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Cultural Entertainment Road Trip: San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento

Road Trip Route. For seven days of your trip you will be able to see the most famous sights of the cities, You and your family will be out in the open, Enrich your cultural knowledge, Have a nice time..

This time we decided to make such a trip, so that we could go there with children from five years and older. For travelers under five years of age, the journey may seem tedious, because during our road trip there are long journeys, as well as the program itself is quite saturated. We have arranged our journey in such a way that the arrival and departure will take place from San Francisco. For seven days, you'll see sights and cultural sites in cities such as San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento, and you'll also be able to travel to Livermore, Stockton and Wacaville. Despite the rich program, we hope that this trip will be special and memorable for you, and also will leave in your memory a lot of pleasant memories and good impressions!

Families with Kids, Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: San Francisco

Darcy Moore. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: We're Starting Our Trip from San Francisco

Well, here we are in the famous and beautiful city of San Francisco! We didn't plan anything for today, so we're just gonna get some rest!


So we got hungry and decided to have dinner at a French restaurant. There's a wide variety of vegetarian dishes to choose from. The restaurant has an average price segment, but it is not the most affordable restaurant. Very cozy place, it feels like a French restaurant.

Day 2: We're Studying San Francisco

Today we have all day to get to know San Francisco! We will visit places of interest such as the painted ladies, the palace of fine arts and many others, no less beautiful and memorable.

Millbrae Pancake House

I'm a sweet breakfast buff. Cheesecakes, punkies, pancakes. I love it! Very cool place, I liked the menu. We were pleased with the low prices and delicious, invigorating coffee.

Painted Ladies

Very distinctive and beautiful houses, next to them there is a beautiful view. You can take great pictures in the background! It is a very famous landmark with a nice view of San Francisco. That's why we decided to start our journey from here.

Union Square

A very famous town square with a huge history. This is the main shopping mall in San Francisco! Walking through the streets of Union Square, you plunge into the lively, dynamic sphere of the metropolis.

Pacific Cafe

We're hungry and we decided to go into this place. We chose him by accident. We were not guided by ratings or reviews. But later on we found out that this place has a good rating. We loved it, the food was cooked very quickly, and the staff was polite and helpful. Oh, that's great.

Palace of Fine Arts

You will get a lot of emotions and a little rest from the bustling city, walking around the lake, and enjoy the elegance and grandeur of the palace architecture! Wandering the paths around the intricate architectural structure, you feel like a resident of ancient Rome, or ancient Greece.

Cupid's Span

Amazing and bizarre sculpture, against which you can take wonderful and bright pictures!

Kokkari Estiatorio

Greek cuisine is famous for its very nourishing dishes. That's why we decided to go to this restaurant. The institution has good reviews and high rating, very fast and quality service. The dishes are made of fresh food, everything is delicious and nourishing.

Day 3: We're Arriving at the Lovely San Jose

After breakfast in San Francisco, we're going to San Jose. Upon arrival in the city, we will walk through the famous pink garden, visit the science museum and walk in the park.

Paris Baguette

Morning can be good. And it's definitely becoming kind after visiting a place like this. Sweet breakfast. Mmm, that's delicious!

San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

Magnificent pink garden! A very famous landmark of San Jose! A huge variety of beautiful roses. Inspiring! Of course, this garden will be interesting to visit only in the warm season, and if you are in town when the flowering season is over, you can walk in Guadeloupe River Park, it is located next to the museum, which is the next point of our program.

The Tech Museum of Innovation

Very interesting place to visit for the whole family. The exhibits will be interesting for both adults and children. Children here don't get bored, many exhibits can be touched, and some even need to be touched, a lot of interactive stands, it is possible to conduct simple experiments under the guidance of the museum workers, and to learn how the usual devices work for us. And if after visiting the technology museum you still have strength and energy, and your child is hungry for new discoveries, you can visit the children's museum, it is located very close, you can reach it in seven minutes.

Morton's The Steakhouse

We were very pleased with the kind and polite staff, who told us everything about the menu and even advised us what to choose. Atmospheric and delicious! What I really like is having a gluten-free menu. There is no special children's menu in the restaurant, but the main menu has options that will suit the tastes of small travelers.

Shoreline Park & Lake

A wonderful and very cozy park, where you can feed birds and other residents of the reservoir, as well as enjoy nature and relax with your child.

Le Petit Bistro

There is a very homelike atmosphere inside the place! Large enough and varied menu, as well as an extensive wine list, in the institution is very clean and quiet enough. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday. But if you're in the neighborhood on Monday, don't get upset - there are a lot of restaurants and cafes in the same neighborhood, and judging by the happy faces of the visitors coming out of them, the food is also delicious there.

Day 4: Moving on

After breakfast we continue our journey and stay in Sacramento. However, on the way we will stop in Livermore and Stockton.

The Breakfast Club at Midtown

A special place for breakfast, where you can eat a lot before the upcoming road. The interior is full of bright details - children love it. Some dishes also look rather unusual, for example, pink punkeys, but we took classic dishes, with nutella - very tasty. It's also a good place to pick up some food, which is also very convenient.

