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Colorado Nature and Attractions: Trip from Denver to Colorado Springs

Road Trip Route. You'll find out from within the largest cities in Colorado, See the greatest landscapes from a bird's eye view by visiting the most famous mountains of Colorado, You'll also enjoy the diversity and beauty of nature, .

On this trip we have gathered the most picturesque places of the two largest cities of Colorado! It will be seven full days, during which we will visit the most interesting and beautiful locations of Denver and Colorado Springs. Denver is the capital of the state and its surroundings are full of cultural and natural attractions. It's not for nothing that the city is considered a "gold mine" of Colorado and the capital of the mountains! Colorado Springs is Colorado's second largest city. During our trip we will visit the most important sights of the city - the Pike Peak Mountain, the Garden of Gods and many other mysterious and unique places. On this trip we will try to forget about all the worries and truly experience the pleasure of being close to nature!

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Darcy Moore. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Arriving in Denver

Denver is the most important logistics and transportation center of the "mountain states". Today will be more of an organizational day. We will need to rent a car to make our journey as easy as possible and as bright as possible, and we will also visit the park, and, of course, have a little refreshment and rest before tomorrow!

Washington Park

A very large and well maintained park. Here you can play sports, play active outdoor games, or simply take a walk. The park is home to many animals, such as squirrels, ducks and even geese, so you can take food for them. If you're going on a trip with a child, he'll definitely like it.


Pretty inexpensive and popular American restaurant. Excellent service and pleasant atmosphere, extensive bar list. If you're a vegetarian, this place is good for you too! The institution may seem a little noisy, but for gatherings by a large company it is ideal.

Day 2: Visiting historical sights of the city

Today we are planning a visit to the famous museum house and a long trip to the top of Mount Evans! Of course, we're gonna stop by and eat, so our day can be easy and relaxed.


The perfect breakfast cafe. The menu includes dishes for vegetarians, the institution has a good reputation and is very famous in Denver. The menu includes a lot of dishes for every taste!

Molly Brown House Museum

Impressive location of the house, its picturesque surroundings. The museum itself is also very informative. If, before visiting this museum, you learn some information about Molly Brown herself - an extraordinary personality, philanthropist and one of the few surviving passengers of the Titanic - then you will be doubly interested in the excursion! If you want to buy something to remember, the museum has a nice souvenir shop.

Lucky Pie Pizza & Tap House

This institution can attract attention of both beer lovers and lovers of delicious pizza cooked in a traditional oven! Well, we're gonna have to eat tight before we go. We chose pizza with homemade cheese, very tasty and nourishing.

Lair O' the Bear

Not everybody likes to move around for long periods of time, no matter how picturesque the area around. Therefore, it was decided to make a base approximately in the middle of the way to the top of the mountain to walk and stretch a little. After a short walk through the forest, you can fully enjoy the aroma of coniferous trees.

Mount Evans

A must-see place to visit! To get to the top of the mountain you can easily get there by car, and there is also parking. An unforgettable view that's breathtaking! Be sure to take a memory shot. Only consider that it is necessary to take impenetrable things, as the top of the mountain is located extremely high and there are powerful winds.

The Wood Cellar

On the way back, we stopped for dinner at the restaurant that was near the road, and we were lucky three times! Firstly, the institution is working late, secondly, there is a great food, tacos are very tasty, and thirdly, on the day of our visit a local music band performed in the institution, so that our dinner turned into a mini-concert.

Day 3: Art and history of Denver

The final day in Denver, tomorrow we will go to the next point on our route - Colorado Springs. Today we will visit two famous museums and go to the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park!

Country Road Cafe

They found out about this place by chance and did not regret visiting it at all! The menu has dishes suitable for vegetarians, large portions, and the ratio of price to quality, as well as service are very pleased! The cafe is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

History Colorado Center

An interesting and very entertaining museum, where you can lose track of time and spend many hours. Expositions are very rich and informative, visiting this museum you learn a lot about the history of Colorado and, in particular, Denver. An interesting feature of the museum is that the real old things here are located next to the video projections on the walls, which creates the effect of immersion in the Denver life of the early twentieth century.

Osteria Marco

Italian cuisine is always beautiful! The facility is located in a very atmospheric and harmonious place. Large selection of wines, cozy atmosphere and still pleasant prices for dishes.

Rocky Mountain National Park

A national park known for its breathtaking views of the rocky mountains, as well as a variety of flora, lakes and waterfalls. Fans of active pastime will definitely be satisfied. In fact, you can't come to Colorado without visiting this park. The landscapes you will see will be remembered for the rest of your life!

The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern

The institution, which is popular mainly among residents of nearby areas or visitors to the national park. There are dishes for vegetarians, classic American menu, so steaks and sandwiches dominate, there is beer for bottling. Very warm and cozy atmosphere. So, after such a long walk, it is necessary to gain strength and eat!

Day 4: The nature of Colorado Springs

We have arrived at our next destination and continue our journey. The day is literally planned by the minute. Beautiful, memorable landscapes, delicious food... What could be better?

Jelly Cafe

It's a great breakfast place, located in the middle of Denver. Loyal prices, the opportunity to take food with you. The choice of dishes for breakfast is quite large, here and a few options for punkeys, and there are sweet, and with bacon, and French toast, and eggs Benedict. My choice of toast with avocado and mozzarella cheese is delicious, nourishing and useful.

Garden of the Gods

Very popular place to visit! At the centre of the visitors and nature of the Garden of the Gods, next to the entrance to the park, free lectures on local nature are held every day. There is no doubt that this object is obligatory for visiting! What is the park like? Red rocks, unusual shapes - a majestic landscape! The presence of civilized pedestrian routes made us very happy, so we did not have to climb the mountain.

