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Cultural acquaintance with the outskirts of Sochi

Cultural acquaintance with the outskirts of Sochi
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2 Days


201 km



History and Culture
The city of Sochi and its surroundings are not only rich in beautiful nature. Among its riches has a certain place and history. And where can you see history with your own eyes? That's right, in museums! Let's go on a fascinating journey to study life, ethnography and culture.
Sofiya  Kalashnikova
Sofiya Kalashnikova
  • Host and Adler Museums.
  • My Russia" Ethnopark and the Archaeological Museum "Rosa Khutor".
  • Amusement Park "Sochi Park".
  • Sightseeing platforms.

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Travel Itinerary

From Sochi to Adler
Day 151 km545 m

From Sochi to Adler

In the first one we study the history of Khostinsky and Adler districts. We rest in the Sochi Park amusement park. And during the breaks, we get acquainted with Caucasian cuisine and not only that.
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Krasnaya Polyana and return to Sochi
Day 2150 km

Krasnaya Polyana and return to Sochi

The second day of the trip will be dedicated to archeology and ethnography of Russia. On the way back to Sochi we will glance at viewing platforms.
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