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Combine Your Citytrip Málaga With the Famous Caminito Del Rey

Combine Your Citytrip Málaga With the Famous Caminito Del Rey
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138 km




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Conquer your fear of heights with an adventurous walk on El Caminito del Rey (the King's little path) where you will walk high above ground on a path that's only 1 meter at its widest. Brrrrr. If you survive, which you will, you can take a little breath at a beautiful blue lake before you have a nice evening in the buzzing city of Málaga
Karin Leijen
Karin Leijen
Travel Expert
  • Enjoy some beautiful views on clearblue lakes.
  • Don't look down on the bridge over the canyon.
  • Try the 'Sopa Perota' in La Garganta.

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Face You Fear of Heights
Day 1138 km7 km9 km

Face You Fear of Heights

Face your fear of heights by walking El Caminito del Rey (The king's little path). It used to be closed because it was in a poor state and too dangerous to walk. But still, thrill-seekers and adventures found their way here. After 4 of them fell to their death, the government decided the path needed a serious upgrade. The reconstructions took a couple of years, and the path reopened in 2018. At this moment, you can walk it safely, but because it's high above the ground and only one meter at its widest, it's still a thrilling adventure.
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