Deer farm, snowmobiles, fairytale park: a trip with children from Moscow. – Road.Travel

Deer farm, snowmobiles, fairytale park: a trip with children from Moscow.

Road Trip Route. Feed adorable reindeer, Fly in a helicopter, Go snowmobiling and rollerblading, Learn the secrets of cooking cheese, You can have a rest in a cozy Finnish sauna in Lotoshino, Ride on a snowboard or a snow shoe., Visit the karting track and Goat Museum, Learn something new at the Experimentorium, Visit a fairy-tale park "Davydkovo Family"..

Winter diligently covers the ground with a fluffy carpet of snow, and Moscow residents have a desire to embrace the immensity: to discover new places, to visit all kinds of excursions and to plunge into the world of a wonderful winter fairy tale. If you want to have a real holiday, without long flights and drastic change of time zone, you can go to the northwest of Moscow. Tourist opportunities of this region are endless - especially for families with children. Reindeer farms, cheese factories, snowmobiles, snow slides - you will have time to try a lot of interesting entertainments in three days! The itinerary is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Multivan](

Families with Kids, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Moscow

Volkswagen Multivan.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Helicopters, snowmobiles, cheese factory, rollerdrome, deer and sauna.

Start your day with an incredible helicopter tour over the Moscow region. Then take a snowmobile ride and learn the secrets of making cheese. Next, you'll find a rollerdrome in Volokolamsk and a deer farm, and finish the day in a cozy Finnish sauna in Lotoshino.



"Heliport-Moscow" is a unique opportunity to fly by helicopter almost on any route and admire the beauty of Moscow and the Moscow region from an altitude. The pleasure is not cheap, but very unusual and impressive. The flights take place all year round, but they depend on weather conditions. It is possible to take children from 3 years old in flight. Maximum capacity - 6 passengers. Aerial tours are available from 08:00 to 21:00. You can book the flight at [site]( or by phone +7 (495) 023-87-40.

ATV and snowmobile rental rkvadro

Continue your morning with a ride on an ATV or snowmobile through the picturesque surroundings of Istra. All equipment in the "rkvadro" centre is no older than 1 year, several routes of varying difficulty have been developed for visitors, the base has comfortable places to change and a cafe where you can drink hot tea after the walk. You can book the walk by calling +7(985) 998-39-88. Look for more information [here](

The letters "SIR"

Huge letters "SIR" can be seen from afar: this is a great place for family photos!

Oleg Sirota's Istra Cheese Dairy

At Oleg Sirota's Istra cheese dairy you can see how cheese is born: from the moment you pump milk into the cooking pot to the moment you send fresh heads of cheese to the salt pot. Free excursions begin every hour from 10:00 to 17:00 and last half an hour (entry is obligatory by phone +7 (926) 975-96-22). And after the most interesting story you can eat pasta, pizza, soups and salads cooked with the addition of branded cheese. At [cheese dairy]( there is a shop where you can buy cheese, yoghurt, milk and funny souvenirs.

Time Cafe Roller City.

In the afternoon, hurry to the indoor RollerCity rollerdrome in Volokolamsk. Rentals, rollerblading lessons, quests, and also board games, Xbox 360, Dandy, air hockey - a real paradise for children and teenagers! Details and prices can be found [here]( or by calling 8 (929) 573-33-86.

Рыбаловная База Отдыха Львово

There is a reindeer farm at the fishing base "Lvovo" with more than 50 animals - European spotted deer, fallow deer and dwarf Cameroon goats. The farm welcomes guests every day from 09:00 till 16:00. Accompanied by a member of staff, you can go into the enclosure and hand feed the reindeer - an unforgettable experience! Children under 16 years old are free of charge. All questions can be asked by phone +7 (919) 723-96-29 or find answers [here](

У Кузьмича

Before you go to the reindeer farm, call 8 (962) 999-09-40 at Kuzmich's Restaurant. The cafe staff will prepare a meal of your choice for you to take with you and dine at your next location. Check out the menu [here]( However, the cafe has food delivery, so you can order your favorite dishes straight to the hotel.

Hotel complex "Estate"

Usadba" hotel complex has an excellent Finnish sauna where you can get warm after a walk in the fresh air, take a steam bath, or relax with your family. Spacious steam room, dining room, satellite TV, and a sleeping room for tired kids! Book sauna by phone +7 (926) 023-03-03 or by the form on [website](

Day 2: Ski Park, Kartodrome, Museum of the goat, Experimentorum.

