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Culture of Krasnaya Polyana

Road Trip Route. Learn about the history of Estonian resettlers at Krasnaya Polyana, See the unique artifacts of the Museum of Archaeology, Walk through the first topiary park in Sochi.

Rosa Khutor and Krasnaya Polyana are ski resorts. Every year these places attract fans of active sports. However, active tourism here is not the only topical direction. You do not have to be an active tourist if you want to see the legendary picturesque places, this tour is for you. You can make a trip at any time of the year - in Krasnaya Polyana it is cozy all year round.

History and Culture. From: Sochi

Yulia Zharkova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Sea and mountains

Today we face a unique change of landscapes from sea waves to mountain peaks. The path alone is already a sea of emotion. Later we will visit historical sites - a unique archaeological museum and the Town Hall in Sochi style.

Пляж «Южное Взморье»

Part of the journey is already behind you and you can stop to gain strength before an active day by walking on the beach. You can't pass through Adler and not visit its picturesque pebble beaches. At this time it is best to take sunbathing, it will give a charge of energy for the whole day. And there is a sea of impressions ahead of us.


Quite a budget restaurant for these places. Here you can taste delicious dishes for every taste. European cuisine. The interior is made in cheerful modern style.

Rosa Square (Площадь Роза)

Rose Square is a business card of the city. Various events are constantly held there and it is considered to be the central square for visitors of the city. It is located on the embankment of the Mzymta River. The main decoration of the square is the Town Hall, which houses a restaurant and a tourist information centre. The Town Hall is externally very similar to the Sochi railway station. There is also an archeological museum on the square, which we will visit. The museum has been open since October 2018. Here you can see archival documents that appeared during the construction of buildings for the Olympics in this area, which were built in 2010-2014. These artifacts are unique in their kind and tell a rich history of these places. The start of the exposition is the beginning of formation of the Caucasus Mountains. The exposition presents the whole history: the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, Antiquity and the Early Iron Age, the Middle Ages and New Time. The museum is interactive and offers many exciting experiences for children and adults Among the exhibits are archaeological artifacts of all times, found on the territory of Rosa Khutor.


It is a restaurant with years of experience, but every day they work to follow fashion. Authentic style creates coziness. This restaurant is very popular with regular visitors. Vegetarian dishes, as well as Mediterranean, Caucasian and Russian cuisine will surprise with its variety. Very wide choice of seafood.

Romanov Naberejnaya (Романов Набережная)

We'll take a walk along the waterfront tonight. Wonderful panoramas from here. It's a view of a mountain stream and mountains. Here you can enjoy the evening scenery. An unforgettable visit experience is better preserved if you bring your camera or camcorder with you. After all, this is the place that attracts photographers from around the world. Photos taken against a background of mountains will decorate any collection.

Day 2: Interesting places

The ski resort has always been inhabited, and this is the story to be told on a tour of the Estonian writer's house museum. And of course, we will finally enjoy a magnificent view of the natural heritage of these places - mountains, river and gorges. The bravest can even swim in the river.

Зеленая Планета

In the morning we will visit the first topiary park, which opened in Sochi. It is located in the social and cultural center opened at Gazprom's initiative. Topiari - animal figures from artificial grass. They really are the decoration of the city. There's a singing fountain in the RC Galaxy.

Ресторан «Шале»

Bright landscapes open up on the way to this restaurant. The restaurant serves Russian cuisine. Prices will pleasantly surprise - there are large portions at low prices. People often come to this place to taste a good kebab.

A.H. Tammsaare Majamuuseum

In this house-museum there is a fascinating excursion that tells the story of Estonian immigrants. It is named after an Estonian literature classic, a novelist. He is known as the author of the epic novel Truth and Justice, which made him famous all over Europe. It all started when Anton Hansen Tammsaare came to be treated for tuberculosis and created in these places in 1912.

Парк Победы

We'll take a walk in the local park one last time. There is a memorial to fallen soldiers. This park is often visited by locals. We'll follow their lead.

Смотровая площадка

On the way back you can visit the observation deck overlooking the valley. It is one of the most picturesque places in the vicinity of Adler. From here you can see the Mzymta River valley and the gorge. The view of the rocks and wildlife is fascinating. The height is about 300 meters.

Кафе Райский Уголок

This restaurant is located in the nature of the Mzymta River Valley. There are tables right on the shore. In hot weather you can swim right here if you want. Good service and delicious dishes in the fresh, mountain air at the end of the trip will leave good memories and a desire to come back again and again.