Sunset Park

On the way, we decided to stop for an hour in Livermore so we wouldn't get so tired of the road. Warm up, walk around, have a good time outdoors and continue on their way.

The Haggin Museum

Our next delivery was this museum in Stockton. There is a nice bonus, visiting this museum is completely free on the first Saturday of each month. But on Monday and Tuesday, the museum is closed. Very interesting and rich collection, beautiful atmosphere. The museum has a lot of historical objects in its collection - from ancient dishes to unusual mechanisms of the twentieth century and even vintage cars. Also here is a rather extensive collection of paintings, so it is a must-see place for lovers of beauty.

Trader Joe's

We thought we'd stop by the grocery store and grab a bite to eat on the way.

Capitol Park

The building's a bit like a white house, but it's a miniature building. This is a very interesting place. Entrance is absolutely free, you can explore and see with your own eyes all the corners. Very informative! In front of the building there is a garden, where you can also walk or take a picture.


We went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. In the menu you will find a wide range of vegetarian dishes. Excellent service, everybody works very fast. It's a little noisy, though.

Day 5: Walking around Sacramento

Once again, we have a full day to explore the streets and sights of the city. Today we will go to Old Sacramento, visit the zoo, visit Crocker's Art Museum and get some fresh air in the park.

Temple Coffee & Tea

Very interesting and beautiful coffee shop, we enjoyed our breakfast there. It's a special, home-like environment that's fascinating. Very tasty to cook, staff works quickly. Visiting places like this is a good time to be in the mood.

Old Sacramento

It was very interesting and informative to walk around the old town. We made a journey back in time and felt like heroes of old black and white westerns. The madly powerful atmosphere at this place, literally blows with history!

Sacramento Zoo

Beautiful zoo, animals are kept in excellent conditions. The zoo is home to many species of animals. I was very impressed by the big cats: tigers, lions and snow leopards. And the redheaded little pandas are just a gesture. It's a great place to spend a couple of hours with your family! There are attractions, small shops and cafes on the territory. We decided to have lunch on the territory of the zoo so as not to waste time choosing a cafe.

Crocker Art Museum

Beautiful museum with interesting exhibits. They never regretted visiting him. The collection includes works by classics of world painting as well as bright and unusual modern installations. Several creative studios have been opened at the museum, where adults and children, even children of two or three years old, learn to create their masterpieces. If you have the opportunity to attend a master class, be sure to use it.

Riverside Clubhouse

When you spend the whole day on your feet, you always want to eat and just relax in the evening. Morally and physically. This place met all our desires and expectations. Everything was fine, and we're very happy to be here for dinner.

McKinley Park

And after dinner it was necessary to take a walk for a while as we ate tightly, and we didn't want to return to the hotel yet. Very cozy park, territory is well-groomed, quiet and quiet. It's just to take a walk before bedtime.

Day 6: Back from Sacramento to San Francisco

Well, our trip is coming to an end, which means it's time to go back to San Francisco. On the way we will make a short stop in Vacaville, and on arrival in San Francisco, we will go to the park and then spend the evening near the Golden Gate Bridge!

Freeport Bakery

Once again, my family supported my tradition and we went to have sweet buns for breakfast. Despite the fact that the flour is not particularly useful, I can not refuse to myself in such a temptation, especially when you come across such a stunning institution. Already at the entrance we felt this wonderful and charming smell of fresh baked goods and coffee. I strongly suggest you go in there!


On the way, we stopped for a while in Vacaville. I don't like to make long trips at least without a half-hour stop, as I often get seasick in the car, and in general I want to at least briefly get out and stretch after sitting in one position.

Golden Gate Park

As soon as we arrived, we decided to go for a walk. I didn't want to eat yet. Very colorful park, if you're tired and want to rest a little, there are benches in the park. If you want to spend a lot of time in the park, it's a good place for you, too.


It's a great Spanish restaurant. Very stylish and colorful place. Very polite staff who told us what to choose and told us about the dishes. We ate a lot, had a great time and rested. Please note that on Monday the restaurant opens later than usual - at three o'clock in the afternoon.

Golden Gate National Recreational Area

We've decided to visit the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco's most famous landmark. The first time we were in this neighborhood was when we walked next to the Palace of Fine Arts. The place that is worth visiting nearby is the historical marine park. From this park you will have the most wonderful view not only of the bridge, but also of the port. If you wait until it gets dark, you can also admire the beautiful and charming illumination of the bridge. It's an extraordinary place you just don't want to leave.


Well, before we went to bed, we decided to relax a little and have a glass of wine. The institution is quite noisy and crowded, but it did not irritate us at all and did not disturb us at all. Actually, we really liked the atmosphere that prevailed in the place. And of course, the polite and sociable staff.

Day 7: Say Goodbye to the City and Go Home

Our road trip has come to an end, today we have to rent a car, but before that we will stop at one park to enjoy the beautiful city scenery of this wonderful city once again!

Bernal Heights Park

On the final day of the trip we had breakfast at the hotel to visit another interesting place. Before we go to rent a car and return home, we decided to visit this park. We've heard of him by chance, as a beautiful observation deck. That's what it is. The city's on the palm of my hand. Very cool! Don't forget to choose a cool angle and take pictures!