneuralsk, Uchaly, Miass and Plast, walk along the streets and visit the main sights. Excursions to the coffee and chocolate factory, as well as to the Pelmen Museum will be the highlight of the trip.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Mias chocolate and the Museum of Dumplings

Start your trip in Verkhneuralsk, where you will visit the Europe-Asia obelisk. Then go to Uchaly, where you can walk around the central square and the city park. Then go to Miass for a tour of the coffee and chocolate factory, where you can taste the products and buy gifts for your loved ones. And at the end of the day, stop by the Dumpling Museum, where you can taste dumplings and take master classes on how to make them.


Gazpromneft filling station #284

The journey begins! To make the road go smoothly, we recommend stopping at a proven gas station - fill a full tank of quality fuel, buy water and snacks.

Station park in Verkhneuralsk

Verkhneuralsk is a small town. Here almost all the sights are concentrated around the Railway Station Park. It is the park itself, the building of the local history museum and a curious monument in front of it - a kettlebell, several monuments along Lenin Street and the obelisk Europe - Asia.

Upper Urals Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker

This is the oldest cathedral in the vicinity of Magnitogorsk. It was built in 1870.

Central square in Uchaly

Take a little rest from the road and walk in the center of the Uchalov. Here, as in Verkhneuralsk, the sights are concentrated in one place. The Central Square is home to a fountain, the Iremel Hotel and the Philharmonic. And behind the Philharmonic Hall there is the City Park with interesting sculptures and attractions.

Cafe "Conversation"

It's still two hours to the delicious part of our trip. It's time for lunch. There is a small selection of cafes and restaurants in Uchaly. Cafe "Conversation" is not particularly remarkable in the menu and service. But it is located just behind the City Park, and it is right on our way to Miass.

Chaocoffe Tea and Coffee Factory

Coffee, chocolate and cider are produced here. During a tour of the factory they show you the production process and let you touch, smell and taste the coffee and cocoa beans. The aroma in the halls is indescribable! You can see the machines that grind, roast, grind, mix, pack and package the products. Registration for excursions +7(3513) 26-00-66. After the excursion you start tasting the products. You can taste everything, and buy products in [shop]( with goodies.

Mira Boulevard

You'll love the pedestrian part of Mira Boulevard. On one half of the boulevard there is a square, on the other half there is a memorial to the Great Patriotic War and an art object "I love Miass". The boulevard overlooks one of the mountains of the Ilmensky ridge, along which the city stretches. The boulevard crosses the street Avtozavodtsev. The alley between Mira Boulevard and Fersman Street, when it was opened, was named a pedestrian street. Although it is actually a small square with benches and sculptures. But it's worth going in here.

Museum of Dumplings

The Museum of Dumplings is located in the house of merchant Smirnov. In addition to the museum, there is also a shop, café, cookery and craft workshops. Entrance to the museum and parking on the street Sport. There is an interesting dumpling monument at the entrance. The museum holds master classes on modeling dumplings, children's theater. Master-classes can be booked by phone: +7 (3513) 57-90-30. Opening hours of the Museum of Dumplings: 11:00-21:00. Crafts Workshop Hours: 10:00-20:00 Working hours of the cafe: 11:00-21:00 There's a cafe at the museum where you can have dinner tonight.

Day 2: Acquaintance with the city of Plast

Next, go to the town of Plast, where you will see a 3-meter monument. Then you will go to the temple built without a single nail. Finally, you will see an icon of the Mother of God carved on a rock in the middle of the forest.

Ильменский дворик

We have breakfast at one of Miass' best restaurants. The cuisine and the restaurant have a common cuisine, so the food here is tasty and quite a variety of dishes. Cookery opens at 9:00.

Oktyabrskaya St.

Next we go to Oktyabrskaya Street. At the parking lot of the "Magnet" shop at 35 Oktyabrskaya Street you can leave your car and go for a walk. The city administration and the "October" AC were built on the main city square. Go to the other side of the street at the intersection with Blucher Street. Immediately behind the intersection there is a memorial to the victims of the Great Patriotic War. Next to it is the entrance gate to the city park, decorated with Soviet symbols. Enter the park. In it you will see the monuments to Peter and Fevronia, the Komsomolskaya Stela, the Border Post, a memorial sign of the Airborne Forces, a monument to the teacher. There's a remarkable two-story house behind the park. It is a former summer house of gold producer Balas, built in 1911. Now it houses Plastovo Museum of Regional History. In the park in front of the museum there is a monument to the dead miners. On a granite pedestal the names of the miners who died in Plast mines from 1878 to 2011 are carved out.

Monument to the Prospector

From Emanzhelinsk we go to Plast town. On Krasnoarmeyskaya Street there is a three-meter monument to the miner. It is dedicated to the discoverers of Kochkar gold deposit, thanks to the development of which the city was founded.


The wooden church in Upper Sinarka

We're going from Plast to the Upper Sinarka. Here near the road there is a temple of the icon of the Mother of God Skorobeshnitsa. The construction was under way from 2002 to 2005. The construction initiative is attributed to the wife of the former governor of the region. It is alleged that the church was built without a single nail. At first, a stone church was conceived in this place, but eventually the architects stopped at a tree.

The icon of the Mother of God carved into the rock.

The image of the Virgin Mary was knocked out in the 90s by Evgeny Andreyevich Telezhkin, a resident of Stepnoe village, and covered with paint when it was completed. To get to the rock, you need to pass the village Stepnoe and immediately after the bridge over the Uy river turn left to the village Chernoborsky. The road is bad, covered with crushed stone. In 11 km before the village Stepninskiy there will be a pine forest on the left, into which under the arch of the gas pipeline a dirt road goes. Leave the car on the side of the road, and there will be a rock 600 meters away. The coordinates of the rock with the Virgin Mary are 53.992735° N, 60.442400° E.