Urban Steam

The coffee shop is a 25-minute drive from the Garden of the Gods. It's a noteworthy establishment. I suggest you try some Irish coffee, it's delicious here! The lunch menu is not very big, but all the dishes ordered were very tasty, I had a burger and a salad, and I liked everything.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space

You'll have a beautiful view of the red rocks, it's definitely a great place to take a panoramic photo! Be sure to take a bottle of water with you, because you may want to drink outdoors and there are no shops nearby. Nearby there is a large free parking lot, so parking your car will not be difficult.

High Point Overlook

Let's visit another observation deck, so that we can thoroughly remember all the bizarre features of Colorado nature and take more pictures to remember. How marvelous are the creations of nature! How does she create such masterpieces?

The Rabbit Hole

Let's finish our hard and busy dinner at The Rabbit Hole. Facility's atmosphere is very pleasant, unusual interior, original location, polite and friendly staff.

Day 5: The famous Colorado Springs Falls

Today, we'll go on to explore the nature of Colorado Springs, visit the waterfall and relax in the park.

Urban Egg

The main criterion for choosing this place for our breakfast was its convenient location. A simple and nourishing breakfast is the key to a productive day, and we have a lot of plans for today! By the way, there are very large portions here, so you can eat even one dish.

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

We decided to visit the museum after reading the reviews of travelers and were very pleased. An interesting collection, the building itself is also very beautiful, the collection of the museum is dedicated to the history of the city and the personalities who played an important role in it. Entrance to the museum is free of charge, there is an opportunity to donate money for the further development of the museum. The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

Helen Hunt Falls Visitor Center

Colorful landscapes will definitely stay in our memory for a long time! Mountain streams flowing down the cliffs, plenty of trees and shrubs... Crazy views. It's very easy to climb to the top of the waterfall, up the stairs. It won't take more than 15 minutes to get up. At sunset, the view becomes even more magical! The road to the waterfall is very well maintained, if you are tired, there are benches, you can sit down and relax.

The Broadmoor Seven Falls

We continue to explore new territories and admire the waterfalls! The climb is a long staircase along the mountain, but for those who lead an active lifestyle, it will not seem difficult.

Amy's Donuts

Delicious donuts! The pastry shop has a very large selection of doughnuts for every taste and color. Great snack after a long walk! If you don't want to stay there, you can just take the food with you.

Soda Springs Park

We decided to take a box of doughnuts with us and go to the park. It's very nice, quiet and peaceful, just to get some rest, but still be outdoors.

Miramont Castle

Miramonte Castle is a beautiful eclectic building built at the end of the nineteenth century. Inside there are antique furniture and household items that have been preserved in perfect condition to this day. The standard excursion is quite short, takes about forty minutes, but very interesting and informative. We arrived at the museum an hour before closing and had time to look at all the halls.

Paravicini's Italian Bistro

As you know, all Italians are gourmets and their cuisine is very diverse and rich. The variety of dishes on the menu impressed us. Very much liked the vegetable soup Ministrone, we advise you to try it! In addition, I would like to point out that the main course is accompanied by very tasty bread. In general, the atmosphere at the restaurant is modest, but very cozy, not crowded. And, of course, there are vegetarian dishes on the menu, so there's food for everyone.

Day 6: We're finishing our journey.

The state of Colorado has a large number of attractions, but of course, its nature can not leave anyone indifferent. Tomorrow we will have to leave, so today we will reach the main goal of our trip - the Pike Peak Mountain, visit another very colorful and picturesque place and begin to prepare for our departure.

Western Omelette

This cozy cafe is in great demand among the locals, so today we stopped at it. In addition to omelets, you can order toast, sandwiches and excellent steaks, there is even a small section of Mexican cuisine in the menu, by the way, burritos are served here excellent.


We'll stop by the nearest store to buy water and snacks for the road. We're going to explore the mountains and it'll be great to have a picnic outdoors!

Pikes Peak

In my opinion, this is the main and perhaps the most colorful attraction in the vicinity of Colorado Springs. Unreal landscapes, like something cosmic. Entrance to the road is toll-free, but not very expensive! You can still get to the top of the mountain by train, which goes every half hour. The only drawback is the strong winds blowing there. Be sure to take warm clothes with you and put some pressure on the oxygen starvation if you climb to the very top. But it's worth it!

Devils Playground Pikes Peak 13065 Ft

Pike Reserve can be explored all day long, and there is everything we love about nature: woodlands, fresh air, mountains and rocks of bizarre shapes. Devil's Playground is another place in the reserve with an unusual Martian landscape. The photos here are just unrealistic!

Crystal Creek Reservoir

Very beautiful water reservoir with transparent turquoise water. It can be approached from any side except the one where the dam is located. There is convenient spacious parking and specially allocated places for picnics. Here you can not only relax and admire the forest and mountains, but also to fish from the shore or from a boat. We had fishermen catching rainbow trout.

Swiss Chalet Restaurant

The Swiss Chalet Restaurant is filled with a mountain atmosphere. Very similar to the restaurants in the ski resorts. It's a Swiss restaurant, everything's delicious and nourishing. After our long journey through the mountain, it is very important to have dinner.

Day 7: Returning home

A week went by very quickly. We visited two cities in Colorado, saw the main sights, enjoyed the scenery, visited museums and now we are leaving. Get some sleep, have breakfast and head for the airport.

Fifty Fifty Coffee House

There's nothing like starting your day with a cup of coffee! We spent our morning in a nice coffee shop with a quiet, pleasant interior. Facility's menu offers a wide choice of desserts, salads, worthy assortment of main dishes and drinks.