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Day 3200 km

Tula and an adventure park holiday

The third day begins with a visit to the Tula Kremlin, then an introduction to the edible symbol of the city, and then a fun holiday in the adventure park.

Day Itinerary

818 m5 min
Тульский кремль
10:001 h 30 min

Тульский кремль

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The day begins with a visit to the main attraction of Tula. On the territory of the Kremlin you can see 2 very beautiful cathedrals: Holy Assumption and Epiphany, trading rows, as well as visit the museum and exhibition complex and expositions "Archaeology of the Tula Kremlin", "History of the Tula Kremlin".
2.5 km10 min
Museum "Tulsky Gingerbread"
11:401 h

Museum "Tulsky Gingerbread"

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Here you will learn the history of the gingerbread symbol of the city and the technology of its preparation, see different types of gingerbread and get a lot of other informative information.
To get to the museum, you need to make an appointment in advance by phone indicated on site.

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