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Day off in Pereslavl-Zalessky

Road Trip Route. Learn about daguerreotypes and landruns, See ancient techniques, Explore rustic design, Taste merchant's snacks, .

Spring is coming, the spring is coming! It's time to come out of hibernation and go on an exciting journey towards Pereslavl-Zalessky. You are waited by a visit to the ancient manor house which was a haven of the Russian poetic elite, acquaintance to a collection of vintage equipment and ancient sewing machines, survey of an exposition of a museum of peasant art - believe, its exhibits will surprise you for sure. And you will spend the evening imagining yourself a merchant class, having dumplings with salmon and drinking tea from samovar.

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Anna Akimenko. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Art, technique and a pinch of cooking

You'll get acquainted with Pereslavl - a small but very picturesque town. During one day you'll have time to examine its ancient architecture and visit the most interesting museums.


Музей-усадьба «Мураново»

On your way to the glorious town Pereslavl make a stop in the Muranovo estate. Here the Russian poet Evgeny Baratynsky spent several years of his life. A large manor house was built according to his drawings. Among the museum exhibits you will find ancient ceramics, a collection of letters and daguerreotypes - the first photographs created using silver plates and an obscura camera.

Красная Площадь

Start your acquaintance with the town of Pereslavl-Zalessky from its heart - the Red Square, which is an open-air museum for today. Here you can walk around and see the church and the monument to Alexander Nevskiy, Vladimir's Cathedral which was erected in the XVIII century and Spas-Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral built in the pre-Mongolian period.

Музей лампового Радио

The cozy museum has a large collection of retro equipment, not only radios, but also vintage televisions, gramophones and movie cameras. The museum is small but very atmospheric, and amateur photography is free. You can take an audio guide, or use the services of a tour guide. Monday and Tuesday are weekends.

Пiрог & Борщъ

A nice cafe with the most homemade cuisine in all Pereslavl. It is worth visiting at least for the interior, where you will find many different ceramic tiles and other handmade décor.

Museum of old sewing machines

And this museum will appeal to those who are fascinated by the process of designing and sewing clothes. In addition to sewing machines, weaving, spinning and felting equipment is on display here. The museum has a shop where you can buy textiles, jewellery and themed souvenirs.

Muzey Krest'yanskogo Dizayna "Kon' V Pal'to"

The name might make it sound like a joke museum with some particularly amusing examples of naive art. But in this case, the first impression is deceptive. A modern, in some places interactive exhibition awaits you, and the objects of "rustic design", or, as we more commonly say, arts and crafts, will surprise you with their aesthetics.

Смотровая площадка

Closer to the evening you will find yourself in Sergiev Posad. Meet the sunset on the Pancake Mountain, an observation platform from which the most beautiful view of the Lavra and the surrounding area opens up.

Сергиевская кухмистерская

Get acquainted with the traditions of a merchant's meal at Sergievskaya kukhmistera. In the evening, the culinary museum will be closed, but you will have an opportunity to visit the Landry shop, where handmade sweets, natural honey, cookbooks and even antique tableware are sold. And afterwards you can have a delicious dinner with classic Russian dishes and drink tea from the samovar. Please note: the shop is open until 19:00, the cafe is open until 22:00.