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Deer farm, rock drawings, thermal complex: winter weekend from Yekaterinburg

Road Trip Route. Feed owls, reindeer and huskies, Search cave paintings in Allaky, Relax in a Baden-Baden thermal complex, Climb the old mine and Karavay mountain.

Most of us dream of going away to the warm sea in winter, escaping from the cold and snow - but exploring our native expanses at this time of year is no less exciting. Allocate three days for a trip to the south of Ekaterinburg. The area has as many attractions as famous resorts and plenty of opportunities to enjoy fresh air and a month's worth of outdoor activities.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Birds of prey, deer farm and cave paintings

An early start is better for visiting the rehabilitation centre for birds of prey and the reindeer farm, as well as the rock art.


Bird of Prey Monitoring and Rehabilitation Center "Kholzan"

Start the day by visiting the Kholzan Raptor Monitoring and Rehabilitation Centre. There are more than 50 species of animals and birds, including the rarest ones. Take a picture with an eagle owl, watch the flight of a falcon, admire graceful roes - all this can be done in "Kholzan". Excursion programs of 1.5-5 hours duration have been developed for tourists. Ideal for you is a sightseeing express excursion, which will not take much time, but will allow you to see all the most important things. You can make an appointment via the form [on the website]( or by calling 7 (34374) 6-32-29. The park is open every day from 10:00 to 18:00.

Greenwald" country complex restaurant

For lunch you can stop by the luxurious restaurant "Edelhof" in the country complex "Greenwald". The restaurant is open from 12:00 and offers a variety of European and Russian dishes, light snacks, coffee and specialty cocktails. You can reserve a table by phone +7 (343) 355-55-25.

Deer farm "Velvet Horns"

In the afternoon, head to the Velvet Antlers reindeer farm. There are more than 750 reindeer in the fenced forest area, which are not at all afraid of visitors. You can feed the animals with fruit and vegetables, which guests bring with them or buy on the spot. Entrance to [the farm]( can be paid only in cash, children under 6 years are free of charge. In winter, the farm welcomes guests every day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with no appointment, regardless of holidays or weather conditions. After the walk you can have tea or coffee in the heated gazebo. For more details call +7(950)542-01-82 or +7(982)650-49-73.

Большие Аллаки

Before the sun sets, hurry up to see with your own eyes a wonderful sight - the sanctuary on the Lake Big Allaki. 14 bizarre rocky outcrops shelter on a small naked hill. In some places you can see ancient rock paintings made of ochre. And it is not surprising: for many millennia Stone tents have been a place of worship.

Купеческий двор

Dine deliciously and nourish yourself in the Chelyabinsk restaurant "Merchant Yard". Try here cabbage soup with oven chest, rabbit cutlets with spelt or lamb with glazed carrots. And for dessert - cheesecakes from farm cottage cheese with boiled sauce. Book a table at 8 (351) 223-73-11.

Day 2: Thermal complex, huskies, "Old Russian" park and bathhouse

On the second day of the trip you'll visit the Husky Center and the park of historical reconstruction, where you'll plunge into the atmosphere of Ancient Russia. The day will start with a visit to a thermal complex, and you can finish it in a bathhouse and a cozy restaurant on the shore of the Uvildy lake.

Баден-Баден Термы Еткуль

The year-round thermal pool complex ["Baden Baden"]( is the best place to relax after long walks in the open air. The ticket price includes swimming in two outdoor thermal pools and in the indoor pool, as well as visiting the sauna complex. Water temperature in the pools in winter is 34-40 ° C. There is also a salt room, a spa and a gym. The complex is open daily from 09:00 to 23:00. Three hours of rest will cost you 900 rubles on weekdays and 1200 rubles at weekends. For more information, please call +7 (351) 200-33-33.

Husky Center Aquilon.

Dog sledding, communication with Siberian husky and likes, master class in a smithy - all this can be done in the Husky Center ["Aquilon"]( The park is open all week from 9:00 to 18:00. Some entertainment at the centre needs to be booked in advance on +7 (351) 225-22-00 or +7 (351) 225-42-68.

