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Conquer the Kaluga expanses

Conquer the Kaluga expanses
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2 Days


By Car


388 km






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You will walk through a unique art park with impressive installations, take a trip to Sri Lanka without leaving the Kaluga Region, see flamingos and the red-listed bustard bird, as well as look at a waterfall and walk along a suspension bridge.
Photo: Diana Moon
Александра Нуркаева
Александра Нуркаева
Travel Expert
  • Stroll through an amazing art park.
  • Journey around the Globe in the park-museum.
  • Visit the biggest bird park in Russia.
  • See Rainbow Waterfall.
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The whole world in the Kaluga region
Day 1191 km1 km

The whole world in the Kaluga region

On the first day you will see sculptural and architectural installations by the world's leading authors and visit the largest ethnographic park-museum in Russia! Фото: karel291
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Amazing places in Kaluga region
Day 2197 km

Amazing places in Kaluga region

A fascinating walk through the park with exotic birds, a picturesque waterfall, a suspension bridge and a museum of garbage await you on the second day of your trip to the Kaluga region.
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