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Dantovo Gorge and Guamka: mountain hiking in Krasnodar Krai

Dantovo Gorge and Guamka: mountain hiking in Krasnodar Krai
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2 Days


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352 km






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A short and full of experiences weekend trip for those who like to walk a lot in nature. Rent a car in Krasnodar and drive to the south-east - to the mountains.
The road itself is worth devoting a couple of days to it, and the main points of the route put a point in the question of how to spend Saturday and Sunday in a cool and unusual way.
Be sure to bring warm clothes and appropriate footwear for hiking in the mountains, where it can be slippery. The weather here can be unpredictable. Check the forecast before you travel.
Marina Selivanova
Marina Selivanova
  • Descend into the picturesque Dantovo Gorge.
  • Ride an open train in the Gouam Gorge.
  • Relax and enjoy fresh air.
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Road to Guamka and Dantovo Gorge
Day 1193 km

Road to Guamka and Dantovo Gorge

The way to the mountains is not long, but it's interesting. In an hour's journey from Krasnodar, you will visit Dantovo Gorge, where you will see an unusual picture - a chapel in the rock. The first hiking route will end with the lunch in the restaurant. In the evening you will already have rest in Guamka: sauna, pool and dinner. The time of car rent at the airport is chosen so that it can be used by travelers from Moscow and St.Petersburg. If you need a different time, you can change it before booking services. The itinerary can be combined with accommodation and acquaintance with the city in Krasnodar.
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Guam Gorge
Day 2160 km

Guam Gorge

First part of the day will be dedicated to the magnificent natural monument - Guamsky Gorge. Having had a good time in the mountains, after lunch we will drive back to Krasnodar.
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