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Dantovo Gorge and Guamka: mountain hiking in Krasnodar Krai

Road Trip Route. Descend into the picturesque Dantovo Gorge, Ride an open train in the Gouam Gorge, Relax and enjoy fresh air.

A short and full of experiences weekend trip for those who like to walk a lot in nature. Rent a car in Krasnodar and drive to the south-east - to the mountains. The road itself is worth devoting a couple of days to it, and the main points of the route put a point in the question of how to spend Saturday and Sunday in a cool and unusual way. Be sure to bring warm clothes and appropriate footwear for hiking in the mountains, where it can be slippery. The weather here can be unpredictable. Check the forecast before you travel.

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Marina Selivanova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Road to Guamka and Dantovo Gorge

The way to the mountains is not long, but it's interesting. In an hour's journey from Krasnodar, you will visit Dantovo Gorge, where you will see an unusual picture - a chapel in the rock. The first hiking route will end with the lunch in the restaurant. In the evening you will already have rest in Guamka: sauna, pool and dinner. The time of car rent at the airport is chosen so that it can be used by travelers from Moscow and St.Petersburg. If you need a different time, you can change it before booking services. The itinerary can be combined with accommodation and acquaintance with the city in Krasnodar.

Dantovo Ushchel'ye

One of the most famous places in Goryachy Klyuch. Both nature and people have worked together here. Someone says that the gorge was cut by Cossacks to ventilate the resort site. Someone says that the gorge was originally planned as a walking route. At the entrance to the gorge you will see the Chapel of the Iverskoy Icon of the Mother of God. The entrance to the gorge has 49 stone steps. There is a stream nearby that sometimes fills up with water and becomes quite turbulent. Be careful on the way up and down - it can be slippery. Suitable footwear is a must.

Restoran "Kharchevnya"

After a brisk walk, lunch at a restaurant with one of the highest ratings in these parts. Visitors praise the pleasant atmosphere as well as the simplicity, but at the same time the excellent taste of the food on offer. How about the soup in bread? To avoid unpleasant surprises, you can reserve a table in advance. You can find the contacts on [the institution's website](https://matreshka-krd.ru/harchevnya/).

Dobrynia" recreation center

You've finally made it to the mountains. Check into the hotel, have dinner and relax the way you want to. You can go straight to your room or stay longer in the restaurant, go to the sauna at the hotel or visit the swimming pool and sauna at one of the camping sites. For example, at the base "Dobrynya". You can find detailed information and contacts at [official website](https://www.xn----7sbafgj3bpoix1a7i9b.xn--p1ai/).

Day 2: Guam Gorge

First part of the day will be dedicated to the magnificent natural monument - Guamsky Gorge. Having had a good time in the mountains, after lunch we will drive back to Krasnodar.

Памятник Природы Гуамское ущелье

[Guam Gorge](https://www.guamka.org/) is a place of attraction for connoisseurs of mountain beauties. You will cover the first part of the way from the railway station of Guamka by an open-air excursion train, which runs every 30-40 minutes. The first departure is at 9:30 - you need to be in time for it. Schedules are subject to change - it's best to call ahead, you'll find the phone number on the website above. Hiking through the gorge is prohibited at this time. Only on Tuesday you can cross this section on foot. The 15-minute walk brings you to Café 1707. From here you can start hiking through the gorge, admiring the stunning views along the way. The river has formed beautiful rifts that take your breath away. There are many different routes, but most of them require special training and insurance. Especially in winter, it is better not to risk it. Nevertheless, even the simplest hike along the gorge, about 2 kilometres in one direction, will not leave anyone indifferent at any time of the year. You should wear comfortable, fixing footwear. It can be slippery.


Depending on the departure time of your flight, you can either wait for it at this restaurant near the airport, or send it into town for a stroll through the main streets, or maybe stay longer. In the evenings there is instrumental music and jazz, and retro films are shown. It's a nice break after a long drive.