Gardarica Historical Reconstruction Park

Do not miss the opportunity to look at the park-museum, unique for the Chelyabinsk region, where the main historical epochs of our country are recreated. People come here to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Ancient Russia, to shoot with archery, to learn about life and crafts of the Slavs, to see artifacts of the 18th century and the Great Patriotic War. The park can only be visited with an excursion, which must be registered in advance. Each excursion program includes a delicious treat. Most excursions are for groups of 10 people or more. For the company of 4 people or more you can choose the 1.5-hour option "Jump into the Past", the rest of the visitors can just walk in the park - by appointment by phone +7 (919) 118-48-34 or +7 (919) 312-02-38. It is necessary to book a tour for a group by phone or through the form on [site](

Cruise Café

Not far from "Gardarika" there is a cozy roadside cafe "Cruise", which will be a great place for a hearty dinner. They cook here tasty and homemade, the prices are a little above average for an institution of such class, but they are quite justified.

Miami Recreation Base

Overnight stop at Uvildy lake. Before or after dinner you can get warm and relax in the sauna. It can be found at the recreation base "Miami". There is a wood-fired sauna with a gazebo and a spacious steam room for a maximum of 6 people to choose from. The second option is a cedar or pine barrel bathhouse for companies up to 4 people. Minimum rent - 2 hours, the cost of renting from 1000 rubles. [Bathhouse]( must be booked in advance by phone 8-908-085-56-35.


You can dine at the restaurant. The menu includes all kinds of pancakes, homemade borscht, roe deer stew, char-grilled dishes - there are plenty of treats to please everyone. Those who are not driving can enjoy aromatic mulled wine or sea buckthorn, while drivers and all the rest can enjoy home-made teas, refreshing lemonades and smoothies. The restaurant is often occupied for weddings and anniversaries, so before visiting it's better to call there by phone +7 (951) 435-57-20.

Day 3: Old mine, Mount Caraway, non-existent village and Talkov stone.

On the last day of the trip you will have a lot of walking in the fresh air. You will visit the old Spat mine and the picturesque Karavay mountain. Then you'll visit the ancient stone bridge across the Sinara River at the place of the now-defunct village of Yugo-Konevo and the Talcov stone lake.

Kurochkin Log

Go early in the morning to conquer Kurochkin Log and its most interesting part, the old mine "Spat". Once there was mining feldspar, and after the mine was flooded. The place is incredibly picturesque at any time of year, even in winter.

Mount Caraway

One of the peaks of the Vishnevy Mountains, Karavay Mountain, is unremarkable in appearance. However, from its summit, where a wooden Christian cross stands, one can enjoy truly wonderful views of the mountain village Vishnevogorsk, Lake Silach, Snezhinsk, the stone quarry and the road to Lake Arakul. There are quarries and adits here. Minerals from the adit of the famous lode No. 5 are now stored in many museums of the world.


Despite its name, the Chicolat Cafe has more than just chocolate and desserts. Soups, hot meat dishes, seafood, poultry dishes, salads - no one will leave here hungry. [Café]( is open daily from 10:00 to 23:00. Reservations are made on +7 (35146) 2-66-52.

An ancient bridge in South Konevo across the Sinara River

South Konevo was a promising and prosperous village, but its centuries-old history suddenly ended in 1957, after a radiation accident at the plant "Mayak" in Ozersk. In the course of liquidation of the consequences the villagers were resettled, houses were demolished, the land was dug up and planted with pines. However, some things have been preserved: an ancient stone bridge over Sinara. Also on the site of the village you can find a monument to the victims of the civil war and fragments of brickwork of the once majestic church. The radiation background in place of South Konevo does not exceed the norms, but it is still impossible to burn fires, pick mushrooms and berries.

talc stone

The picturesque Talc stone lake is known to many, but few people come here in winter. And for nothing, because the main attraction of the park "Bazhovsky places" looks no worse at this time of year. In addition, in winter it is much more comfortable to look at the bizarre rocks of an ancient talcum powder quarry from the ice! You can get acquainted with the routes in the nature park at its [official website](http://www.бм-парк.рф/?page=).

Park Inn by Radisson

Finish your journey in the restaurant at the Park Inn by Radisson Hotel. Choose your favorite Russian or European cuisine, or a seasonal offering from the dinner menu. **If you're a city guest, book your room on the special page on the Radisson Hotels website and pay by Mastercard and receive a 15% discount, as well as early check-in and late check-out options. [Full promotion rules.](**