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Crossing Massachusetts. State Nature and Culture

Road Trip Route. Visit the most interesting museums in the state, Walk through the most beautiful parks near Boston, Cross the state and see its legendary nature.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a peculiar and attractive place. It offers the incredible beauty of nature, the picturesque beauties of which are often filmed, a huge number of various museums and other unique cultural sites. Our journey begins in the state capital, Boston. We pass through its beautiful surroundings, visit interesting scientific and cultural museums and even see with your head in the clouds. Outside Boston, there are also many interesting things - protected areas and picturesque parks, fascinating excursions to museums and unique zoos. A family trip to Massachusetts helps to slightly dilute the everyday bustle and experience new emotions.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Boston: getting ready for the journey

Today we make the necessary preparations for the trip and dilute the day with a visit to a French restaurant.

Bistro du Midi

We arrive in Boston, and, of course, want to have a meal in some quiet place after the road. Bistro du Midi is perfect for this. There are probably not many people who would mind a traditional French cuisine in the evening, especially ratatouille or onion soup.

Day 2: Unique Boston and its surroundings

This day promises to be really special: the day offers fascinating excursions to unique museums, walks in nature and in the city. We are going to walk around Boston and visit its famous attractions.

The Friendly Toast

We start our day at The Friendly Toast Breakfast Cafe. A classic American breakfast, such as bacon omelettes, cakes, waffles and muffins with a cup of hot coffee or tea, is a fine and cheerful start to the day.

Museum of Science

As children, many of us often enthusiastically explored nature, its laws and secrets, past, present and future. And it's true, is it incredibly interesting to imagine what giant dinosaurs looked like or understand how do birds fly? The Boston Museum of Science fully reveals all of these secrets. It offers expositions of life-sized Mesozoic era creatures, nanotechnology samples, parks for children, and lots of interactive entertainment.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

Many people in modern society are somehow concerned about the problems of climate change and other natural hazards. In the Museum of Natural History, these issues concerning the welfare of everyone are highlighted and explained in detail. In addition, there are fascinating exhibitions dedicated to Asia, Africa, America, various species of animals and plants. Inquisitive and oncerned people would be interested.

Cat Rock Park

None of the tourists visited Massachusetts have ever remained indifferent to its nature. Picturesque forest paths along small rivers and lakes are really inspiring. There are a lot of places for picnic or walk in Cat Rock Park, and those who travel with pets have nothing to worry about, because dogs are allowed on the territory of the park.

Domenic's Italian Bakery & Deli

During a busy day, one should not forget about the lunch break. Having whet your appetite in the park and museums, you could not get past the Italian restaurant. And for good reason, because the only thing better for lunch than pasta with ravioli or thin-crust pizza is lasagna or chicken soup.

Franklin Park Zoo

Today we've already learned a lot of interesting things about nature and animals in museums, and now we arrive at Franklin Park Zoo to see rare, beautiful and sometimes very funny animals for ourselves. There are tigers, and lions, and zebras, and many species of primates and herbivores.


We've already admired the nature of the state of Massachusetts, and now we are going to have a walk in a place so similar to the pristine natural beauties of New England, however, everything here is artificial and man-made. All paths, alleys, trees and even some hills are all the fruits of human imagination and labor.

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

Have dinner at the Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ, a cozy restaurant known by the local public as a place where excellent grilled meat is prepared. Japanese food is served here as well. There is also a fairly extensive vegetarian menu.

Skywalk Observatory

The day is coming to an end, and in order to make a lot of memorable photos, it's worth going up to the Skywalk Observatory. It offers the clear view of both Boston and natural beauties surrounding it, including the sea expances of the Massachusetts Bay.

Day 3: State nature and culture

We have a lot of interesting things planned for today: leaving Boston, we visit many unique natural and protected places, check out interesting museums and zoos, and also enjoy local culinary on the way.

Cafe Madeleine

Our journey today begins at the cozy Cafe Madeleine bakery. A mug of hot coffee with a soft bun or cake: fresh eclair, or a delicate tiramisu will help to cheer up in the early hours. It also serves a delicious omelet and several types of salads.

Mass Audubon Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary

On the outskirts of Boston, the Mass Audubon Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary is a favorite Boston outdoor destination. Here you can observe rare species of birds and plants, take part in various master classes held here on weekends, for example, take photography lessons, do yoga or just take a walk in nature.

Davis Museum

For most residents of Massachusetts, art is not something unfamiliar and incomprehensible, because the state is literally replete with cultural places, one of which is the Davis Museum. Here, people who are far from behind-the-scenes trends can easily join the world of painting, as well as the local avant-garde. And pay attention, the museum is closed on Monday.

Terra Brasilis Restaurant – Union Avenue

We've moved away from Boston and gone inland, on the way we've come across a very good Brazilian restaurant Terra Brasilis Restaurant, popular with both locals and visitors thanks to its meat dishes. Many salads, appetizers and desserts would also appeal to gourmets.


Science museums always interest the layman. They offer exploring the most important issues of our time, amazing stories of the past, and this does not require any deep knowledge. At Ecotarium, for example, you can not only expand your understanding of the world, but also have fun at the zoo.

Elm Park

Founded in 1854, Elm Park today is a small corner of tranquil nature. Local authorities have created all the necessary conditions here for sports and easy walks in nature. It offers various sports fields, paths and scenic views for photographing.

Armsby Abbey

We are finishing our day at the traditional American restaurant Armsby Abbey. Eating a large cheeseburger in a pleasant atmosphere is what you need at the end of a busy day. The meat dishes and salads are also great here.

Day 4: Leaving Massachusetts

Today is the final day of our journey. We leave Massachusetts and head to Connecticut, the home state of the great writer Mark Twain. Before going home, we check out a museum dedicated to his life and work.

Elm Centre Cafe

There is no better place to start the day than a specialized breakfast cafe. A hearty omelet with bacon and vegetables as the main course, cakes and pastries for dessert will set the tone to the day and give strength for the morning.

The Mark Twain House & Museum

Legendary writer Mark Twain is world-known, and we've been lucky to check out the place where this man wrote such famous books as 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,' 'Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,' 'The Prince & the Pauper' and others. In the writer's house-museum, we explore his life, unwritten experiences and dreams.