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Cultural acquaintance with the outskirts of Sochi

Road Trip Route. Host and Adler Museums, My Russia" Ethnopark and the Archaeological Museum "Rosa Khutor"., Amusement Park "Sochi Park", Sightseeing platforms, .

The city of Sochi and its surroundings are not only rich in beautiful nature. Among its riches has a certain place and history. And where can you see history with your own eyes? That's right, in museums! Let's go on a fascinating journey to study life, ethnography and culture.

History and Culture. From: Sochi

Sofiya Kalashnikova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: From Sochi to Adler

In the first one we study the history of Khostinsky and Adler districts. We rest in the Sochi Park amusement park. And during the breaks, we get acquainted with Caucasian cuisine and not only that.


Stalin's Villa (Дача Сталина / Stalin's Villa)

On the way from Sochi to Adler there is the Stalin's Dacha Museum. This is one of Joseph Vissarionovich's favourite country residences. Let's plunge into the life of the famous leader of the 20th century. Ticket price - 350 rubles.

Khosta Museum of History (Музей истории Хостинского района)

Get acquainted with the history of Khosta at the Museum of History of Khostinsky District. 3 exhibition halls: permanent exposition "Khosta from ancient to modern times", the Great Patriotic War period and collections of ethnography, culture of the peoples of the Caucasus and Cossacks of the 19th-20th centuries. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Хинкальный двор

It's lunch time - we try Caucasian dishes and continue our journey.

Парк развлечений «Сочи парк»

Let's not miss the country's first theme park, Sochi Park. It offers entertainment for independent tourists and family travellers, for children and adults. However, it is not only possible to ride the rides here. There is a rope park "Space Jungle", a water development area in the Eco-Village and various museums.

La Punto

Dinner in the gastropub "LA PUNTO" in the Olympic Park. You can choose from European, Italian and Caucasian cuisine. You will definitely find delicious dishes to your mood. It's time to discuss impressions after a busy day. 😉

Elektricheskiy Muzey Nikoly Tesla

At the end of the day visit the Tesla show at the Nikola Tesla Electric Museum. Watch an incredible lightning dance accompanied by real electronic music. Also, learn about the life of Tesla and his inventions. If you are an extreme lover, be sure to see the show in the Fear Cage, where real lightning will strike! Tickets cost 400 rubles and you can visit the museum in one session every hour. The first session starts at 11:00, the last one at 20:00.

Day 2: Krasnaya Polyana and return to Sochi

The second day of the trip will be dedicated to archeology and ethnography of Russia. On the way back to Sochi we will glance at viewing platforms.

Кафе-булочная "Булки на море"

We'll start the day with a cup of coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. Don't forget to try fresh baked goods!

Dom-Muzey Tammsaare

We will visit a small museum and learn about the history of Estonian immigrants and the life of realist writer A.Tammsaare. The museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00, closed on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Музей археологии Роза Хутор

Have an interesting time at the interactive Museum of Archaeology in Rosa Khutor, opened a couple of years ago. The peculiarity of the collection - the materials were obtained during the construction of Olympic facilities on the territory of the resort in 2010 - 2014. The exhibition begins with the formation of the Caucasus Mountains and ends with the New Age. Before visiting the museum, download the Museum of Archaeology mobile app or rent a tablet at the ticket office. This way you can use augmented reality technology to bring the museum's exhibits to life.

Ешь Хорошо

Let's take a break for a nice lunch at a cafe with an appropriate name.

Культурно-этнографический центр "Моя Россия"

Next on the programme is the My Russia ethnopark. There are 11 thematic pavilions on the vast territory of the park. Each one is dedicated to a certain region of the country. An interesting way to visit even the places you have never been to! The cost of the entrance ticket is 500 rubles, and excursions are free of charge.

Смотровая площадка

On the way back to Sochi we will stop at the observation deck and admire the view from above.

Башня на горе Ахун / Tower on The Akhun Mountain

An unusual viewing platform in the form of a medieval castle on Mount Akhun. Here you can also take a ride on the Ferris wheel. If you wish, you can buy souvenirs for memory.


Our two-day trip ends with a dinner at the cozy and authentic restaurant "Patsha" will please us with Caucasian cuisine. And wine, if you want to celebrate a successful trip.