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Culture, Nature and Entertainment of the Krasnodar Region

Road Trip Route. You will visit the Old Park, where you can learn about architecture and culture of different times and eras., Take a look at the cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov., You visit Lake Succo., Visit the Wine Village., Have fun at the Amazon water park., Visit Safari Park, where you can meet animals and ride a cable car..

The Black Sea coast is one of the best places for family holidays in Russia. Here you can not only relax on the beach, but also be inspired by the beauty of nature, immerse yourself in the culture of this unique region and find many places for entertainment! In this trip you will see that the Krasnodar region knows how to surprise!

Families with Kids. From: Krasnodar

Ann Mikhaylova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Cultural and historical heritage

Today we will visit the Old Park, where we will get acquainted with the architecture and culture of many countries and peoples, have lunch in a Greek restaurant and enjoy the natural surroundings of this place, in Novorossiysk and see a real cruiser from the inside, as well as walk in the Telman Park.

Старый парк

The old park is a unique place where you can see the diversity of architecture of different civilizations and eras. The territory of the park is divided into many sectors, each of which is dedicated to different architectural styles and periods. Thus, here you can see Gothic structures, Classicist buildings, sculptures, arches and columns in Egyptian style, a pavilion dedicated to antiquity, an Orthodox chapel, a gallery of modern art and much more. This place can safely be called "the center of all civilizations", after all, having visited here, you can get acquainted with culture, history and architecture of many countries and peoples!

Кастальская купель

We will have lunch in the Greek restaurant "Castal Font", where you can pamper yourself with the best dishes of fish and meat cuisine, fresh seafood and confectionery masterpieces. In front of the restaurant there is an ennobled yard buried in greenery and flower beds, beautiful paths, a windmill, a fountain and a small lake where you can even fish and then dine with caught fish. If you wish, you can sit in openwork arbours in the open air rather than in the restaurant hall.

Крейсер «Михаил Кутузов»

Next stop will be in Novorossiysk. We'll walk along the quay, see the monuments and sculptures dedicated to sailors and go on a tour of the real artillery cruiser, built in 1954. At excursion it is possible not only near to examine fighting tools and a technical component of the ship, but also to see a collection of miniatures of the Soviet and Russian fighting ships. *" Please note, Monday and Tuesday are weekends.

Парк Тельмана

In the evening, we will head to Telman Park, where you can relax in a calm atmosphere, walking along the shady alleys. There are also 3 children's playgrounds in the park, so the kids won't be bored there either.


Later, we'll have dinner at the Mill restaurant. It serves East European cuisine, and the chef himself recommends to taste the Mill's salad, quail in a vegetable mix of grill and sorsuella with seafood. The choice of dishes is huge, so you will definitely find something to taste.

Day 2: Acquaintance with the natural heritage

Today we're gonna spend the day outdoors: We will visit the stele "The Beginning of the Caucasus Mountains", where the Main Caucasian Range originates, we will go to Lake Succo and enjoy the beauty of cypresses growing right in the middle of the lake, we will visit the stairs of Su-Psekh, From where you can enjoy an incredible view of the endless sea, as well as go on a tour of Semigorie manor, where you can see the local vineyards, taste different kinds of wines and admire the beauty of the wine village.


The second day of our journey we will start with breakfast at the Terem Cafe. Here you can taste dishes of Uzbek, European and Caucasian cuisine and enjoy cozy atmosphere of the place.

Начало Кавказских гор

Our first stop will be the stele "The Beginning of the Caucasus Mountains", which looks like a stone pedestal resembling a rock, crowned with an eagle with wide spread wings. This bird is carved here for a reason, as the eagle is the symbol of the Caucasus. This is where the Main Caucasian Range starts, which stretches all the way to the Caspian Sea. There is also an observation deck here, which offers an incredible view, for which it is definitely worth visiting!

Озеро Сукко

The next point of our route is Lake Succo. It is noteworthy that directly from the water surface of the reservoir grow 32 powerful trunks of cypresses, which is why the lake got its second name - Cypress lake. Many note that this place has a unique energy, and essential oils of cypress, which are soaked in the air, have a positive impact on those who suffer from respiratory diseases. Recently, this place has become popular among tourists, so a boat station was built here. Thanks to this, admiring the beauty of cypresses has become possible not only from the shore, but also during river walks by boat, catamaran or canoe. It also has everything for your comfortable rest: specially equipped beach space, sun loungers, cabins, sun umbrellas and a safe bathing area marked by buoys.

Jan Pizza

Next we have lunch at Jan Pizza. The menu of the restaurant offers more than 25 kinds of pizzas, salads, hot snacks, pasta and desserts. There is also a separate menu for those who came with a large group of friends, which offers several options for sets.

Лестница Су-Псех

In the afternoon we will go to the stairs of Su Psekh, which goes down a mountainous slope to a wild beach. Once built here for a comfortable descent to the beach, it is now a real landmark of the city of the same name. The stairs consist of over 800 steps. On the way you will meet benches and observation platforms overlooking the endless surface of the azure sea.

Усадьба Семигорье

The last attraction of the day will be the Semigorje Estate, where in the company of a tour guide you can walk around the wine village, look into the wine cellars, where barrels of wine are located, visit the local vineyards and enjoy the incredible beauty of the village itself. The grounds are very well maintained, with greenery everywhere, cozy houses and carved pergolas, a playground and even a fishing lake (if you want to fish, you should take your own fishing rods). And you can have dinner at the manor restaurant, there are excellent dishes on coals. *To visit the estate [advance booking required](

Day 3: Entertainment, wildlife and the cable car.

On the last day of the trip we will visit the water park "Amazons", get acquainted with the wildlife and ride a cable car in the Safari Park, as well as make your main wish for sculpture in Janhot.


The final day of the trip we will start with breakfast in the cafe "Meeting", where you can have a delicious and inexpensive meal. Here you can delight yourself with Uzbek, Caucasian and Belarusian cuisine. In the cafe pleasant music, polite and attentive staff, as well as have the opportunity to eat outdoors.

Аквапарк "Амазонки"

Then we will go to the water park "Amazons", where you can have fun and actively spend time with the whole family. The water park has 3 heated pools, 2 children's pools with water slides and fountains, playground, adult pools with extreme descent, two bars and even a dining room, where always tasty food and democratic prices. There are also frequent foam parties, which are always accompanied by a lot of fun not only for children but also for adults!


Safari Park in Gelendzhik is the first open-air rehabilitation centre for animals on the Black Sea coast. It houses and cares for animals that were previously exposed to human abuse. Now the animals are safe and the conditions for them are as close to the wildlife as possible. In the park you can not only meet a lot of cats, but also visit the arboretum, terrarium, as well as ride a cable car, which offers an impressive view of the entire park.

Жемчужина Желаний

On the way back we will visit the sculpture "Pearl of Wishes" in the city of Janhot. The sculpture has appeared here quite recently, but it has already gained popularity among locals and tourists, and also has generated a tradition to make the most cherished wish here. Of course, it looks more like a good legend, but suddenly it will come true? :)


We will have dinner in the restaurant of Uzbek cuisine, where you can taste traditional Uzbek pilaf, manty, aromatic shashlik of veal and lamb, oriental sweets and many other things. Here you will find fast service, hospitable staff and absolutely homely atmosphere!