On the second day of the trip you'll go snowboarding or "waders" in the ski park "Yar", and continue the fun at the karting track. In Tver, check out the funny Goat Museum and the "Experimentorium" entertaining science centre. You can finish the day in a cozy family cafe with a children's room.

ЯР парк

Whether you choose skiing, snowboarding or tubing - everyone is always fun at Yar ski park! You can borrow equipment from the park or bring your own. Instructor services are available. Before the trip, be sure to call the park administration at 8(4822) 691-888 and look at the official [website](http://xn----8sb4asdd4h.xn--p1ai/uslugi-i-tseny/).

Restaurant of ski complex "Yar"

After skiing you can have a snack at the self-service cafe (the menu includes grilled dishes and traditional Zavolga pork kebab) or relax in a small restaurant with access to the veranda.


For adrenaline and fresh impressions hurry up to the karting track "Rumos-Sport" near Tver. Children from 6 years old can take part in the races. From Monday to Thursday the complex works from 14:00 to 23:00, on Fridays, weekends and holidays - from 11:00 to 23:00. You can make an appointment by phone +7 (4822) 369-000 or via the form on [website](

Музей Тверского Козла

The Goat Museum is undoubtedly the funniest and perfect museum for children in Tver. Everything here is done with humour and with heart, starting from the threshold. People with the surname Kozlov get in for free, Baranovs get a 50% discount. Be sure to book a tour - you won't understand the endless line of goats without an escort. At the exit you can visit the "goat market" to buy a couple of funny souvenirs as a keepsake. From Tuesday to Saturday the museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00, on Sunday - from 12:00 to 19:00, in December the museum closes at 17:00. Monday is the day off. Details by phone at [website](http://xn----8sbnhckijcz3c.xn--p1ai/).


After a fun tour, stop for a hot tea and bun at the adjacent Coffee-In.

Эксперименториум-Музей Занимательных наук

Interactive scientific shows and workshops, a laser labyrinth, more than 100 unusual exhibits - "Experimentary" will easily take you and your children for a couple of hours, if not longer. But this is not just a place for entertainment: the exhibits demonstrate the laws of physics, biology, astronomy, mathematics and anatomy. The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10.00 to 20.00. For more details, please call [site](

Cafe Family

One of Tver's best cafes for families with children is Café Family. For young visitors there is a children's menu, a cozy play corner and a friendly atmosphere. And if you're not planning on staying at [the café](, you can choose dishes with a special "clock" badge, in which case your order will be ready in just 15 minutes. Make a reservation by calling 8 (4822) 65-65-31.

Day 3: Tver, Zavidovo, Davydkovo Family

Start the day with a walk around Tver, and then go to Zavidovo for entertainment. In the afternoon check out the fabulous "Davydkovo Family" park, and you can finish your journey with dinner at a beautiful restaurant.

Обелиск Победы

Take an early morning short walk around Tver. Specifically, the Victory Obelisk and the Eternal Flame. The Obelisk was built in December 1970, 29 years after the liberation of the city from Nazi invaders. A walk through the memorial complex will be one of the most memorable during your little trip.

Zavidovo Resort

"Zavidovo is a place where everyone can find a holiday to their liking. You can walk along the paths of Yamsky forest, [rent]( skiing equipment or skates, as well as take a ride down a roller coaster and learn to play miniature golf on the indoor court. For more information about the services, visit [website](

Маленький Токио

You can have lunch at Zavidovo, or you can go further afield and have a look at "Little Tokyo" in the town of Klin. It's a beautiful, cosy restaurant with a children's room. The menu includes sushi, poultry, hot fish, meat delicacies, and the most delicate desserts.

Davydkovo Family vacation complex

"Davydkovo Family" is a family complex with an interactive theatre-museum "House of Fairy Tales". Here young guests become not only spectators, but also participants in fairy tale events. There is also a spacious playroom, a mini-farm, and a swimming complex on the territory of the complex. "House of Fairy Tales" is open for you by appointment by phone 8(925)415-15-38. The grounds are always open for walks. Learn more [here](

Кафе Зефир

Zephyr Café has a children's menu for young guests, while adults can try here rigatoni with shrimp, sea bass in Provencal herbs, venison goulash soup - it's too hard to choose just one! Such a dinner will be an excellent end of a trip. You can make reservations by phone at [website](