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Course to Adygeya: a combo trip for families with children

A trip to the south-east of Krasnodar promises a lot of pleasant open air. In addition to huge mountain gorges, thoughtful rocks and turbulent rivers, you will find here amazing museums, shining mosques, modern extreme parks and even homemade planetariums, which will lead little tourists to a real delight. Adygeya is as if created for perfect family travel - and you will see it from the first second. Route developed with the support of [Volkswagen Multivan](

Families with Kids. From: Krasnodar

Volkswagen Multivan.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Krasnodar Region and Adygeya - main attractions

We will start the morning in the beautiful dendrological park in Goncharka village, and in the afternoon we will go to the center of Maikop with its beautiful white and blue mosque. We will also visit the planetarium, which was built by an Adygean pensioner with his own hands, and climb into an abandoned factory, more like a medieval fortress. If it will turn out, also we will visit a parking lot of the ancient person.


Парк Заповедник

The Bukreev Dendrological Park in the village of Goncharka has its history since 1970. At that time in several kilometers from the estate of the state farm "Giaginsky" a recreation center "Birch" was opened, where seedlings of trees started to take root. Although the villagers were sceptical about the initiatives of the state farm director, over the years the interest of the population in the growing park has been growing. Today, not only characteristic for these regions trees (spruce, beech, hornbeam, oak), but also exotic plants grow in the park - in total about 350 species. The central part [of the park]( is available for walks and recreation. A third of it is occupied by plants, the rest of the territory has a pond with islets. The park is open from 8:00 to 20:00. The entrance costs 200 rubles for adults and 100 rubles for children under 14 years.


After the walk, the appetite was brutal! We'll stop by Maikop to have lunch at ["Xl-cafe"]( - a family restaurant of European cuisine in author's version.

Соборная Мечеть

Since we're in Maikop, we should definitely go to the Cathedral Mosque. It was built 20 years ago on the personal funds of the former Crown Prince of Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE. The mosque is incredibly beautiful: the outer facade is lined with white stone, the bright blue domes symbolise the sky. Only Muslims are usually allowed to enter the mosque, but the main Maikop mosque made an exception for tourists. The building is surrounded by a well-kept park area with a fountain, where it is pleasant to walk with children on a clear, sunny day.


Few people know, but there is a real planetarium under Maikop, in the village of Krasnoktyabrsky. It was built by a local pensioner, amateur astronomer Viktor Matyushin. On his land, on his own money, on his own project. According to Matyushin, he has read hundreds of books and reviewed a lot of films, so he knows the subject as well as the professor of astronomy. The inside of the planetariums is even more impressive than the outside. The dome, 12 metres in diameter, seems huge. Everything inside is made by the master of the planetarium by hand, made of improvised materials: balls, wire and foam, pots and pans. Even the telescope collected from old mirrors and glass (although there are two new telescopes sent to the enthusiast from America). In the planetarium grandfather arranges a show of scientific films and explains to the little guests how the solar system is arranged. You can visit the planetarium by calling +7 (87777) 267-83 by appointment. There is no fixed entrance fee: there is a box at the entrance where you can put as much as you want.

Старые печи каменоломни

The picturesque ruins, which many call "Castle Hajjokh" or "Castle of Meota", have nothing to do with castles or medieval towers, let alone knights. In 1930 a factory was built in this place, where lime was burnt. So the romantic towers of the castle are just pipes from the old factory kilns. On the side of the kilns you can find a little-known path that leads to the tops of the kiln pipes. The stone for the plant was mined in a nearby quarry. It is now known as the Hajjoh quarry. Over time, streams filled the quarry and it turned into a lake. The locals nicknamed it Red - for the color of the rocks reflecting in the water. You can also visit the quarry: you get great pictures here!

Ancient Man's Parking Museum.

Right on the highway, at the entrance to Kamennomostsky, there is one interesting (especially for children) museum. It is a rocky grotto with two sections. The first one reconstructed the parking lot of ancient people - the ancestors of the southern tribes of Meotians, who once lived in this area. On the walls there is an imitation of ancient rock paintings: bisons, mammoths, bears. The illumination creates the illusion of real fire. The second section houses a small exhibition of fossils and minerals. The entrance to the cave costs 100 rubles for adults and 50 rubles for children over 7 years.

Restaurant at the Parfenov Estate Hotel.

You can have dinner in the restaurant of the Parfenov Estate Hotel. Cozy and spacious dining room, calm music in the background - this is the ideal place for an evening meal in Adygeya. The menu includes dishes of classical European cuisine and some local delicacies, as well as vegetarian options and simple treats for children.

Day 2: Extreme entertainment in Mishoko Canyon, horseback riding in the mountains, Ammonite Valley.

The first half of the day can be spent in an extreme park in Mishoko Canyon - after such an adventure you will be provided with a boost of energy for the next month. A horse ride through the picturesque surroundings will help to consolidate the excitement, and the best souvenir from the trip is the petrified shell of ammonite clams found in the mountain river.

Каньон Мишоко

The complex of extreme attractions ["Mishoko"]( is located in the gorge of the same name. Visitors have a choice of three trolleys, two via ferrata (rock trails for experienced climbers), Ropejumping, Dumper (a system for rope climbing on steep mountain slopes), Climbing (children and adults), Slackline (walking on a stretched cable), Hiking Bath and Paintball area. It is an ideal place for active families with children or teenagers: here you can easily hang out all day and then dream of coming back here again and again.


It's time to eat! It is said that the best pizza is made here. To make the most of your day, take a snack and a coffee with you and have a picnic lunch in beautiful natural surroundings.

Amazon Ranch rides

The last entertainment in Kamennomostskoe today is horseback riding. They are organized by Amazon Ranch company. Visitors are offered 9 variants of horse rides lasting from 2 to 8 hours. An excellent and affordable option is the two-hour, 11-kilometer route to the panorama of the Una-Koz Range. Alternatively, an introductory 6-kilometre trail through the picturesque surroundings of the village.

Ammonite Valley

On the way home we'll stop at the Valley of Ammonites, extinct cephalopods, stuck in the stone forever. They're extinct at about the same time as the dinosaurs. The remains are spiral-shaped shells of different diameters - from 1 cm to 2 m. A unique natural monument is located in the valley of the White River. Alas, you won't see here the fossils storage like in a museum. The river bed is cluttered with light spherical stones - they are the ones that hide ancient shells under a thick layer of limestone.

Cafe Pomegranate

A stop for dinner in Maikop. Café "Granat" offers dishes for all tastes: the usual fast food like pizza and burgers, and homemade soups. There are also traditional pastries, khachapuri are cooked here to perfection.